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Jody Aaron @ Giza Pyramids

Cairo, Not Applicable, Egypt

Cairo, Not Applicable, Egypt

Jody Aaron @ Harvelles Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach, California, USA

Long Beach, California, USA

Jody Aaron @ Portfolio Coffeehouse

Long Beach, California, USA

Long Beach, California, USA

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"Just to let you know y'all, you need to have this great CD "est 1980" in your collection. We play this music on our radio show, too good!!! I can't wait to see this performer live. For all music lovers, no excuse to not have this CD right now on your CD players."
- Gi Dussault - Co-Host and Co-Producer

March 4th, 2007 - Cinematic Electronic Vol 2 New composer Jody Friedman brings driving, syncopated electronica tracks to Cinematic Electronic Vol 2. His clean, sparse production does not hamper the soulful, upbeat glide of these tracks. With cinematic flair he balances the robotic beats with shifting effects, heartfelt melodies and an ear for tension and texture. Dig the driving pulse of "Monster Truck Rally" with its motor-like motivational feel. "I Saw The Figure" has a clean economy in its driving edge. The strident strings and propulsive, glitchy beats of "Ghosts And Ghouls" give a modern edgy feel to the dark track. Cinematic Electronic Vol 2 is packed with picturesque tracks with hip drive and melodic soul. - Freeplay Music

For 24 hours, on November 4th, 2004, New York songwriter Jody Aaron (aka Jody Friedman) will have his song featured on The song entitled, “All I Wanted” was given this honor after receiving outstanding reviews from members. gives independent musicians a chance to get feedback and exposure, exchange ideas, find new fans, and further their careers.

Jody’s past accolades range from his recent success as a finalist in “VH-1’s Song of the Year International Songwriting Competition” ( to winning first place in “CNN Search 2003 International Talent Competition”.

Currently Jody is concentrating on his songwriting career, hoping to get
a single-song contract or staff writer position with a publishing company.
Jody is also in search of a record deal, exploring both indie and major labels.

You can find more about Jody Aaron at - Harmony Distribution

New York native Jody Aaron recently received the honor of being named finalist by the Song of the Year ( international songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting
VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners.

Song of the Year is excited to recognize Jody Aaron for his exceptional songwriting ability for the song "World Is Fallin'". Jody competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. When asked what inspired the song Jody commented that "the world is an ugly place right now, and this
song is my way of communicating of the current uprooted state of the

Currently Jody is concentrating on his songwriting career, hoping to get
a single-song contract or staff writer position with a publishing company.
Jody is also in search of a record deal, exploring both indie and major labels. - VH-1's Song of the Year

Jessica Wiant

Staff Columnist

Of all the musicians I've listened to during my indie music adventures, I truly believe Jody Friedman will become the most famous. I think this for two reasons. First, I like his music (more about that later), and second, he's going about things the right way.

Jody Friedman, 25, is a talented singer/songwriter and musician originally from Clearwater, Fla.
Yes, he did the obligatory move to New York City to pursue his music career, but get this: He did it because he had a job. In fact, Friedman went to college, got a job and then got promoted to the Big Apple. But not only that. Guess where he works - CNN. Friedman is the sound guy for Nancy Grace, and his "newest gig," he described on the phone, is composing some of the music for the show.

It seems like for Friedman this is all just part of evolving as a musician.
"My ultimate goal is to land a record contract, but I realize you have to take the right steps to get there," Friedman said. "I'm building a name for myself."

I think he's got the right idea. He's working a pretty cool day job, doing gigs in New York at places like John's Pizza and being honored for his songwriting in competitions like CNN's International Talent Search and VH1's International Song of the Year Competition.

In addition, he's working with music publishing to get his songs out into the world. Let's face it, becoming a megastar doesn't happen without a lot of work.

So back to what it's all about: the music.

Just last month, Fri edman released a nine-track album with a catchy name, est. 1980. It's a steal on CD Baby for just $11.97. "Orange Soda" starts off the record with a beachy, Jack Johnson vibe and quirky lyrics. Piano starts off track two, "All I Wanted," a slower, more emotional song that successfully builds in intensity. On track three, "Living a Lie," Friedman finally gets to what he's good at. This song features a jangly Mazzy Star-ish sound that might even be called alt-country and would be perfect for college radio. (Hint, hint, U92. Yes, I am talking to you.) Harmonica is a strong feature of "Reflection," another song with a hint of country infused with singer/songwriter.

Friedman said he gets most of his inspiration from what's going on in his life or from things he observes in the city or when riding the subway. He also lists Simon and Garfunkel, Harry Chapin, Dave Matthews and Bob Dylan as influences. "The thing I like about Harry, and the thing I try to do in my music, is his storytelling," Friedman said. "It doesn't matter how you write or what you write, as long as you're telling a good enough story." "Pieces of Us" adds a little fiddle and another jangly beat. I stress: It's not country, but it's got a vibe, you know? "World is Fallin'" is much more intense and a little more politically motivated. It's my least favorite of the album, but it's still not bad. Even an instrumental song, "Epiphany," graces the CD successfully.
"Out of the City," adds a little more rock to Friedman's sound. I might compare it to a younger Neil Young, but I use the comparison loosely.
Bottom line: For those who appreciate the greats like Chapin and Dylan, Friedman is a younger, fresher artist who shares that appreciation with you. He's down-to-earth, genuine and he's got a plan. I hope I hear him on the radio someday. - The Daily Athenaeum

"The singing, musicianship and production on "est. 1980" are very good. Jody's writing style reminds me of David Lowery from Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven, and also of Ben Folds...I am enjoying it a lot." (2005)
- Shawn Mullins, Grammy nominated recording artist


Imagine if Simon had left Garfunkel for McLachlan, and they gave birth to a Southern folk-rock lovechild. That child would be Jody Aaron, whose second full-length CD est.1980 is now available through CDBaby, iTunes Music Store,,, and other digital retailers.

