Jodi Shaw

Jodi Shaw

 New York City, New York, USA

Hauntingly erotic songs fraught with beauty, sex and danger.

"Absolutely amazing."
-Gail Worley, StarPolish

“Shaw’s talent is like an untamed animal working its way out of a net.”
-Bill Copeland, Skope Magazine

"Nothing less than stunning"
-Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World


Jodi Shaw is a Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based poet/performer with a unique voice and vision. Her music has been described as "hauntingly erotic," "mystical" and "hard to pin down." One reviewer, upon hearing her latest release "In Waterland" for the first time, remarked that he was "partially shocked." Another calls the album "a revelation, nothing less than stunning," with yet another hailing it as "a relentlessy intense masterpiece." Her work has drawn comparisons to Feist, Fiona Apple, Imogen Heap, Tori Amos, and the Beach Boys.
A late-bloomer, Jodi arrived to music though her work as a writer of “wicked little rhymes.” She is heavily inspired by poets and visual artists, most notably Eva Hesse, Kiki Smith, Frank O’Hara, Anne Sexton and Arthur Rimbaud.
In the spring of 2009 she teamed up with fellow Canadian Malcolm Burn to record the ten vignettes that comprise "In Waterland," a highly evocative, intensely personal - almost sacred - work, fraught with lust, evil, and beauty. The album is Jodi's most ambitious sonic experiment to date, showcasing her work as a budding producer.
After taking a two year break for the birth of her twin sons, Jodi ran a compelling and highly successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to re-mix and master the record (, which was released May 15 (U.S.) and May 21 (Europe).
Jodi was the winner of this year's Hudson Valley Songfest "Best New Artist" live showcase competition. Other honors and awards include the Songwriters Hall of Fame Abe Olman Award for Excellence in Songwriting, exhibitor for SoundGate2010 Sound Art Portal in Aalborg, Denmark, and Artist-in-Residence for Brooklyn College's Performance and Interactive Media Arts program. 
In addition to working as artist/producer of her two forthcoming albums, Jodi has written lyrics for three children's music DVDs, and has authored a children's ABC music book. She is currently working on her sixth collection of original songs and a children's theatrical musical, amongst other things. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Jack & Jill

Written By: Jodi Shaw

Jack and Jill
Came tumbling down that hill
Yeah they were flying
They were sinking into sand
And the moment they hit bottom
Oh he let go of her hand
That is something I will never understand

Swim to me
Across that ancient sea
Won't you do anything
Just to be here by my side
Oh and even my own eyes can see
That water is too deep
Ah but boy I know you never even tried

Hold me there
In the space that you can spare
No I'm not running
I will take it when I can
Oh though the gods smile down on me
They say I'm in their plans
Oh and even though I know you're just a man

To the Country (We Go)

Written By: Jodi Shaw

Apples drop and blossoms bloom
The naked sky it covers you
Like I wanted to

I see you on your bicycle
You pedal to the places that you know
I’d like to go with you

High atop a ferris wheel
I caught a county caterpillar
I won a prize

Swaying in the fragrant breeze
A patch of dirt upon your knees
And the heat in your hot brown eyes

To the country you go
The farmhand and his sweet red rose
The thorn never shows
But it grows, and grows, and grows . . .

Ah but nature covers up her hymns
The river sings it holy hymns to God
And love

Ankle deep in poison weeds
The devil’s work and other deeds
With you my darling love

To the country you go
The farmhand and his sweet red rose
The thorn never shows
But it grows, and grows, and grows . . .

A soft rain falls upon my blouse
And now there is no doubt
I see gallows hang in that house

I thought I saw you wave today
But then you turned your eyes to look away
And then I knew

So solemn in your silly chair
Longing for the open air
The things we could do

To the country we go
The farmhand and his sweet red rose
The thorn never shows
But it grows, and grows, and grows . . .


Written By: Jodi Shaw

I swim, and I swim
Fire burns through every aching limb
Still I swim

Over sand. over sea
Look, here comes a giant whale to swallow me
Ah, the beauty of the sea

No it doesn't look too good for me
This ocean is my destiny
Now could you be just a little light?
The bough of silver
An open door to heaven in my eyes

I watch it slip from your lip
Look here comes a sound and sturdy ship
To save me

You smile and you wave
You say I'll be back to rescue you someday
As I struggle in the wake

No it doesn't look too good for me
The Story is a tragedy
Now could you be just a little lie?
I tell myself that I've gone too far
I can't keep my eyes on
The ever-fading far horizon but
I gotta believe
I gotta believe
It's gonna be me

How much further?
Love, just how deep?
The sharks have begun to circle
I go to sleep . . .

You smile and you wave
You say I'll be back to rescue you someday.


