Joe Beleznay

Joe Beleznay


Building himself from the ground up, Joe Beleznay rises above the throngs of cover-band rejects & singer-songwriter cliches. With his honest & pure style, he echoes Damien Rice, Ryan Adams, & the ghost of Nick Drake. He's poised to take the indie scene by storm with his urgent mix of acoustic pop


Singer-songwriter, Joe Beleznay, wants you to remember two things:

1. his infectious acoustic pop/rock songs
2. the exact pronunciation of his last name.

All joking aside, Beleznay has been writing and performing his original music on the East coast for the past 4 years.

On board with Beleznay, handling drums and percussion, has been his long-time friend and collaborator, Tim Procaccini. Both CT natives, they have done their best to establish themselves as an honorable, original act among the throngs of cover band rejects.

They’re off to a great start, with over 170,000 plays on, and a full length album, "never change", dropping winter 2007.

Beleznay’s smooth yet poignant mellow-rock sound has also caught the ears of his fellow musicians. He has had the opportunity to open for and share the stage with some great artists, including John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, Ari Hest, Angie Aparo, and Steven Kellogg.

All of Beleznay's material, including his first ep "running to be gone", is available on Apple iTunes and across the web. His long-anticipated full-length album, "never change", launched in Dec. 2007 and is poised to solidify Beleznay on the indie music scene.

Notable Venues/Colleges performed @:

Sacred Heart University CT
Eastern CT State University
University of Hartford CT
Stonehill College NY
Saint Anselm College NH
Harboryard Arena CT
Coda NYC
Acoustic Cafe CT
The Space CT
Tuxedo Junction CT
Trackside CT


"never change" LP (15-track)
"running to be gone" EP (6-track)

Set List

typical setlist:

not the same
smiling as we fall
start again
you're all I need
brand new
laid (cover)
picture me
running in place
exit signs
letting go
never change
a little love