Triple J Unearthed Top Song Winner QLD. Smooth, honest, uncomplicated acoustic sounds.


Triple J Unearthed Top Song Winner for QLD 2008. The sounds of Joeb began as a simple solo acoustic project with an aim at writing and performing acoustically about Sydney. After original shows and a few friends coming on board to lend a hand, time was spent recording the sounds that were created. A slight change of plans has Brisbane being home since 2007. Since then, a feature artist on triplej's unearthed site and Triple J Unearthed Top Song Award for QLD has kept things rolling.The sounds are honest and uncomplicated, the way they were originally written and performed.


Dozen Doors

Written By: Joseph Barbaro

Verse 1:
Hold out your hand
I hold my hand out too
Ask for what's yours
I'll get mine too

So they say,
Someone always says
Life isn't easy
But I'm happy too.


Life isn't taught,
Lifes a dozen Doors

And it all hits back at you
I guess you always knew you
And it all trips back to you
I guess you always knew you

Verse 2:
I'll take away my hand
I've given up asking
I'll wander my own road and,
In the end find it

I never knew
Everythings sometimes new
I guess I'm thinking old, but
I'm happy too


Written By: Joseph Barbaro

The weather speaks volumes about us , I watch the clouds break.
We swim in yesterdays downfall and care not today.
As of this day I'm not tired, anymore.
They'll tell me all otherwise, I'll listen that's all.

I Hold on to you
I Hold on to you

Bright lights and candles light up the darkest of days.
We lie awake but asleep to all our time says.
I'll hold you a while and we'll look into the bright eyes.
You've got a better plan, lets lie for a while.


EP- coming soon......
Dozen Doors- Triple J Airplay 2007.

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