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"Village Voice- Pick"

Jefferson Airplane-covering, recovered-born-again-Christian Kansas transplant Jodi is more Natalie Merchant or Meredith Brooks than Joan, and her stream-of-references "'80s Girl," which quotes Tears for Fears and Madonna, could easily be a hit. Other tunes concern making out on Bedford Avenue and avoiding the advances of greasy people with weight problems. - Chuck Eddy- Senior Music Editor

"Artist of the Month"

As far as first CDs go Jodi Jett has created one of the best. She spends time letting us explore the deepest regions of her soul and psyche. Her vocal styling is slightly remininiscent of Hope Sondoval of Mazzy Star, without the whining quality. The music is atmospheric and ethereal and she even breaks into the slightly more mainstream on "Bedford Avenue." The poignant lyrics and voicings make me want to call her the female answer to Lou Reed's later work.
Jodi's voice has an earthy draw to it and her lyrics are straight to the point, "I didn't mean it when I said I loved you. Did you believe it?" Jodi shows her range on the semi-ballads "No Place Like Home." This is an easy CD to listen to if you are a fan of intelligent and straight to the point lyrics, similar to Liz Phair's "Exile in Guyville" or artists like Maggie Estepp.
"Nemesis" reminds of a song that could easily make the soundtrack of a David Lynch movie during an eerie scene. While Jodi's music draws similarities to many other artists it is a unique and new voice. This CD is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy avante-garde rock with a slightly sad edge, Jodi Jett's "Revelations" is for you. - (Dennis Halsey)

"New York City Girls: Emerging female indy musicians make big noise on the local scene"

Everything new is old again, not least when it comes to the music industry. And though it's always a tougher battle for female artists to make a name for themselves, two acts that are relative newcomers have charged out of the gates to mad applause. Their styles are widely divergent, but both singer/songwriter Jodi Jett and female rap trio Northern State have quickly proven they have what it takes to endure.
Working stiff by day, independent singer/songwriter by night, newcomer Jodi Jett has a new album of tunes "Revelations," that has been attracting attention, not the least of which comes from Grammy-winning producer Elliot Scheiner. But Jett is still shopping her CD to various labels.
Despite her surname, don't expect another wild child, black leather rocker. This Jett's songs have a more dreamy quality, like Cowboy Junkies meets Chrissie Hynde. Her first cut, "Pretty Girl," is a siren song of love and betrayal, in which Jett asks, "Don't you know I'm the princess and the pea?" The next, "Bedford Avenue" captures the slacker, hipster feel of Williamsburg, with a sort of '80s-era Pretenders feel to the harmony. The message: true love is a joke, a cliche to be dandied about.
Jett's love of the '80s is best seen in her track "'80s Girl," a fun ode to a girl who loves parachute pants, Madonna bras, stonewashed denim and "Purple Rain," who "just can't let go of tight pants and camel toe." The background tracks of her singing Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and INXS' "Need You Tonight" are a sweet touch. Another fun track is "Greasy," an anti-love song to her "Number one greasy fan," who sends chills up her spine whenever he looks at her with his "greasy beady eyes." The instrumentals recall the type of music that made girls in the '60s don white vinyl go-go boots and kick up their heels.
A touching track is "No Place Like Home," which despite some slightly banal lyrics ("Kansas on my mind/like a fine red wine/ be my Clementine?"), references both "The Wizard of Oz" and Jett's own past history as the child of Midwestern hyper-religious parents. If you're looking for the perfect album for that rainy Sunday afternoon- or if you're nostalgic for that Natalie Merchant circa "Tigerlilly" sound- Jett will do you quite nicely. - Gay City News (Winnie McCroy)

"Jodi Jett's Album Debuts- She's Ready To Make It Big"

See Photo "Queens Chronicle" - Queens Chronicle (Kim Brown)

"Rising Rock Star: Astoria's Jodi Jett defies convention in her rise to the top"

See Photo "Queens Times" - Queens Times Ledger (Matthew Monks)

"New To Queens With New Album"

See Photo "Queens Tribune" - Queens Tribune (Brent Weitzburg)

"Jodi Jett, Revelations"

