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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Jodi Hates the World At Graceland"

Jodi Hates The World took the stage.
They made me feel a little grunge nostalgia. They sound like a mature, developed... more natural progression... kinda like Soundgarden, but in the present. But unlike some other bands we've heard, who sound like they just never stopped listening to Bleach.

Is this the garage rock sound of Today? We are all familiar with the current/traditional definition of "Garage Rock" in the music dictionay. Their sound has the emo-rific lyrical style, driven by guitar pedal antics and a stern rhythm section... like a 'Future Sound of Garage Rock.' They even carry themselves on-stage like they are playing from their friends' parent's carport. They weren't there to impress with stage antics, coy banter or cool indie t-shirts.

- Three Imaginary Girls

"Jodi Hates the World Headlines Stellar rock lineup at The Spread"

Shoegazers Jodi Hates the World headline... bringing their increasingly popular indie/alt fusion to the Inland Northwest..... immediately accessible[and] , sounding something akin to Seven Mary Three if they listened to a little bit too much of The Killers and then tried to sound like Straylight Run at their most melodic. - Spokane Sidekick

"Jodi Hates the World"

Grim Psychadellic and atmospheric, like a storm cloud too caught up in it's personal problems to bother with the whole rain gig. Jodi Hates the World is stellar sad bastard music, the kind of music that wraps around you, creating your own personal sonic shell - Killerllama Magazine

"Jodi Hates the World, but not Baton Rouge" - The Advocate

"Jodi Hates The World- Ghosts"

Remember sunday afternoons when a meaningless football game was on tv, you were hung over, and you sat with your friends for hours watching a tv screen but not really registering what was on it? A time where, to use the words of the beatles you had "nowhere to go, oh that magic feeling".

Well, perhaps it wasn't quite magical.

Maybe it was more like sap running from a tree; very slow and creeping with nowhere to go but down.

With tales of whiskey binges and the girl who got away, Jodi Hates the World presents a world of traumatic saturday nights retold through the filter of sunday afternoons.

Owing as much musically to bands like Hum and early Smashing Pumpkins as they do lyrically to Hank Williams Sr., they have a spacy sound that is beautifully depressing and self loathing; Achingly personal; and full of the stuff that makes for a cathartic experience, they make music that truly matters, music that forces the listener to search their soul and dig up every painful memory, every lonely night with friends.

Full of people but utterly alone.

Their songs span the psyche.

They go from self destruction, to hatred, to regret, and finally coming full circle to a realization.

A realization that monday soon approaches, and its a new week full of heartbreak, but heartbreak with a purpose - Shane Stewart-KSLU

"Jodi Hates the World At Ash Street Saloon"

"This trio's vocals have the arena-largeness of something Smashing Pumpkins or Sugar would do...back-and-forth vocals with ringy distorted guitars underneath, always moving forward..."
- Portland Mercury


Green EP (2000)
Ghosts (2003) All songs currently played on various streaming internet radio, and at several stations in the U.S.
A Comet Tail Life (2005) Songs currently played on various streaming internet radio, as well as stations in the U.S.
Always Eight O'Clock (Single) (2007) Released 3/9


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jason Harrison, John Woodard, and Brad Blackwell make up the Sound that is Jodi Hates the World (JHW). The three have known and played with each
other for what seems like a lifetime, and they wouldn't have it any other way. They understand each other, how they think, what makes them tick.
This understanding and trust, mixed with endless miles of touring has made them on of the tightest live acts on the club circuit.

Based in Seattle, originally from Louisiana, the boy's surroundings play an integral part in their music. How can one not be influenced by growing up in the poor South? Surrounded by the blues, they were awestruck when they first heard mixed tapes filled with the energy and vitality of So-Cal punk and the droning riffs of British shoegaze.Wanting to expand their musical horizons, JHW relocated to the
Northwest, the farthest point they could get from their roots, while still remaining in the United States. Seattle has a rich musical history, reaching from the start of Ray Charles career, through Quincy
Jones and Buck Owens, continuing with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, up to contemporaries like Death Cab for Cutie today. The JHW boys dived in, ears first, into their new surroundings.

The result is a complex tapestry of sound, with beautiful melodies and heavy drums woven in with bass lines that would make James Jamerson
proud. Currently Jodi Hates the World is working on their 4th album with producer/engineer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, many, many more). This marks the second time JHW has worked with Endino. Jack
Endino knows JHW's sound, their complexities, their subtleties, and understands how they work so he can get the best out of them. Endino doesn't have multiple platinum records on his wall for no reason.

Previous Jodi Hates the World recordings have been very well received by audiences and radio alike. They received a lot of airplay from tastemakers KEXP 90.3 FM (Seattle) with morning DJ John Richards
making them a top-10 pick and inviting them to play live on-air. Also, JHW has been in rotation on stations across the country, from Pirate Radio 90.3 FM (San Diego, CA) to WUGA 97.9 FM (Athens, GA) to WITR
89.7 FM (Rochester, NY).

Jodi Hates the World is stunning. Listen and find out for yourself.