JoDigs Gypsy Parade

JoDigs Gypsy Parade


JoDigs is the is a feeling that we all have the ability to experience. The vibe is easy and often, no worries but we should talk it over kind of thing..We play our feelings and we know if we feel it you will to.We are inspired, and we want to inspire with what we call our Reggolk/Folkae


Jo Digs Gypsy Parade has been in existence since mid 2000 in one form or another. They have played well over 800 shows and have gone through a couple of line up changes. Originally a 5 piece band for most of 2000-2003, the Digs Boys had a split in late 2003. One half founded the talented jam band Sloppy Roast Beef while two original members continued as JoDigs, but as an acoustic duo. In late 2003 they added a veteran percussionist/drummer from the bands: Milele Roots, Sweet Bangin A, The Phibs, Ten Cent Whiskey... and just happens to be a cousin of the lead singer.( There were some differences in opinion about how to play & practice and ultimately there was a very, very hard mutual decision made to replace a great drummer. Only by luck there was a young talented drummer available, ironically he is drummer from Sloppy Roast Beef.) JoDigs continued playing shows all around their home town of Chattanooga, Tn. and venturing regionally. Hurricane Katrina sent them a veteran Funky Jazz bass player from New Orleans, La. Finally the pieces were back in place for the JoDigs Gypsy Parade to play. The crowds are very receptive to the Digs Boy's as they put a twist to their own Acoustic/Folk-rock/Reggae or as they like to say Reggolk/Folkae. With the passing of each show they become a tighter knit crew, personally as well as musically, and all is good………..

Jo Digs Gypsy Parade has established themselves by playing festivals, such as The Riverbend Music Fest (2002, 2007, booked for 2008) and out of town shows; Major College Fraternity Parties ECT. They play a large variety of venues and their fan base is spreading and becoming more diverse. If you are interested in booking please feel free to contact...they are down to play anywhere anytime…

Inspiration comes in many forms... Some are inspired by there heroes, and some inspire others to be heroes themselves. The Digs Boys all have inspirational heroes be it a person a place or time... When they play a song for a crowd there personal inspiration is no longer personal…it is no longer there own song… belongs to whoever is inspired or touched by something personal in that song. The Digs Boys have a love for music and people and it shows with there live performances…come sometime and…. Be Inspired

They have been inspired by and compared to many different artists including Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and similar acts.


Talk Of Getting Older
My Song
Green Eyes
All Those Things
Breaking Down
Wearin' Thin
Pack It Up
All Fall Down
Must Be You
Month O' May
Where's My Gold
The Touch

Set List

JoDigs set list is usually catered to the venue, time and slot... Some shows are 3-4 hours and and are better for throwing in a few covers... Some shows are 45min-2hours and are most if not all original.. The Digs Boys also read the crowd and sometimes take requests thrown out...