The first song, "Pretty Girl," begins with a guitar strumming, and Jett singing, "I'm a pretty girl. I'm a superficial bitch. I'm a pretty girl. I'm a psychotic witch." And I am sold instantly. The music in the background is part psycho surf, part Radiohead, when they pedal a note and build up on the dynamics. And as the song builds, I say, yes, this is what I was waiting for, this is what I wanted for Christmas. Why? There is something intense in the simplicity of the music. A significant accomplishment, since it's not a simple task to make simple music. As the song goes on there's a dark edge, a NYC sound, and the feeling of pain and loss. There are sounds like Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies, Lou Reed. The song "'80s Girl" will make those who lived through the era chuckle with delight as Jett weaves lyrics and popular culture together in a funky number. Jett has a wicked sense of humber as well, as on "Instead," in which she begins, "It's kind of like you want a Ferrari and instead you got an Atari," and chorus starts off with, "I wanted love, I got you instead." The music has a cowboy feel to it with touches of dissonance that wink at the listener. A smart disc that continues to impress me. Get it now. - NY Rock (Bill Ribas)

"Editor's Pick"

Jodi Jett who makes her home up north in the cozy confines of Queens, doesn't just share her last name with that enigmatic rock-n-roll queen Joan Jett, she also shares a common bond of punk attitude. But it doesn't come off as abrasive or the "man-hater" type of music that many people mistakenly identify with strong female-fronted acts like Ani DiFranco. In fact, if it wasn't for her strong lyrics and decided female touch no one would even breathe or like the name Ani with Jodi Jett. The comparisons and name dropping would begin with Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies, and maybe Liz Phair's better material that she did earlier in her career. Her half-open blouse on the cover isn't the only sexy thing about Jodi Jett; her lyrics, her voice, and her songwriting all have a sultry and sexy element to them. - (J-Sin)

""Artist to Watch For""

Jodi Jett "Revelations"
Love Rock Records
Resting on a sexy country blues similar to the Cowboy Junkies, New York's Jodi Jett has come to the party with her very confident and amazing debut, "Revelation". From the charming balladry of "Heaven To Me" to the indie pop rock of "'80s Girl", the disc allows Jodi a chance to show her sultry vocal talent and highlights incredible songwriting and arranging that becomes the backbone for each song. "Revelation" sometimes swings as Jodi croons so we can put her on our "artists to look out for" list and sit back and wait. Trust us!
R.I.Y.L.: Neko Case, Cowboy Junkies, early Liz Phair - Independents Only

"Lou Reed versus the Pretenders"

Lou Reed versus the Pretenders for the last dryer at the laundry mat… “Revelations” comes from JODI JETT - a soft mellow rocker that dips and swoons. Great vocals and nice licks, the perfect mix for late night drinking and being alone.
-Starr Tucker
- NY Waste



"Revelations"-Officially released Spring 2006 to critical acclaim.
Now playing on radio Stations across the country, in Canada and in the UK.

Radio Stations spinning songs from Revelations:

Auburn 99.9 WQNR

Juneau 104.3 KTOO
Lemon/Swtizer Creek
Mendenhall Vally
Hoonah 91.9
Gustavus 88.1

Tucson 91.3 KXCI

Berkeley 94.1 KPFA
Hoopa 91.3 KIDE
Nevada City 105.1 KVMR
(reaches Tahoe/Truckee)
Philo 90.7 KZYX
Redway 91.1 KMUD
Rohnert Park 91.1 KRCB
Santa Cruz 88.9 KUSP
(reaches San Jose and Monterrey)

Crested Butte 90.3 KBUT
Carbondale 88.1 KDNK
Ignacio 91.3 KSUT
Paonia 90.9 KVNF

Sharon 98.1 WKZE
(reaches Poughkeepsie/Kingston)
Bridgeport 89.5 WPKN
(reaches most of Conn. and North Shore L.I.)
West Hartford 91.3 WWUH

Tampa 88.5 WMNF
Cedar Falls 90.9 KUNI

Goshen 91.1 WGCS
Bloomington 91.3 / 96.1 WFHB

Garden City 91.1 KANZ

Morehead 90.3 WMKY
Whiteberg 88.7 WMMT
Whitley City 98.3 WHAY

Lafayette 88.7 KRVS
(reaches Baton Rouge)

