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Jody Shelton Band



The story of Jody Shelton Band begins in late 2003 when singer/songwriter and Tennessee native Jody Shelton moved to New York City. Here, he resumed songwriting after a three-year hiatus. After several months of playing his new material with various New York musicians, Jody began to rehearse and record with producer/guitarist Eric Wilhelm in Eric's Brooklyn-based Kitchen Sink Studios. In August 2004 Jody saw drummer Christopher Heinz playing buckets in a friend's show. Impressed, Jody and Eric asked Chris to join the band the following week. While continuing the search for a permanent bass player, the trio began recording their first EP, Rise, in early 2005. Bassist Michael Pearce joined the band in Summer 2005 and the completed group began work on their follow up EP, Child, released on September 28th, 2006. The guys are currently recording their first full-length LP to be released in 2007.



Written By: Jody Shelton

“You can’t ride your bike that fast,” she said
“Such speed will leave you flat or dead
But at the end of the driveway
You’ll stay away
You’ll go and play and make your day someday”

But I never pedal slow at night
So why now the safety cops delight?
But at the end of the driveway
I’ll stay away
I’ll go and play and make my day someday

Find me there
Flying through the air

Now I lead a solitary life
No kids and not even a wife
But at the end of the driveway
I’ll stay away
I’ll go and play and make my day someday



Rise (EP), November 2005
Child (EP), September 2006

Set List

We change our set list around for every show, but we can perform from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. On average we are asked to play 45 minute sets.