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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | MAJOR

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | MAJOR
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"Little Smile 4 Star Review!"

Any track from singer/songwriter Jodi King’s full-length debut would be at home on commercial pop radio, but don’t let that fool you into thinking King is another Auto-Tuned, glitter-slathered skank (we’re looking at you, Ke$ha). Little Smile is full of big, soaring could-be hits, anchored by Jodi’s massive voice and sincere, heart-bearing lyrics. While some tracks tread on the bubble-gum fun side (My?Boyfriend’s Jeans and Happy, for example), others, such as The Way I Am Around You and Home, are heartfelt and, when held up against the pap currently dominating the airwaves, refreshingly raw. This is a strong debut — and King is a performer who’s only going to get stronger.
- Uptown Magazine

"Meet The Girl Next Door"

Girl next door.

That was the first note I jotted down when I first spun singer/songwriter Jodi King’s long-awaited debut album, Little Smile, which was released earlier this week via On Off Records/EMI. It’s a sunny, radio-friendly pop record to be sure, but it’s not ‘girl-next-door’ in the squeaky-clean way that, say, a Taylor Swift album is.

No, King, 28, is one of those disarming, down-to-earth artists who, through honest and direct songwriting, makes you feel like you know her. In person, she’s as relatable, likeable and approachable as the music she makes. Curled up in a chair on the breezy back porch of her parents’ Elmwood home, barefoot and wearing a pair of faded, rolled-up Levi’s, she’s relaxed and chatty. Clearly, King is someone who values making a connection with people — onstage and off.

"As much as I love the studio, it’s not my favourite part," she says, sipping her tea. "I love performing because I love making that connection with people. I didn’t want people to feel a wall with this record.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve — I’ve never been an elusive artist," she adds with a laugh.

Still, how King has shared her heart in song has changed over the years. Her first outing, 2007’s The Acoustic EP, was stripped-down and raw, while 2009’s Street Lights EP saw her head in a brighter, more pop-oriented direction. Little Smile brings together the best elements of both EPs.

"That was the only thing I knew heading into the record, that the serious side and the girl-singing-into-her-hairbrush, jumping-on-her-bed side needed to be there," she says. "The EPs were more about finding my feet."

Which also meant accepting — and trusting — her natural inclinations as a songwriter.

"I knew that I wrote pop melodies, but I always felt embarrassed about that," says King, who has been composing such melodies on piano since the age of four. "These days, pop music has a surface, plastic connotation. It took me a while to fully embrace it."

Co-writing, however, was something Jodi was quick to embrace. Little Smile came together over a two-year period through collaborations with folks such as pop singer Damhnait Doyle, singer/songwriter Kyle Riabko and veteran guitarist Stuart Cameron in Toronto, and producer/singer/songwriter Colin Munroe in Los Angeles, where she spent the better part of last winter.

"I really valued co-writing," she says. "Colin Munroe and I started co-writing at the beginning of the process, and he really got me feeling more comfortable in my own skin and more comfortable with writing honestly from my own point of view."

Los Angeles also helped inform the record in unexpected ways. A self-described city girl at heart, Jodi fell in love with La La Land and its quirky cast of characters.

"I didn’t anticipate enjoying it so much," she says. "It’s not as prefabricated as you might think. It’s really inspiring — it’s a place full of people who have left the comforts of home to pursue this intangible thing.

"Scars is a song on the record that is really about the idea that your story is your story, and it’s your gift to everyone else if you’re brave enough to share it. It really became a love song to L.A. You look at people’s eyes — like the Superman on the corner — and you wonder, ‘What did you come here for — and did it become you?’"

Another song that took shape in L.A. is Home, which she penned on her own while trying to stay awake on a drive home from Calgary. Like its title suggests, it’s about the changing definition of home, which became an underlying theme on Little Smile.

"I think Home is one of my favourites, but it’s also one of the newest so it feels the most raw when I play it," she says. "It’s me being at home with myself and what I have to say. It’s the song I have the biggest emotional connection with."

That strong emotional connection could be due to Jodi’s current lack of a fixed address. The last few years have been so filled with travel that she and husband/bandmate Chris Rademaker sold their downtown condo and bought a second vehicle.

