Jody Whitesides*

Jody Whitesides*


Its firmly between Hillbilly Flamenco and Alternative Rock. Comparisons have been: Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer and Train.


"I love that song [Falling In] Jody, that's commercial. That's a hit.” Frosty, Heidi & Frank 97.1 KLSX, Los Angeles

Digital music giant iTunes made a bold move that set a precedent for thousands when they uploaded the catalogue of singer/songwriter Jody Whitesides, their first non-signed artist, through the digital distribution program at CD Baby. After refusing a major label deal when they wanted him to compromise his style, Whitesides spent four months writing, producing and recording his sixth and most commercially appealing recent release, Practical Insanity. Early fan-favorite tracks like “Tabloid Affair” and “Falling In” reflect an overall theme of the psychological process of human relationships in reality and in fantasy, the latter tune already being dubbed the coolest love song never to mention the word love. Music Connection magazine recently praised his display of “skill and craft without sacrificing heart or conviction.” Whitesides simply calls it “Music that makes your soul happy!”

Nominated for four Just Plain Folks awards, Jody has shared the stage with Martha Davis & The Motels, Dave Davies (The Kinks) and had several of his songs placed in film soundtracks. When the A&R representative for Taylor Guitars caught Whitesides showcasing at the annual NAMM Show, his only comment before offering him a deal was “You should be playing a Taylor.” Fellow endorser Sennheiser microphones featured Whitesides in their online Sennheiser TrueSound Lounge with major label bands like Sugarcult. Joe's Guitars, Seymore Duncan pickups, Dean Markley Strings, Groove Tubes and Line 6 have all gathered around to support this humble and unstoppable artist in achieving his goal of being the most recognizable non-signed artist on the planet.

Although Practical Insanity was produced and recorded by Whitesides in his home studio, where he also played every instrument but the drums, there is no shortage of artists clamoring to work with him. He sang and played live with Danny Woods (New Kids On The Block), Talisman, and Jeff Scott Soto, and has produced CDs for Bob Karwin (Radio Margaritaville) and Throwing Toasters. He has also produced vocals for Seth Horan, formerly of Vertical Horizon, and rap artist Blk Diamond. Whitesides is currently the music supervisor and composer for “The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd,” nominated for Best Educational Podcast and featured on Apple’s education website.

Jody Whitesides is currently living in Los Angeles as a performing songwriter, sound engineer, surround sound mixer ("Kings of Hip Hop" DVD), video game music designer, soundtrack composer and Dancin Deer Studio owner. He’s putting it all on the line to promote and tour with Practical Insanity, and he’ll kick your ass in No Limit Texas Hold ‘em.

Jody is endorsed by Taylor Guitars, Sennheiser, Emagic Software (before the Apple merger), Seymour Duncan Pickups, Joe's Guitars, Dean Markley Strings, Groove Tubes, and Line 6.


Closer To Ourselves

Written By: Jody Whitesides

Two AM the other night
We were focused on our faults
We reached the silent treatment
After some damage to the walls

You think that you know me
It ain’t always easy
I’ve gone exploding

Each word that we say
Opens us inside and brings us Closer
Each word that we share
Opens us outside and brings us Closer
Closer to ourselves

Three PM another day
We are pushing past that line
Over small things that we say
Won’t try to stop the rapid decline

I think that I know you
I cannot assure you
You’ve gone exploding


Life likes to feed, the shadow of a doubt
I’ve let it go ‘n’ let you in
We’ve got this need, its what we’re all about
Releasing fear of rejection

(Chorus out)

Jody Whitesides
© 2003 Too Much Music

Falling In

Written By: Jody Whitesides

In the speechless hush of the 5 am
She’ll spy upon what my sleeping brings in
And if the coffee burns before we see again
The she’d never learn how my feelings creep in

I better grab her with both arms
And hold on tight ‘cause shes’s

Falling in to trouble
Falling in to my life
Falling in to fables
Falling in and it feels so right

In a crowd of thoughts I can wonder how
I’ll ever figure out what may be in her head
And if the world should end before we meet again
Then I’ll never know what two lovers can hold

She better grab me with both arms
And hold on tight ‘cause I’m

Falling in to trouble
Falling in to her life
Falling in to fables
Falling in and it feels so right

