Lightning Joe

Lightning Joe


Just a solo act, i play harp/guitar over original blues, in the style of older blues, traditional blues, in the respect of the Johnsons and such , that type of style would probably fit me the most


Grew up in a small town in Maine, man what a great time. I do hard landscaping and scew my back up every day. So at that, I listen to the blues, soulfully, and there realy isn't much else I like. Keep the music alive is what I do, and keep hoping for that big wheel to come back around to let people know that if it were'nt for the blues you would not have the music we have today.


Play with Kilborn Alley Blues Band as thier harp player and some guitar. Recorded three albums, none of which are available through the computer. Played with numerous individual blues cats, Little Milton, and the list goes on. This is my first solo attempt.

Set List

I like to start off with Jenny May about 4 mins long, an original with a Stevie Twist, then for the rest of the set usually switch up songs, slow fast, no particular way, just how I feel at the time. Basically I like to stick to as many originals as I can.