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Jody Whitesides

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"Frosty, Heidi & Frank"

"He’s awesome. I love it. I’d buy his album today!” - KLSX Radio

"Record Review"

"Whitesides is a singer/songwriter whose performances and material show lots of skill and craft without sacrificing heart or conviction. the lyrics for 'All The Things' and 'Days of Our Lives' have a knack for depicting the imagery of everyday life in interesting ways. Electric guitar licks lend a hard rock backbone to the tunes, while the artist's soulful voice acts like fine-grain sandpaper that gives his rough-hewn subject matter some compelling contours." - Music Connection Magazine

"Nathan Brackett"

"He’s obviously a talented musician." - Rolling Stone

"Nathan Brackett"

"[Jody] has a decent voice and he knows how to structure a tune." - Rolling Stone

"Record Review - Jim Kirlin"

"Smartly groomed, inventive power-pop, fueled by grooves that lodge in your head.” - Wood & Steel Magazine

"Frosty, Heidi & Frank"

"I love that song [Falling In] Jody, that's commercial. That's a hit.” - KLSX Radio


Practical Insanity: CD
Hero Unexpected: Single



Jody Whitesides was born in New York city to two very proud parents. Jody’s mother, Mary Whitesides is an accomplished interior decorator, and his father Kim Whitesides a commercial illustrator. Both knew at a very early age that their son Jody had something very special about him. By the time Jody was nine his parents had had enough of the day-to-day grind of New York City, so they picked up and moved to a much quieter place, Park City, Utah. It would be in Park City where young Jody would begin his journey into the wonderful world of exploring curiosities and possibilities. Jody began playing little league baseball, soon to be followed by a deep love for racing Radio Control cars. By the time Jody was 17 he won the number one driver of the year in the Stock Car Class. Jody also found he had a special talent and skill for freestyle skiing; Jody was at one point ranked in the top twenty nationally. By the time Jody was twenty he had learned how to play lead guitar, so he enrolled for a semester in the prestigious Berklee College of music in Boston, Massachusetts. When a friend called Jody and told him his chances of making it would be better in Hollywood, Jody then enrolled in the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California. Jody has now turned into an accomplished songwriter as well as an exciting stage performer and lead vocalist.

Jody’s hard work and determination began paying off with a performance at a nightclub gig where a talent scout, spotted him. After blowing the scout away with his stage magic and countless strong future hit songs, the scout would arrange a phone conversation between Jody and legendary hit record producer, promoter and star maker Maurice (the general) Starr. When Jody asked Maurice to join his On Records team, he directed Maurice to his website where Starr would find himself blown away by Jody’s soulful rich vocal style. Starr immediately became an entertainment consultant to Jody’s projects.

When asked about his newest release, Jody gets a smile on his face. He describes the songs as a great blend of ideas. With a story about an unassuming guy whose life is related thru the songs. With it’s pumping grooves and pulsating guitars, the songs take the listener thru a great journey.

Jody went a different route with his latest single release, Hero Unexpected. This time out he’s enlisted friends and colleagues to do additional remixes of the song to create a varied mood around the same subject. The result is nothing short of thrilling. Everyone involved has been touting how much they love the song. “It’s powerful!” is what Jody likes to say about it.

Now that Jody feels like he is finally on his way to the top of the entertainment business, his humanitarian side would like to one day create a music festival much like the Sundance film festival. Jody looks forward to performing for all of his current and future fans, and he wants everyone to take note that Jody Whitesides is America’s, and the world’s, next Hero Unexpected.