"My family is in Winnipeg, so I know I’ll always have a connection to it," she says. "But right now I literally don’t have a place that’s mine — but I do crave that. The first thing I would do when I got off the road was bake cookies. I’m not a natural wanderer, but right now it feels purposeful.

"I used to always have a back-up plan, which I think is a girl thing," she adds. "Someone recently asked me what I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing music, and I realized that I’m totally not in the headspace anymore. I’ve let go of all the back-up plans that were holding me back. Being so transient, I’ve really learned to live in the moment and enjoy the people in that moment with me."

King’s not kidding when she says she’s not a natural wanderer; she’s a person who likes throwing tea parties and baking cookies. Still, she’s enjoying the ride — and looking forward to the places Little Smile will take her.

"Not that I’m not happy with the first two EPs, but there were missing pieces," she says, "It’s nice not to have to make excuses for this one. It’s like, ‘This is me, right now.’

"It’s so cheesy, but (this record) feels like your old, stained jeans," she adds. "It feels that comfortable."
Aug. 26, 8 p.m., West End Cultural Centre
w/ Matt?Epp & Marc Ross - Uptown Magazine

"Jodi King To Perform At Roots Clothing’s Flagship St. Vital Store"

Jodi King To Perform At Roots Clothing’s Flagship St. Vital Store

Source: Reach Records

(June 13, 2006) Winnipeg bred singer/songwriter Jodi King is set to mark Canada Day 2006 with Roots Clothing at their St. Vital, Winnipeg store this Canada Day weekend with two amazing live shows fit for a hometown crowd. Jodi recently hit the stage at the Roots flagship store in Toronto for their highly successful Rethink My Breasts/Fashion Targets Breast Campaign® event. “We are excited about continuing our alliance between Roots Canada and Jodi” said Gail Phillip of Reach Records who recently signed a management deal with Jodi. “May’s charity event in Toronto kick started a great relationship will be we look forward to working together for Canada Day and in the future.” Reach sites Raymond Perkins, Director of Public Relations at Roots for his support and vision towards Jodi and Roots relationship. A classically trained pianist with influences and inspiration from such artists as Lauryn Hill, Nikka Costa and Stevie Wonder, Jodi has shared the stage with some of Canada’s top new performers including Ivana Santilli, Sekoya and Ray Robinson. Hot on the heel of her performance last month in Toronto’s historic distillery district, Jodi, will perform two sets at the St. Vital Centre Roots Store Location on Friday, June 30, 2006. In addition to Jodi’s performance, there will be giveaways and other surprises.

- Dawn Langfield

"EP Review in Uptown Magazine"

Jodi King
The Acoustic EP
(Independent/Marked Music)

Website: The litmus test of a good song is always acoustic performance. If a tune works when performed unadorned, it will work in any other treatment. Accordingly, the six-pack of roots-pop songs on Jodi King's debut EP is a showcase of winning melodies and hooks. King is a Winnipegger who grew up playing music and she tried a couple of different approaches to the biz before wisely settling on songs over style. The half-dozen cuts here are basic, mainstream love songs, but they rise above the pack on the strength of Jodi's convincing deliveries, their simple, catchy melodies and their heartfelt sentiment. Opening cut Your Reason, in which she attests to her self-belief, sets this EP's tone and also provides its most assured, breathless hooks
— John Kendle - John Kendle

"Jodi King EP Release article - The Winnipeg Sun Newspaper"

Jodi King @ The Park Theatre

Local songstress Jodi King is one heckuva popular girl. The effervescence chanteuse celebrates the release of her debut EP Acoustic with back to back shows at The Park Theatre starting tonight, and wouldn't you know, the first one's already sold out. Luckily, there's still room at the second gig, but if you can't make it to either, King will be opening for D.B.Clifford at Old Market Square on Canada day. With Colin Munroe. Cover $10 - David Schmeichel

"Talent, Timing and Sincere Songwriting"