Through the course of the day
I think of things to say
And then they fade away
In the course of a fight
I feel things aren’t right
Yet it goes all night

We’re falling in to trouble
Falling in to our lives
Falling in to fables
Falling in and it feels so right


Jody Whitesides
© 2006 Too Much Music

Tabloid Affair

Written By: Jody Whitesides

Punching crap into a computer screen waiting on that bell to ring
Racing everyone to the parking lot and be the first into the afternoon
The sun’s been out clearing clouds an’ blazin top’s pulled down hair is waving
Pickup my other half who’s smiling wide two lanes flying as America zips on by

Hey, I’m feeling butterflies as I explore your eyes
It’s like a secret toy surprise
Now, I’m winding up inside as you expose your stride
You know I’m wantin what this implies

Lets find out what goes down
When we’re the center of it all
Lets find out what plays out
In our Tabloid Affair

Making moves into a higher position got a lot of rules and conditions
Adding everyone’s number to the pot but you’re my celebrity on the fly
The leaves are out changing colors n blending step off the tarmac jet into the evening
Watch us catch the stars we look up to with the passing of the countries we run through

Hey, I’m seeing spots and hues as I explore taboos
It’s like intoxicating brew
Now, I’m dealing with these clues as you expose tattoos
You know I’m reelin from this view


infatuation, hesitation, animation, motivation
anticipation, presentation, application, collaboration

(chorus out)

Jody Whitesides
© 2006 Too Much Music

Days of Our Lives

Written By: Jody Whitesides

A glass of leftover wine alone on the table
A random pile of shoes beside the couch
A game we use to unwind the cat and the mouse
That’s how we play on Sunday’s around the house

All of the places we are together in
The way that we smile defines the roles we explore in
The days of our lives go roaring by
It’s the emotions that we share for
The goals that we use to refine the love that we long for
The days of our lives go roaring by

There are those moments a smile says it all
A drop of the hat we’re out the door and chasing the sun
We excite ourselves pretending to be fugitives on the run
Doesn’t matter about the destination if the journey is fun

All of the cars that we go drive in
The jobs that we work for define the roles that we play in
The days of our lives go roaring by
All of the movies that we watch and we cry for
The books that we read define the hearts that we care for
The days of our lives go roaring by

I know I’m deep / She steal’s my clothes to wear
Thinks I don’t know / But that’s her I smell on my shirt
It’s her I should keep / She kisses with so much care
Thinks I don’t know / But that’s her always on my mind

All of the music that blast and get lost in
The way that we laugh defines the roles of our friendship
The days of our lives go roaring by
All of the memories that we live for
The methods we use refine the dreams that we strive for
The days of our lives go roaring by

Jody Whitesides
© 2006 Too Much Music


Have had radio and streaming play in the past. I'm still getting streaming play on MusicMatch, MusicNet, Rhapsody and other internet methods. Currently gearing up for radio, video and touring promotion for 'Practical Insanity'.

"Practical Insanity" - 2006 (September)
"Ain't No Sunshine - single" - 2006
"Cruel To Be Kind - single" - 2006
"A Natural Leap Forward" - 2004
"Initial Spank" - 2003
"is this considered naked" - 2001
"E.nergy A.udio R.evolution" - 2000
"Delicate Stretch of the Seems" - 1999

Set List

Typically 40 to 45 minute sets. Can do up to 3 sets if needed. Prefer originals but can do covers which range from Classic Rock to Modern Rock.

All The Things
Closer To Ourselves
Tabloid Affair
Favor Me
Falling In
Days of Our Lives
Going Around
Know I
The Shaft
Never Too Late
Material Things
Searching For You
Say Goodbye
Splitting The Scene

Harder To Breath (Maroon 5)
Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz)
I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)
When I'm Gone (3 Doors Down)
American Idiot (Green Day)
Life Is A Highway (Tom Cochran)
The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)
Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
Somebody Told Me (The Killers)
I Still Haven't Found (U2)
Jumpin Jack Flash (Rolling Stones)
Come Together (Beatles)
Learning To Fly (Foo Fighters)
Buddy Holly (Weezer)