Joe and Lefty

Joe and Lefty


Joe and Lefty -- Spray Can Artists - two artists creating original art work every 2-3 minutes! It's all done with spray paint, plastic bags, paper, lids, and other recyclables. Two time Winners -- Novelty Act of the Year.


Joe and Lefty - “Spray Can Artists”

Imagine what your students will say when they are presented with a valuable,
collectable work of art . . . FOR FREE!

Joe and Lefty set up on your campus and put on a show of the unique art style
called “Spray Can Art.” Two artists crank out 5x7 paintings at the rate of
one painting every 3 to 5 minutes, and then present them to your students.
Done on poster board with a spray can, the artist uses plastic bags, paper, pot lids,
and a putty knife to manipulate the paint. It’s a show in itself!

Joe is an accomplished New York City street artist who was struck by lightning
while standing on his apartment roof. He taught himself to paint during rehab,
and when he conquered the streets of NYC, he moved to Florida where he teamed
up with Lindsay (aka “Lefty”) who was developing her own unique artistic style.

They are a delightful couple to work with, put on a great show, and at the end your
students have a lifetime memento.

You can see more of there work at

Set List

Joe and Lefty perform based on your guests, customize choice picks. Example:
Ocean View - (d)ay, (n)ight, (s)unset or (sp)ace; City Scapes - d,n,s or sp;
Space Scapes - Solar systems of imaginary; Nature - woods of Mountains;
Artist's choice - also an option.