Written By: Jodi Shaw

Starling you’re my darling
Birdlet of the rain and snow
And sweetly, every day you greet me
Is one day I know I am not alone

You fly in any kind of weather
More than any birdlet should
If I could trade this coat for feathers
Then starling I would

Please me then fly away to tease me
But starling I know I’m the one you love

In Waterland

Written By: Jodi Shaw

In Waterland

Careful caresses you don’t know what they mean
A saint on a mission not all that he seems
Be careful he said, it’s only a dream

All of the lovers have come out to play
Except me on my horse I shoo them away
A fly on the ceiling has come in to lay her eggs

Here in Waterland
You wave to me from the shore
And God only knows what we have to endure
The illness in the cure

Awake like the weavers who spin into gold
A priest in the kitchen saving a soul

I’m tired of growing I’m tired of sleep
I’m tired of reaching I’m tired of sweet
I’m tired of love I’m tired of me

But here in Waterland
Nothing is ever alone
Nothing is new and nothing grows old
Beauty to the bone

Hey dad, aren’t you glad?
You didn’t know I could swim so fast
Watch me dive into the the eye of the storm
Yeah that’s where I was born
In Waterland

Throw them like apples into the sea
A look in that glass so honest and green
A sentient creature is taking my hand

Here in Waterland
You wave to me from the shore
And now I know I understand
There will never be anything more

In Cabrini-Green

Written By: Jodi Shaw

In Cabrini-Green

Ice on the road, blood on the rail
A myth in the making newspapers sell
Another one falling
And no one is calling
Our names, our names, our names

Treasonous treasures these towers of steel
Nothing so broken, nothing so real
The seasons keep turning
The sunshine is burning
Away, away, away

I know it don’t make it right
But once there was so much light
And here was the center of it all

Hard to believe, a mother’s dream
The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen
That’s why we stay
In Cabrini-Green

Damned in the doorways seeking their fill
Another brother spreading his will
I sing for my supper and pray for my mother
Today, today, today

Out on the tarmac the boys and their ball
Scribble their fates up on the wall
Of silence and sirens a semblance of liars
Is born, is born, is born . . .


Written By: Jodi Shaw

Everybody lies
Everybody cries
Everybody tries a clown shoe on for size
Laughs at the fat man throwing pies
And yes, everybody dies

Everybody flows
Everybody goes
Everybody dresses up in their mother’s clothes
Pricks their thumb on a thorny rose
And yes, everybody grows

Everybody breaks
Everybody bends
Everybody wants to know how the story ends
Tells a white lie to their very best friend
And yes, everybody mends

Everybody jumps
Everybody runs
Everybody wants to have just a little fun
Everybody thinks they’re the only one
And yes, everybody’s dumb

Everybody laughs
Everybody sings
Everybody sheds a tear when the hornet stings
Jumps for joy when the telephone rings
Everybody swings


Written By: Jodi Shaw

I’ve seen the worn and weary world
But I’m a funny kind of girl
You know I’s rather race
Down the Carolina freeway any day
And I’d like to say

Fellas, don’t leave me alone tonight
I got an appetite for love
Come on and show me now
Just what you’re made of

How long, until the atmosphere
Is settled down and clear
And I can safely stay and rest my sweet head

I’d like to thank you for your time
Your generosity’s divine
Another one-mand band
And the ever-present promis of the Holy Land
And now I understand

I say: meet me, in the proscenium
The lights are getting dim
Come on and lend me any lovely losse-limbed

Fella, I’ll take good care of him
I promise to be good
Yeah and treat him just the wya a young girl should

Hey if you knew the world was ending soon
What would you do if it came down to me and you?
Take a photograph, try to make it last
Come on boy I’m fading fast
Don’t make me wait too long
How could I go on?

I Want To, Baby

Written By: Jodi Shaw

I don't wanna know the details baby
I don't wanna understand
I don't need to see the blueprints babe
Or know the master plan

I don't wanna hear an explanation
I don't wanna know why
Why discuss the implications
Just try not to let this love pass us by

The bells are ringing
Birds are singing
And I'm a swinging on an old church swing

The wheels are turning
And I'm a yearning
For more of that tender love you bring

I wanna know a world of wonder baby
I wanna take another chance
I wanna fall into the rhythm babe
And join this lovely dance

I wanna stop and smell the roses baby
I wanna reach another place
I wanna see that tender smile
Stream across your ever loving face

The flowers growing
A breeze is blowing
Coyote crowing at the big old moon

The wheels are turning
And I'm a yearning
To see what it is to fall in love with you

Your Lovely Face

Written By: Jodi Shaw

Love and joy, love and joy
That tender little itchy toy
But I love it all the same

Put a daisy in my hair
I’m falling down these skinny stairs
I’m falling all around you, I surround you

Oh oh oh
I don’t know my place
There are things I can’t erase
It’s a fate I will embrace
Just to see your lovely face

I walk the path of a winding road
The sun is gone the sky is cold
And stars surround me (they astound me)

I pat the head of a pretty horse
I don’t know why but love of course
I’d do it all again, with you


I’m on my knees saying pretty please
The girl is gone and I see bees
They swarm all around me

I say to Peace “you’re a jealous bride”
The water’s deep and the river’s wide
But I jump in anyway


The Myth of Patience (2000)
The Pie-Love Sky (2003)
Snow on Saturn (2005)
Saturn Returns (Dec 2011)
In Waterland (May 2012)