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Band Alternative Folk


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The best kept secret in music


"Jody Anker"

JODY ANKER livre son sincère talent de cowgirl/ grunge/ psychadélique à ce monde d'homme avec brio et éclat.
Défini comme Alternatif-folk, la musique de Jody Anker nous amène a voyager encore plus loin.Un soupcons de Country dans l'air se mélange au rock qui était déjà bien dilluer au travers des harmonies vocales. Un coup de cœur spécial pour une artiste très originale

By defining herself Alternative-folk, you can imagine that Jody Anker is something a little differents and that maybe you'll have to calm down in order to appreciate it…WRONG…she'll blow you away.Yes, there is something country here but she's definetly rockin it with a twist.
Clairement hors d'atteinte de par son originalité et la qualité de son matériel, JODY ANKER (alternatif folk) a pris tous le monde par surprise... qui ont séduit la foule avec des « grooves » solides.
- Le Voir

"From the true north, proud and free"

A singular new sound is making its way through Montreal`s folk scene. Jody Anker's driving guitar and tight lyrical style is getting the girl some serious attention these days. Her playing is reminiscent of a young ANi DiFranco, but her lyrics are entirely original both in style and content. Coordinator of McGills, Yellow Door, says, `when Jody plays , you can`t do anything but listen.`
- The Suburban News, Westside

"Jody Anker...Record Review of `From Then Until Now...`"

Yellowknife produces some really damn good music and musicians. Hell, It`s dark as a welldigger`s ass all winter, so what are ya gonna do? Write tunes and practice getting your sound, maybe move to MOntreal. JOdy here is a mostly western gal, who now hangs her spurs here. THere`s good focus and efficient support from her guitar, Jonathan Moorman`s fiddle, Paul Lecorre`s synth stuff and beautifully balanced backing vocals. This becomes less surprising as you realize that Jode here lifts a heavy pen and wrings emotionally high grade ore from each tune. Good work and here`s hoping it brings you more. (Dean Cottrill) - The HOUR


First Album coming soon!


Feeling a bit camera shy


There is nothing obvious about jAb ( mainly duo Jody Anker and Nakia Lemieux). With hard driving guitar riffs and emotional vocals these two get your attention every time. Once a solo flyer, main songwriter Jody Anker is trying on various creative ideas, while guarding closely her own style that flirts with country, jazz, and rock. You will find harmonies remeniscent of the middle east combined with a native style of chanting. The "jAb" cross borders and set no boundaries in there deliverance, bringing to the surface the darker lingerings of our thoughts and shedding a bit o LIGHT!
jAb is literally Nakia Lemieux, local laurentiens girl of Quebec, with a powerful voice, tight percussive rythmns and DYNAMIC energy, AND Jody Anker once a North Western Gal (BC and NWT), who now hangs her spurs up around the Montreal/ laurentiens area of Quebec. The solid duo periodically play with other talented musicians; Niko Motzeri 'Israel', who plays mainly drums, is a young veteran to the world of picking up a variety of other instruments. He has been known to put his Jimbe aside to play a special blend of Jody's "country tune" with a 'Bouzouki' in hand! There's songs of love, temptations, greed, loss, and hope all in one nights flow of a jAb SHOW! "It's about being generous with what we have to share, describing our lives as creatively as possible"..Anker says, "It's like water,...out of control and flowing fast; lots of energy, lots of feeling. That's what our music is all about."