Jodi Lee

Jodi Lee



In a world filled with confusion and dissidence, Jodi Lee Nicholes and Jeff Tackett’s songs and performances bring a fresh new sound to the world of music. Their collaboration combines for over fifty years of knowledge, experience, and talent.

Jodi Lee Nicholes’ raw talent and burning vocals demand attention. She has sung professionally since she was a child vocal prodigy. Jodi’s singing performances have been experienced across the Western U.S., and brought fresh talent filled with emotion and imagery to many listeners. For two years Jodi headed up and sang with the band Kalidascope performing at local, state, and national events.

Jeff Tackett has worked in the music industry for many years. As a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer, Jeff has worked with many national music professionals and personalities. A transplant from the Southern California music scene, Jeff comes to the partnership with a background in touring and recording as a signed artist and was guitarist/producer for the band “Singleman Party”.

Combining the raw edge of a punk band to the sensibility of a folk balladeer the band and artist known as Jodi Lee will be experienced and enjoyed like a familiar old song.


Cold & Wet

Written By: Jeff Tackett

I’ll decide where to meet

Go out down the street to a

Place and talk

If you’re late I’ll be

Discrete pretend to know why

You keep me waiting in the cold.


But it’s so unfair you never

Cared about me

Stand on your feet

Please talk to me

Lie to me and let it ring

Keep me dangling on your string

Of silence no answer

You’re the type that

Hides the truth pretends

To be in such a mood it’s

Raining on me




Talk to me oh

Talk to me oh