Joe Clark

Joe Clark

 Orlando, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

Music is the right combination of soul, heart, life experiences, and creativity all molded together to produce records that not only motivate your body but also your emotions. Joe Clark is a rare type that has that special something in his music that connects to people when they need it the most.


Born in Boston Mass. and raised in Queens N.Y., Joe Clark was born into a working class family of Trinidadian descent. Living there for half of his life, his sense of self and character was undoubtedly molded by the area he was raised in. Being a resident in the birthplace of hip-hop, he gained a sense of musical identity even though at this point he never picked up a pen.His musical tastes and ear for melodies were further expanded by the music of his parents provided by their West Indian heritage.

"There was always music playing in the house, either calypso, r&b, oldies, or hip hop; there was always something to listen to in my house." Moving down to Florida at age 11 was one of the most significant changes in Joes life. From there he was submerged into a completely different atmosphere; different people, a different culture...a different sound. Florida was unlike anything that could be experienced in the bustling streets of New York, and Joe had to adapt to this hot new environment. It was that transition that made Joe Clark one of the more unique artists in the game.

It wasn't till the age of 17 that Joe finally picked up a pen. The experiences and the identity that he had been forming in him created a unique sound and approach to this music. Taking his name from the Principal in "Lean on Me". Joe believed it would be his influence that would be able to change the state of hip-hop for the better.

Currently Joe Clark is 24 and graduate of The University of Central Florida. Is a southern artist who takes the time to craft every lyric to be its sharpest, that is the enigma that is Joe Clark. Coming of age in a place where bass and hard hitting beats are predominantly the focus of their music, Joe opted not to drawl over tracks, but rather to attack them, and still make you nod your head along the way. The year of 2010 brought many opportunities to Joe and he aspires to emulate his achievements with 2011 on his mind. While other artists are familiar with trying to shoot for the stars Joe remains humble and close to the ground which allows him to not be associated with the next artist.


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