Bel Air 91.1 WHFC
Towson 89.7 WTMD
(reaches Baltimore)

Eorland 89.9 WERU
(reaches Bangor)

Detroit 101.9 WDET
(overnights and weekends)

Minneapolis 106.7 KFAI
Duluth 103.3 KUMD
Grand Marais 90.7 WTIP
(reaches N.E. MN, N. Michigan, N. Wisconsin, N.W. Ontario)
Thief River Falls 90.1 KSRQ

St. Louis 88.1 KDHX

Lincoln 89.3 KZUM

Hacketstown 91.9 WNTI
Sargeantsville 89.7 WDVR
Teaneck 91.9 WFDU

Albuquerque 89.9 KUNM

Montauk 89.5 WPKM
NYC (out of NJ) 89.1 WFDU
NYC (out of NJ) 91.9 WNTI
Poughkeepsie 98.1 WKZE
Syracuse 88.3 WAER

Dayton 89.5 WDPS
Cleveland 91.1 WRUW

Eugene 91.9 KRVM
Portland 90.7 KBOO
(Hood River/Columbia Gorge)
(Willamette Valley/Corvallis)

Bethlehem 88.1 WDIY
Phili (out of NJ) WDVR

Houston 90.1 KPFT

Salt Lake City 90.9 KRCL
Moab 90.1 / 106.7 KZMU

Norfolk 89.5 WHRV
Virginia Beach100.9 WYOU
(reaches Norfolk/Military Base)

Olympia 89.3 KAOS
Everett 90.7 KSER
(reaches Seattle)

Dunmore 1370 AM WVMR
(Frost, WV)
(Hot Springs, VA)
(Monterey, VA)
(Durbin, VA)

Hayward 88.9 WOJB
Madison 89.9 WORT

Riverton 88.1 KCWC


Toronto CIUT (heard throughout Canada via satellite)
Ottawa 93.1 CKCU




Jodi Jett (yes that's her real name and no, she's not related to Joan) grew up in another Manhattan before moving to New York in the late nineties to pursue life and music.

The Little Apple of Kansas that Jett calls her hometown frothed with religious fervor and didn't allow her much exposure to rock and roll. In fact, the only musical performances Jodi participated in during her young life involved leading her church in song. Until a few years ago, Jodi didn't even know how to play the guitar. Comparisons to Liz Phair and Lou Reed meant little to Jodi when she debuted on the local music circuit. She had never heard of them. Yet, Jodi makes the kind of rock music that kicks about with desperation in its blood. Its the sort of thing a blues man double her age and experience might reach. That's the very reason Five-time Grammy-winning Engineer/Producer Elliot Scheiner (Beck, Bob Dylan, Flaming Lips) was blown away when he heard her music and made the comparison. "Unique and intelligent. I haven't heard anything like it in a long time," he exclaimed.

She proves it song after song on her debut album, Revelations, on Love Rock Records. Life in the bible-belt certainly didn't bring about songs like Bedford Avenue but Jodi's Midwestern upbringing did start a search beyond religion. It is a search that has fewer concrete answers than her previous life, but one that she credits to fueling her songwriting and creative voice.

Album co-producer Phil Palazzolo (New Pornographers, Radio4) describes Jett's music as having "come from that elusive crossroads where naivete and sophistication stop to have a quick drink together. Those contrasts and conflicts make Revelations a layered record that reveals itself slowly with a big payoff." Guitarists Peter Mavrogeorgis (Vanity Set), John Nugent (Chop) and Matt Rocker (Sweetblood) all contributed to the record. Bassists Byron Isaacs (Joan Baez) and Tom Ward (The Dansettes) along with drummers David Berger (Erin McKeown) and Angela Webster (The Holy Ghost), and cellist Jane Scarpantoni (Norah Jones) also helped. Revelations was officially released in the Spring of 2006.

Singles from her new album will be released this Spring!! Joining her again is producer Phil Palazzolo (New Pornographers).

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