The nine original tracks on est. 1980 showcase a soulful, southern-bred, singer-songwriter who does justice to Dave Matthews’ guitar work and The Beatles’ songwriting — both of whom he cites as strong influences. Est.1980 features several single-bound cuts including the kick-off track “Orange Soda,” a quirky Jack Johnson-esque number with jazzy syncopation and impressive acoustic lead guitar. The harmonica-accented “Reflections” captures a solidly acoustic Dylan vibe while the charmingly infectious “Living a Lie” would sound right at home in the final act of a WB drama. “It’s about finding that one person who inspires you to become a better person yourself, “ explains Jody. “If you’re not giving all of yourself to everyone and everything you come across, you’re living a lie."

est.1980 was recorded in New York City and produced by Matthew Chiaravalle (Josh Joplin Group, Jeffery Gaines, Warren Zevon) who also contributes percussion, guitar, and bass. Other players include Tarrah Reynolds (Lauryn Hill) on violin and Brian McInnis on harmonica.

25 year-old Jody Aaron hails from the Coastal town of Clearwater, Florida. Raised on the music of classic singer-songwriters like Harry Chapin, Simon and Garfunkel, and CSNY, Jody was just a kid when he taught himself to play an old nylon string guitar that had belonged to his grandmother, listening to CDs endlessly and picking out chords and melodies. He played open mics and coffeehouses throughout high school and college, emulating the roots sounds of the Led Zeppelin, Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins, and Sarah McLachlan. Jody released a self-titled CD in 2002, but his first big break came a year later when a song he wrote about his daytime production job, “Prompter,” won first place in CNN’s International Talent Search, landing him a live performance on Aaron Brown’s Newsnight. Jody relocated to New York City shortly afterwards, and in 2004, VH-1’s Song of the Year Competition selected his song “World is Fallin’” as a finalist. In addition to his recent release est.1980, Jody has expanded into new territory and recently composed the theme song for CNN’s Nancy Grace Legal Show. Further compositions are also being considered for use on CMT.

“The singing, musicianship, and production on est. 1980 are very good. Jody’s writing style reminds me of David Lowery from Cracker, and also of Ben Folds…I am enjoying it a lot!”
— Shawn Mullins
Recording Artist/Grammy Nominee

Contact information and media downloads are available at

"The singing, musicianship and production on "est. 1980" are very good. Jody's writing style reminds me of David Lowery from Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven, and also of Ben Folds...I am enjoying it a lot." (2005)
- Shawn Mullins, Grammy nominated recording artist


Jody Aaron
"Rivers EP"
Release Date: 08/08/13
Produced by Scott Mathews (Zac Brown, Johnny Cash)
Engineered by Tom Luekens

Jody Aaron
"est. 1980"
Release Date: 07/08/05
Produced by Matt Chiaravalle (Josh Joplin, Warren Zevon)



Award-winning songwriter, performer, and guitarist Jody Aaron has what it takes to succeed in the music industry. He began playing guitar and writing songs in 1994 in his home in Safety Harbor, Florida. Later he and his band performed in venues in and around Georgia, New York, and California. Some of the highlights include The Tabernacle in Atlanta, The Knitting Factory in NYC, and B B King’s in Universal City.

By day the talented and dedicated artist works as a music publisher and music supervisor, having supervised several feature films. Jody publishes a catalog of 10,000 + songs and regularly licenses music to networks, studios, ad agencies, and trailer houses.

An experienced performer and songwriter, Jody self-released his debut EP in 2013, produced by Grammy winning Multi-Platinum producer Scott Mathews (Beach Boys, Zac Brown, and Johnny Cash). The Acoustic Rock EP is reminiscent of early Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens, Dave Matthews, and even Nick Drake.

Jody Aaron has been honored with several awards for his songwriting, including winning first place at CNN International Talent Competition, which was televised on various CNN programs. His music has been heard on ABC, AMC, Animal Planet, NBC, MTV, and Nickelodeon, to name a few.

Currently Jody is based in Orange County, California and travels to Nashville, TN annually to co-write with other accomplished songwriters. Some of his co-writers include Michele Vice-Maslin (Nick Carter, Ke$ha), Jason Mathews (Billy Currington, Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan), Phil Barton (Lee Brice), Steve Pasch (Lenny Kravitz), Jessie Mc Entire (Sonny Burgess), Elisha Hoffman (Faith Hill, “Country Strong” sound track), William Kitchens (Daron Norwood), Rebecca Lynn Howard (Martina McBride), Steve Suliikowski and Joey Clement (Selena Gomez), and many other writers.