Joe Allen Band

Joe Allen Band


High energy, emotive music full of tension and release. A whirl of incredible sweeping violin, a deep rumbling acoustic and a rhythmic, tribal drum backing on a stand-up drum kit with no bass drum. Above it all a breathy vocal that encompasses all the spirit and emotion of the songs.


Having sung all his life, Joe bought his first guitar aged 18, and played his first solo gig on acoustic guitar and vocals just 5 months after starting. From then he spent a year writing and gigging all over the UK after finishing his A Levels in Birmingham. Arriving at Oxford Brookes University to study music he bumped into Violinist Angharad and tentatively arranged a practise. His poorly drawn sheet music on lined paper wasn't needed by Angharad who was perfectly able to improvise and the pair played a gig together 2 weeks later at the Bullingdon, Oxford. for the next 2 years the two wrote and played - supporting NME favourites The Howling Bells at a packed Wolverhampton Civic, appearing live on BBC West Midlands radio twice, and headling the Artrix Theatre, Birmingham and La Fleche D'or, Paris. All the while building up a steady reputation in their university town Oxford picking up excellent reviews from nightshift. ("Like Thom Yorke Dancing with Ed Alleyne Johnson...this is so f**king special. Nightshift '07").
In early 2008 the pair decided to try out drummer Chrissie Sheaf. The 3 spent the first part of the year getting adjusted to the new line-up and made a decision to take away the bass-drum having no bass guitar in the band either. The extra freedom of standing gave Chrissie the opportunity to really bring the songs to life and the band joined forces with SuperVision Management (Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Air Traffic) in the summer after being seen supporting 'Lowgold' at what is now the O2 Academy Oxford. The band are now gigging as much as possible and putting in more time than ever to practising and writing. They are working to be as involved as ever in the 2009 festival season and have a new CD being recorded in March this year.


Call it what you like

Written By: Joe Allen Band

I want a way,
I want a way
to stop my hand from shaking
to stop my hand from taking,

It hurts today,
It hurts today,
like the truth you've got to tell,
or waking up in a prison cell

and you,
can call it what you like
all these colours look the same
but you can call it what you like

so take it away,
take it away,
it won't stop not for a second,
your voice is cold and i feel threatened

and you,
can call it what you like
all these words they sound the same
but you can call it what you like

Like a Sea

Written By: Joe Allen Band

There's a deep noise,
running through my bones,
and i'm not sure if i like it

it's hard to concentrate,
with all these images,
but they make me, happy

so go on and stay,
stay on your balance beam
or go on away,
away from this day dream
i'll be waiting, with a grin.

I've done nothing more, but I've still done nothing wrong.

I've been losing my mind lately,
my mind lately, my mind lately's like a crashing sea, a crashing sea, a crashing sea always sinks you eventually,

my mind lately.

Watered Down

Written By: Joe Allen Band

A confession of honesty,
or some shocking reality,
or your true personality,
something you didn't wanna be

the girl that you just seen,
but it's happening on your tv screen,
or telling your wildest dreams,
to be explained what they mean

it's so watered down,
watered down,
don't look now you might say something you really mean

the one that got too close
but it's just a failed overdose,
or the prize that's in the post,
in the house that you don't own

your so watered down,
watered down
don't look now you might say something you really mean

Do you think that's enough?

Written By: Joe Allen

Do you think that, that's enough now?
Do you think that, that's ok?
You're so sure that you're certain,
my watch has just stopped working,
do you think that maybe, we just

Do you think that, that's enough now?
do you think that, that's alright?
it wasn't hard to get found out,
when your clothes are soaked in doubt,
do you think that maybe, we just

do you think that, that's enough now?
do you think that given time?
it's been going on so long,
and we're both playing new songs
do you think that maybe we just belong

when i sat down, did you breathe a little deeper?
when i lay down, did you sleep a little easier?



Joe Allen - Same Old Lines (2005)
Joe Allen, Angharad Jenkins, Joy Marzouk - Locked in a Cross (2006)
Joe Allen, Angharad Jenkins, Emily Satterthwaite - Live in Camden (2006)
Joe Allen & Angharad Jenkins - 4 Songs (2007)
Joe Allen Band - My Mind Lately (2008)

Tracks from My Mind Lately and Four songs have been played on BBCWM, BBC Oxford, BBC Coventry, and BBC 6 Music

Set List

For You My Love (2009)
Locked in a Cross (2006)
Call it What You Like (2008)
On & On (2007)
Watered Down (2008)
At Gunpoint (2007)
Like a Sea (2008)
Do You Think That's Enough (2007)

That's our typical 45 minute set but we have also played many half hour or hour long sets.