Jody Has A Hitlist

Jody Has A Hitlist


Jody Has A Hitlist are an Irish 5 piece Pop Punk/Rock outfit who combine energy and intensity with overlying melodic hooks.


JODY HAS A HITLIST is a 5-piece Dublin based Pop-Punk band comprised of: Pod (Vocals, Guitar), Ebbs (Bass), Kelan (Keys/Vocals), Ben (Guitar) and Fran (Drums). After previous musical ventures disbanded Jody Has A Hitlist came together to jam with a common vision and goal to tour, play music and have as much fun as possible in the process.

Since forming in April 2009 the band have toured and played with acts such as chart-toppers Metro Station, Hadouken! and Lostprophets to name a few along and headlined a hometown show in Dublin's Academy to a 600 strong crowd. Since forming the band have notched up over a quarter of a million plays on their MySpace page and over 15,000 'Likes' on their official Facebook page.

Jody Has A Hitlist have embarked on several successful UK and Irish headline tours to support their EP and single releases, helping their debut self-titled EP notch up over 20,000 downloads. Download the tracks in full quality for free from


Jody Has A Hitlist - 'Self Titled EP' - 2009
1. Walk It Off, Son
2. Nobody's Looking At You
3. Just Over A Year

Jody Has A Hitlist - 'You Used To Be Fun Single' - 2009
1. You Used To Be Fun
2. Nobody's Looking At You (Futureproof Dubstep Remix)

Jody Has A Hitlist - 'Boy Caught Envy EP' - 2010
1. Boy Caught Envy
2. See You Around
3. Remember This Forever

Jody Has A Hitlist - 'Debut album full length' - 2011

Set List

1. Nobody's Looking At You
2. Just Over A Year
3. You Used To Be Fun
4. See You Around
5. Tik Tok (Ke$ha Cover)
6. Remember This Forever
7. Boy Caught Envy
8. Walk It Off, Son

Sets usually last between 35 - 45 minutes but can be shortened to 25 - 30 minutes if needs be.