Jodi Hates the World

Jodi Hates the World


Jodi Hates the World simply rock. But that is never as easy as it sounds. They are alternately simple and drony, to complex and a little on the intellectual side, with bits that are nice and melodic, even bordering on "catchy," but don’t think pop. JHW has a “Wall of Sound” and the songs are HUGE


Jason Harrison, John Woodard, and Brad Blackwell make up the Sound that is Jodi Hates the World (JHW). The three have known and played with each
other for what seems like a lifetime, and they wouldn't have it any other way. They understand each other, how they think, what makes them tick.
This understanding and trust, mixed with endless miles of touring has made them on of the tightest live acts on the club circuit.

Based in Seattle, originally from Louisiana, the boy's surroundings play an integral part in their music. How can one not be influenced by growing up in the poor South? Surrounded by the blues, they were awestruck when they first heard mixed tapes filled with the energy and vitality of So-Cal punk and the droning riffs of British shoegaze.Wanting to expand their musical horizons, JHW relocated to the
Northwest, the farthest point they could get from their roots, while still remaining in the United States. Seattle has a rich musical history, reaching from the start of Ray Charles career, through Quincy
Jones and Buck Owens, continuing with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, up to contemporaries like Death Cab for Cutie today. The JHW boys dived in, ears first, into their new surroundings.

The result is a complex tapestry of sound, with beautiful melodies and heavy drums woven in with bass lines that would make James Jamerson
proud. Currently Jodi Hates the World is working on their 4th album with producer/engineer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, many, many more). This marks the second time JHW has worked with Endino. Jack
Endino knows JHW's sound, their complexities, their subtleties, and understands how they work so he can get the best out of them. Endino doesn't have multiple platinum records on his wall for no reason.

Previous Jodi Hates the World recordings have been very well received by audiences and radio alike. They received a lot of airplay from tastemakers KEXP 90.3 FM (Seattle) with morning DJ John Richards
making them a top-10 pick and inviting them to play live on-air. Also, JHW has been in rotation on stations across the country, from Pirate Radio 90.3 FM (San Diego, CA) to WUGA 97.9 FM (Athens, GA) to WITR
89.7 FM (Rochester, NY).

Jodi Hates the World is stunning. Listen and find out for yourself.


Green EP (2000)
Ghosts (2003) All songs currently played on various streaming internet radio, and at several stations in the U.S.
A Comet Tail Life (2005) Songs currently played on various streaming internet radio, as well as stations in the U.S.
Always Eight O'Clock (Single) (2007) Released 3/9

Set List

Setlists can range from 20 minutes to over an hour, depending on the time alloted by the venue.