Joe Caprice

Joe Caprice


Joe Caprice, an indie solo artist whose debut CD “Acoustic” is intense and captivating. Fans across the country have simply stated, "Joe Rocks!"


Joe Caprice is hitting the music world hard. In the months following the release of his debut album “Acoustic”, Joe has performed extensively, including a spot at the Day on the Meadow Concert in San Jose, where he shared the bill with Switchfoot, Lit, Camper van Beethoven, Sugarcult, and Apollo Sunshine.

Joe’s single, “Pretend” received commercial radio airplay within one month of being released, and continues to receive requests and frequent airplay. What makes this most impressive is that Joe is a solo, acoustic indie artist in the adult alternative genre.

“Joe Caprice has done something that not everyone has the ability to do with me. He completely captivated me. He addresses the exact things that people are dealing with. This was love at first sound!” Jeanette Drake, music reviewer,

“Joe Caprice - just a guy and a guitar, and some great music! It’s a great album, and I think he’s going places.” John Allers, Program Director, KCNL

“Very cool stuff!” Bosco, DJ, Channel 104.9

Listeners of Acoustic feel like Joe is singing directly to them. This is partly due to the true acoustic nature of the CD. Joe created a professional recording with a minimum of effects and tweaking, deciding instead to let the music speak for itself. Not many artists can pull this off, and Acoustic shines.

Two-time Grammy nominated Warren Dennis Kahn provided his mixing and mastering expertise. After completing Acoustic, Warren had this to say,

"How refreshing to hear a recording that is just great songs, performed by a dynamic musician, and left in a pure acoustic rendition that reminds us of a time when artists really could deliver their material. Well . . . it's back. Sit back and enjoy! I sure did working on this record."

Joe is currently performing live and sharing his album with the world. Please visit for more song clips, the latest updates, and to show your support!



Set List

Typical set is one hour of original music, but can play for up to 1-1/2 hours.