Talent, Timing and Sincere Songwriting
A Conversation with Jodi King

Wed, July 11 2007
by: Nicholas Friesen

Jodi King is going to be a household name. Trust me on this. When I first met Jodi King a few months ago she was just prepping to head into the studio to record an acoustic EP with singer/songwriter Kyle Riabko. The plan was a live, off the floor recording that would capture the spontaneity of King’s show. A Winnipeg girl who spends her time travelling back and forth to Toronto to perform with her band there (which includes Nelly Furtado’s guitarist), she has built a name for herself as a talented writer, pianist and singer.
When I recently sat down with her, she had the completed record in hand, an acoustic, six song EP produced by Colin Monroe (Divine Brown) that features brilliantly personal and sincere pop songs (a far cry from the R&B she tried her hand at a few years ago). To see her perform these songs is something different entirely. As demonstrated at her recent hometown CD release show at the Park Theatre, she masterfully fronts her band (which includes husband Chris Rademaker of The Attics) like a rock frontwoman, while equally feeling comfortable behind the keys.
“Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved performing,” tells King. “This other part of me comes out when I’m on stage and although I really love sitting, playing piano and singing there’s a rock out side of me that I need to express!”
And the people are loving it. She had to add a second Winnipeg show, as her first sold out rather quickly (and the second show almost did as well). “It is a good feeling, I’m shocked. I think people are excited with me which is nice.”
The Acoustic EP
The new release is simply a taste of more to come, as King plans a full length record for later in the year (that Monroe is also working on). She is someone who loves to collaborate with many different performers and her energy is infectious. But a turning point collaboration with her producer came around somewhat by accident.
“I’d been wanting to work with him and randomly, I bumped into him at a coffee shop on Queen Street, which is the way it goes. You can try calling someone forever and it never happens,” says Jodi. “We actually hooked up that day and did ‘Maybe You’ll Smile Again’. It was really a turning point for me, I know that sounds cheeseball but it really kinda opened a door to really honest writing and it’s the most vulnerable song I’d written.”
But King doesn’t share exactly who (or what) it’s about, no matter how much I ask her. “It’s one of those songs you can insert yourself into, so I never like giving away too much about it.”
ROOTS Canada
As the old saying goes, timing is everything. While living the Ontario life and shopping at a Roots store last year, King happened to inquire about how to get her music played on Roots Radio (the music played in stores). As luck would have it, the president of the company was in the store that day. What happens next, King is genuinely stoked about. Jodi King will actually be playing in the Roots stores across Canada
“It’s actually happening, finally. We’re doing an acoustic Roots tour in Western Canada, only as far as Banff right now in August.
“It’s always fun getting people’s reaction. The best is that you get so many little girls, it’s the cutest. They’ll be getting their new backpacks with their moms and they’re the best audience. They wanna chat with you, so I really enjoy it, I really do. It’s a blast.”
Possibly one of the greatest things about King’s music is that she does offer a decent role model for the young girls, lyrically her songs go back to a time of innocence, discuss themes of love (but not lust) and are so catchy they’ll be stuck in your head for weeks.
The “Reborn” New Artist
As this is a section for up and comers, I asked King (who has been writing and playing piano since the age of four) how she feels about being tagged as a “new artist”?
“What categorizes a new artist? I don’t know. I’ve been singing for so long but even for me I feel new at it because it hasn’t been that long that I’ve been doing something that feels natural and right. You know it’s really only been probably two years, and only these last two years that I took it really seriously and decided to start really going for it. I feel new.”
Jodi King’s Acoustic EP is available for purchase through Maple Music’s website and for download on iTunes. Watch for a full length record later this year!
MP3: Jodi King - Your Reason (Right click and choose "Save As...")
For more on Jodi check out these links:

- Nicholas Friesen, PopZap

"King's new EP features vocals and piano"

King’s new EP features vocals and piano

By Aaron Zeghers

June 14, 2007

The last time The Herald spoke to North Kildonan native Jodi King, she was in the midst of an urban-pop singing career comparable to Alicia Keys or Janet Jackson.

It’s fair to say that this time, things have changed.

Her somewhat misguided beginnings have given way to a new brand of Jodi King, one which she says is more suiting.

“This feels like the first time I’ve had something that is true to who I am,” says King about her six-song, acoustic EP that will be officially released at Osborne Street’s Park Theatre on June 21 and 22.

The album is a bare-bones mix of songs that feature King’s vocals and piano, acoustic guitar and lyrics that are encouraging and upbeat at times, and sombre, and reflective at others.

The majority of the lyrics on the album are composed by King, who also co-wrote five of the six songs with the help of Kyle Riabko and Juno-nominated producer Colin Munroe.

Your Reason, which King is promoting as her first single, is a love song.

King, who works as the musical director for the Lighthouse Church on Main Street, also draws much of her lyrical power from her religion.

