Joe Baer Magnant Group

Joe Baer Magnant Group

 Berkeley, California, USA

JBMG's genre-bending sets, which consist of original compositions as well as interpretations of artists from Tom Waits to Chick Corea, create an eventful night for all. Though casual listeners enjoy the entertainment in a social setting, hard-core jazz cats can still begrudgingly appreciate the Joe Baer Magnant Group. All the while, music lovers shout, holler, and leave satisfied after every show... some even find themselves dancing.


Joe Baer Magnant is a San Francisco Bay based fusion guitarist originally from New England. In 2002, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and went on to perform up to 200 times a year and privately instruct hundreds of students. In 2009, he became one of the youngest faculty members at the Cape Cod Conservatory of Arts and Music where he taught contemporary performance. Currently, he plays with the jazz/fusion project, Joe Baer Magnant Group, and the funk band, The M-Tet. His first book of a complete method series, The Guitarist's Palette, is planned to be out by fall 2014.


Four Track Sessions: The Demos (2013)

Set List

Original Compositions

Subtle Situation (J. Magnant)
Scratchpost (J. Magnant)High Noon (J. Magnant)According to Breakwater (J. Magnant)
Chocolate Stout (J. Magnant)Armchair Train (J. Magnant)Blues For E (J. Magnant)Into the Purple Abyss (C. Lujan)711 Haight (C. Lujan)

Other Compositions
Someday My Prince (F. Churchill)
Song For My Father (H. Silver)
Butterfly (H. Hancock)
Cantaloupe (H. Hancock)
Equinox (J. Coltrane)Windows (C. Corea)Chitlins Con Carne
Footprints (W. Shorter)502 Blues (W. Shorter)Road Song (W. Montgomery)
Round Midnight (T. Monk)General Mojo (S. Swallow)
Swordfish (T. Waits)
Yekermo Sew (M. Astatke)
Windjammer (N. Creque)
Down, Down, Down (T. Waits)
Turtle Shoes (B. McFerrin)