Jodi Shaw

Jodi Shaw

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A distinctive voice, characterized by a certain "delicate toughness" one finds in such performers as Suzanne Vega or Dar Williams. Intense and imaginative lyrics, beautiful melodies.


Born in Newfoundland Canada, Jodi began her writing career as a poet. After a short stint as a student in a creative writing program, she left academia for the world of music. Her debut album The Myth of Patience, was selected by Boston's Metronome Magazine as one of its Top Five Album Picks for July 2001.

Her second record, The Pie-Love Sky, was released in May 2003. Several tracks from this record receive airplay on nationally syndicated radio programs, including Acoustic Cafe, which named her named her as “One to Watch” for the month of August 2003.

Her song "The Forger" was a winner in Rockrgrl Magazine's "Discoveries 2005" Song Contest and appears on the recently released “Rockrgrl Discoveries 2005” compilation CD. Another song, "In Cabrini-Green," was selected as one of the few songs that now comes pre-loaded on every new RAVE-MP3 player, and her song "Out of Love" was chosen by JPF Music to appear on Vol.2 of their compilation entitled "Fifteen Minutes."

“Savannah Smiles” a track from her latest collection (Snow on Saturn, forthcoming Sept. 2005), was runner-up in the folk/country category of 2005 U.K. Songwriting Contest. Five other songs were chosen as finalists in the rock/indie, pop, and folk/country categories.

Jodi was named Artist of the Month by Femgirl Magazine in September 2003 and was featured in Womanrock Magazine in Spring 2004. She has performed at numerous New York City venues, as well as clubs and music conferences around the country and in Canada. In September, Jodi will travel to Europe to pursue her latest passion: street performing.


The President Knows

Written By: Jodi Shaw

You know she doesn't bother putting ribbons in her hair
It's like she doesn't care
Just a long for the ride yeah

Dancing in the vestibule where everyone can see
Nothing left for me
Just a bouncing ballerina

Underneath her sweater a mysterious code
Given to her mother seven weeks ago
You know it doesn't matter if the President knows

Suddenly she's staking out the pigeons in the square
Normal people stare
Under orders from the Germans

Her father whispers in her ear before she falls asleep
A secret she can keep
Make use of in the morning

She won't discuss the issue in a letter or a phone
Sparing with her adjectives careful with her clothes
She's got to find a way to let the President know

She may be falling, literally crawling
Notorious scrawling but hey
Do you know what it is to be brave?
Do you know it's your ass she's gonna save?

The interview is over now they're taking her away
The unenlightened day
Festers in the foreground

They've cordoned off the corridor and hidden her from view
The actors take their cue
Standing at attention

She crouches in the corner with the couches and the crows
Deciphering a message in the riddle he chose
And now she's pretty certain, the President knows . . .


Written By: Jodi Shaw

Starling, you’re my darling
Birdlet of the rain and snow
And sweetly, every day you greet me
Is one day I know, I am not alone

You fly in any kind of weather
More than and birdlet should
If I could trade this coat for feathers
Then starling, I would

Please me, then fly away to tease me
But starling I know I’m the one you love

I Want To

Written By: Jodi Shaw

I don’t waann know the details baby
I don’t wanna understand
I don’t need to see the blueprints babe,
Or know the master plan

I don’t wann hear an explanation
I don’t wanna know why
Why discuss the implicatiosn
We’ll try not to let this love pass us by

The bells are ringing
Birds are singing
And I’m a swingning on an old church swing

The wheels are turning
And I’m a yearning
For more of that tender love you bring

I wanna know a world of wonder baby
I wanna take another chance
I wanna fall into the rhythm babe,
And join this lovely dance

I wanna stop and smell the roses baby
I wanna reach another place
I wanna see that tender smile
Stream across your ever loving face

The flowers growing
A breeze is blowing
Coyote crowing at the big old moon

The wheels are turning
And I’m a yearning
To see what it is to fall in love with you

In the Fall Light

Written By: Jodi Shaw

Here comes a cop with a gun in his hand and
I’m thinking that this party has gotten out of hand
I look at the snow falling up on the hill
The stars are so cold and the lilies are so very still

It was so unexpected, it was just like you said
A bloody little black number with a gun to her head
I took all my chances I took all of the time
I took every last drop of summer, still hoping to shine in the

Fall Light
The angle is funny, the lens is not right
I want to stay
In the silent beginning of that blessed day

Hotels and barbells and inching away
From the funny little black spider who always gets his way
A church on the corner where I learned to pray
I said “God you gotta give me something, something to make me want to

Stay here
When the message is muddy, the meaning’s not clear
I want to turn
From the fullness in me, from the lesson that I’ll never learn.”

Hold me like a baby
I know no one can save me
I feel so tired and crazy

So little and lazy
Hollow and hazy

I’m a story
That never gets told ‘cause I’m never believed
For being so blind, for being so weak

Snow White

Written By: Jodi Shaw

The ice is getting thin
I straddle the edge of the snowy white skin
A knock on the door, inviting you in
To which you reply, never again

Now lilies struggle on a hill
The long coat of summer is fading and still
Birds come to flutter and beat on the sill
To rest on the roof of the cottage we built

But don’t go much further I think there are things
This girl would rather not know
A red rose is blooming a hummingbird sings
Under the virgin white snow

A heart beats in the black
a night full of stars I am peeling them back
Back to a page I read in a book
Back to the heart of the boar he took


Here is the sweet river Rhone
Where the sound slips alone
Through the mud and the stone

Deadly where nothing gets in
Blind as blind as the skin
On the eye of a stone
Hardly home

Snow is falling down
You open your eyes take a good look around
You run through the woods, you come to a town
Where you ask for a bed and they turn you down


Savannah Smiles

Written By: Jodi Shaw

When Savannah smiles
The sun comes out to greet her
And the day could not be sweeter for a while

Such a precious child
If only I could hold her for a while
Make all the worries disappear

I can see the storm begin
I’m way too old to sing this song again
All my friends are settling down

Look across the old blue river
There’s nothing else that I can give her
Oh Savannah smiling just for me

When Savannah’s fine
The sky could not be kinder
And the stars could not outshine her if they tried

All the words just seem
To lay down like a sonnet for a queen
A little lonely by her side

I can see the storm receding
A little love is all she’s needing
In the dead of night there’s
A fluttering light

Oh Savannah dry your eyes
Don’t believe those petty lies
Oh Savannah smiling just for me

Falling down
She’s falling down
She’s falling down
She’s falling down
and down and down and down and down and down and down and down

Oh Savannah falling down, falling down . . .

Oh to see her grow
And where she’s going no one really knows
Just how deep or how far

Just a little child
She only needs me for a little while
Before she turns to walk away

Funny how the time it goes
The days and nights all seem to go so slow
But I know, it’s just a short while

But oh the love it never ends
I couldn’t have a better friend
Oh Savannah won’t you smile for me


Snow on Saturn (forthcoming September 2005)
The Pie-Love Sky 2003
Lo-Budget LIVE 2002
The Myth of Patience 2000

Set List

Set list changes according to the mood and moment, originals only. My typical set is around 45 minutes, but I can play a one hour single set or do two sets of 35-45 minutes each. If there is a piano available, I will divide my set between piano and guitar.