King, who compares her current music to K T Tunstall or a young Sheryl Crow, says she has always had a love for music, even as a child.

Her sister Brittany can attest to this. After all, Brittany was a member of King’s first underage band, the BBWs – along with their cousin.

“She would write everything,” said Brittany. “We were just along for the ride.”

Although the BBWs never quite attained fame and fortune, their dance routines, costumes and original songs were a must have for family gatherings.

After their break-up, King followed her love of music to Fred Penner’s Christmas album, the Winnipeg Youth Chorus, and singing backup for a number of artists including Juno winner Steve Bell.

King was also recruited to sing at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2005.

But the first big step she took in pursuing a career with her newfound musical style was when she began taking monthly trips to Toronto, just under a year ago.

Although her trips to Toronto allowed her the ability to make the connections necessary to make it in today’s fledgling music business, she still claims to be a Prairie girl at heart.

“Going to Toronto, I really realized how grateful I am to have been from the Prairies,” she said.

King will follow up her EP release parties with a Western Canada tour of Roots locations, and a full-length album due out in early 2008.

Although the June 21 Jodi King CD release party is sold out, tickets for the June 22 date can be bought at or Candor Music at 390 Provencher Blvd.

King’s acoustic EP will be available online June 21, through iTunes,, and
- Canstar Community News

"Western Canadian Music Awards Conference and Festival"

By Diane Foy

The third annual Western Canadian Music Awards Conference and Festival was held in Vancouver, Oct. 20 to 23. The festivities are held in a different western Canadian city every year and consist of seminars, workshops, showcases and two awards shows. This year, the conference panels were all very informative and were presented in either beginner or advance, which helped attendees choose the level best suiting their needs.

As for the live music, the festival showcased artists from Manitoba to BC in clubs around town. The highlight of Thursday, Oct. 20’s night was Boy at the Red Room; with rhythmatic and memorable songs, these boys put on a very energetic show.

Friday at Richards On Richards, Gordie Johnson’s new project Grady performed. Johnson, who now calls Texas home, teamed up with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s drummer Chris Whip Layton and Big Ben Richardson of The Phantoms on bass to form this electrifying blues-rock band. The audience appeared in awe of the talented musicians onstage and enthusiastically requested an encore. Opening the show was the Johnson produced-Murder City Sparrow, whose raw punk influenced rock entertained the crowd.

Saturday at The Lamplighter was hot discovery Jodi King, whose beautiful voice and smooth pop/r&b music was a refreshing change from the loud rock bands from the other nights. King is a charismatic performer, sure to go far with the upcoming release of her debut full-length album. Ending the night at the Lamplighter was funk/hip hop artist Curtis Santiago with his interesting fashion sense. He was a prime entertainer, knowing how to work a crowd.

The fourth annual Western Canadian Music Awards conference and festival will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2006.

- Diane Foy

"Jodi King Finds Her Roots In Fashion And Music"

May 10, 2006

Music and fashion go together naturally. Artists are well-established trendsetters and plenty of them have come out with their own clothing lines. Local singer/songwriter Jodi King is now joining the ranks of artists who have mixed music with fashion by solidifying a relationship with Roots, the world’s leading athletic lifestyle clothing brand.

Several months ago, King was doing an in-store performance at a Toronto clothing shop. Roots owner Don Green happened to be in the shop for the show and approached King about bringing her music to Roots. One thing lead to another and King is now set to do a September tour performing in all major Roots stores across Canada. King’s music will be featured on Roots Radio (the only music that plays in Canadian Roots stores), her clothing merchandise will be manufactured by and displayed in Roots and her upcoming CD will be sold in Roots stores.

"This has been my goal to combine the fashion world with the music world and it is happening," says King, who pays careful attention to her audience. "A lot of people who come to my shows are the people that read fashion magazines.”

King has a history of mixing her love for fashion with her love of music. She has routinely borrowed clothing from local designers, particularly Corydon Avenue’s Poppy Clothing, wearing them during her performances. Her fans would subsequently end up in the stores asking about the fashions Jodi had worn. The Roots relationship is a natural development for her. King also notes that she isn’t the first local artist to think of it, having been inspired by Amanda Stott’s ads in Elle Magazine.

King was handpicked by Roots to headline at the 6th Annual Rethink Breast Cancer event as part of the Canadian contribution to the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer(FTBC) campaign. The invitation-only event, which took place on May 4 inside the Roots flagship store in Toronto, featured an elegant cocktail reception and King’s performance. Past FTBC performers include Juno-winning artist Feist and Lenni Jabour.

In addition to the tour, King will be working with co-writers and producers to put together a new album. She hopes to finish a sampler complete with a new radio single for the September tour and drop a full length album and video in 2007, giving her the chance to build her name before the release. A classically-trained pianist who combines funk and soul with pop melodies, King has performed with the likes of Ivana Santilli and Sekoya and had successful showcases at the Western Canadian Music Awards and Canadian Music Week.

King recently joined the roster of Reach Records, a Toronto-based management company representing the likes of Juno nominee Ray Robinson. Reach secured distribution for Jodi’s release through Soul Clap Records, Universal’s urban music imprint. Reach has also helped King connect with Toronto-based musicians, including Nelly Furtado’s guitarist Adrian Ecclington, to back her up during her Toronto gigs.

These recent developments put King on a fast track to reaching a wider audience. With her music playing in Roots stores and her merchandise on display, customers have the opportunity to translate an otherwise passive listening experience into real sales for the independent artist. Starbucks perfected the formula for selling music in its coffee shops across the globe, helping to launch new artists and serving up established acts with their venti mochaccinos. Customers walk into stores prepared to spend cash and companies like Roots and Starbucks are realizing that offering more keeps them coming back. Starbucks’ website even has an extensive music section where visitors buy coffee and CDs online as well as listen to mp3s, view music television and listen to Starbucks XM Satellite Radio. Roots has established itself in the music community, recently outfitting artists at the Grammy Awards and actively seeking out new artists to feature in its stores.

Thinking outside the box and pursuing new ways to market music is becoming increasingly important at a time when the recording industry is in flux. King has definitely taken that to heart in her approach to her career. “I keep thinking ‘what else do I have in common with my fans besides my CD.’”

- Rachel Stone

"Raymond Perkins, Relations & Artist Development for Roots Canada Ltd."


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My name is Raymond Perkins. I work hand in hand with Roots co-founders Michael Budman and Don Green as the Director of Communications and Artist Relations at Roots Canada. As one of Canada’s leading apparel retailers, Roots has consistently sought to align itself with up-and-coming Canadian musicians and to aide in their development. One such artist is Jodi King.

In March 2006, Don Green was shopping in downtown Toronto and happened upon an in-store performance by Jodi King. He was so captivated by her bright presence and pure vocal delivery that he asked her to perform in Roots stores across the country.

Jodi represents a wholesome, world class product that complements our Company’s values. We proudly support Jodi King and thus far have offered her opportunities to showcase her talents in-store, in addition to providing her with apparel for performances and other ancillary publicity opportunities.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Jodi and when the time is right, hope to play a valuable role in development of her career as a singer/songwriter. IT goes without saying that we are excited about this partnership.


Raymond Perkins
Roots Canada
- Marked Music


Jodi King - Little Smile - 2010
Jodi King - Streetlights - 2009
Jodi King - The Acoustic EP - 2007
Jolin - Lookin' For - 2003



Singer/songwriter Jodi King has been building a buzz in her native Canada since the release of her self-released EPs The Acoustic EP (2007) and Street Lights EP (2009) selling more than 10,000 CDs combined while touring in churches and theaters across North America. A Covenant Award nomination in 2009 for her powerful worship song Breathing In / Breathing Out was followed in 2010 with GMA Canada Best Songwriter Award. In August 2010 Jodi King released her debut full-length LP, Little Smile, (produced by Colin Munroe and Adrian Bradford) via EMI Music Canada - and supported the release with more than 180 performances in Canada, USA and The Philippines. Sharing the stage in 2011 with popular Australian praise group The Planetshakers - as well as dates with Thousand Foot Krutch, Starfield, Martin Smith (ex-Delirious), Parachute Band, Greg Sczebel, Manafest, Justin Nozuka, Steve Bell and Randy Stonehill. In September 2011 she was the sole female support on The Newsboys 10 city Canadian Tour.

Jodi King is finalizing an worldwide recording agreement with Nashville-based Word Records (part of the Warner Music Group) and will be entering studio shortly to commence work on her sophomore full-length LP.