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Joe Colledge

Morristown, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Morristown, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Joe Colledge Earns Best Male Vocalist Title"

Daily Record (Morristown, NJ)

January 26, 2007

Readers pick best bands


Woo. Rah. Let's hear it for the faithful fans. (Applause.) A little louder, please. WOO. RAH. (Applause.)

That's better.

And now -- drum roll, please -- let us present to you the best of the best in Morris County music.


The Daily Record's third annual Best Bands edition cast a preliminary call for the following:

Best Cover Band.

Best Original Band.

Best Male Vocalist.

Best Female Vocalist.


What resulted was a mish-mosh of categories, some accounted for, some not.

While numbers spoke volumes, this reader-generated poll was measured in enthusiasm versus votes tallied.

Jacked up on devotion, die-hards chimed in from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and even Ohio, their fervor punctuated in ALL CAPS and emoticons.

Feel the love. Read the results.

(For our repeat offenders list, see Pubs and Clubs on Page 10.)



Genre: Pop/Rock/Adult Album Alternative (AAA)

See him: Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe

Route 53, Denville

9 p.m., April 21

Hear him:

CDs:"Convent Station" (stay tuned for new one)

Colledge prep: Rooted in Morris County, Joe Colledge fans cross state lines just to see him.

A self-proclaimed musician since age 10, Michael "Joe" Colledge traces his actual career to 2001.

Moved by the Sept. 11 attacks, he turned pain into prose and melancholy into music as evidenced on his debut CD, "Convent Station," named for the New Jersey Transit stop.

"Music is and always has been my therapy," he wrote in an e-mail to the Daily Record. "I've been blessed with a unique ability to write and create original music and it's an incredible thing to be able to perform in the New York Metro Area for my fans."

This impressed Todd Shaffer of Cincinnati, Ohio.

"After talking to the lead singer, Mike (Joe) Colledge, he told me about some of the ideas behind the songs and situations that made him write them," he wrote in an e-mail to the Daily Record. "I think he should be awarded this honor and be known as the best group in Morris County. If I could send in more than one vote I'd be on the computer for days voting for them."

Colledge draws his musical influences from Tom Petty, Counting Crows and Shawn Mullins.

His latest release, "Table for One," was recently named as a semifinalist for the International Songwriting Competition. Colledge is vying for the Adult Album Alternative category for best song.

What you're saying:

--Love "Joe" Colledge and the sensitivity in his music

Sue Tait, Garnet Valley, Pa.

-- I vote for Joe Colledge, Why? Because he rocks!

Julianne and Lou Modugno, Morristown

-- I think best original band in Morris County should be "Joe Colledge." Reason - they rock!

Erik Beiermeister, Montville

-- They have stage presence and sing a mixture of original tunes as well as old tunes that really get the crowd involved.

Ellen Edson, Morris Township

-- We heard him at a party and were very impressed with his music.

Grace and Chuck Dombeck, Wampum, Pa.

-- His sound is soothing. Everyone wants to sing along. It's feel good music!

Kris Theys, Harrison City, Pa.
- Ellen Wilkowe, The Daily Record

"Cutting Edge Singer-Songwriter!"

Joe pens songs that have catchy hooks and soothing melodies. He refers to the CD as a demo but its organic quality brings integrity to the music yet offers room to grow the songs as well. This twelve-track collection is a personal record and a response to the events of 9/11. Colledge recalls seeing the New York City skyline every morning as he drove to work. The dramatic change of view after that fateful day inspired two of his most powerful songs, 'American Song' and 'Serenity'. They are heartfelt, acoustic ballads that are sung from the heart. 'Best of Me' has a foot tapping tempo, subtle chords and soft, meaningful vocals. Joe Colledge is a cutting edge singer-songwriter and Convent Station has plenty of potential! - Laura T. Lynch,

"Joe Colledge Makes Local Noise"

“I just like to think of it as fun, upbeat music that grabs people’s attention and forces them to instantly love the hooks and sing along,” says Joe Colledge, describing the music on his new CD, Table For One. “I guess the official style of music we play is AAA/Pop-Rock, with a little Tom Petty-style Americana thrown in.” One of Joe’s biggest supporters is a well known New York radio personality.“I was introduced to Jim Monaghan by an indie Podcast promoter named Joe Strelec, who knows Jim pretty well,” Joe explains.“I met Jim at a show earlier this year, gave him a copy of my new CD and asked him to give it a listen. Before I knew it, he was playing my first single from the record called ‘Deep Into You’ pretty regularly on his morning show, which I truly appreciate. Since then, we have kept in touch and are currently planning to work together on a big charity concert at Morristown Community Theatre later in the year. Jim’s a great guy, has a great radio show and is very supportive of independent artists.” Joe’s backing band consists of Jimmy Mac on lead guitar, Ted Winsch on bass, Jon Wohlgemuth on keyboards and drummer Jeff Pizzi.“Ted and I played together in the former Joe Colledge Band, which was mostly a cover band with a few originals thrown in, but we’ve since become an all-original act,” he relates. “Prior to that, Ted played for a band called Montecore. Jeff still plays in a U2 tribute band on the side called U2 Nation, and Jimmy Mac was lead guitarist and lead singer for some bands in Michigan before he made the move back to Jersey. Jon has a broad piano background, but this is his first band and he has turned out to be an incredible addition. Jimmy and Jon also serve as backup harmony vocalists. It’s really worked out great; all of us get along really well, we all click, and share similar goals for where we want to take this project.” Joe and the group have been performing extensively around the area, from Jersey shore haunts such as Jenkinson’s in Point Pleasant to northern Jersey clubs such as Jigg’s Corner, the Rattlesnake Ranch Café and the Side Bar, and into Rockland County, at Olive’s in Nyack. “Now that we only play originals, the venues are a little different,” says Joe. “And we now have shows scheduled at Cafe Arabica in Morristown, The Whiskey Bar and Maxwell’s in Hoboken, as well as being a featured artist at this year’s Meanyfest Music Festival in New York City.” Writing, recording and performing can keep someone busy enough, but it‘s especially hectic for Joe when you consider he balances his burgeoning musical career with his day job as a high-powered financial advisor.“It’s not easy,” he laughs. “But I just timeblock like any good business person would. In a way, working on Wall Street has helped me become a better businessman as a musician, a trait that many artists lack. I’m also a fitness fanatic, so I basically do it like this: I get up super-early to work out, go to my day job as a financial advisor, come home and hang out with my wife and kids, then head down to my home studio later at night to work on my music stuff. Needless to say, I’m usually pretty exhausted, but staying in shape helps me keep it up. Music started as a hobby for me but has definitely become a second career. But I don’t look at the music process as work.To me, it’s therapy from my day job, or from the everyday BS in life.” For the immediate future, Joe just hopes to keep putting out music that will touch people in some way. “My musical goals are to continue to write, record and perform for as long as I can, and for as long as my music continues to inspire people,” he says. “I don’t want to be on the senior citizens tour one day, but I have several more years in me of being a musician. I still have a lot of song ideas, and many other good things are happening right now in the form of FM and Satellite airplay, several publishing deals and a series of shows scheduled at some great venues. So for now, I’ll just continue to write the best songs I can and spread the word about my music. I’ve hooked up with an attorney, Terry Camp at Budd Larner, who has offered his support and is sharing his music business guidance and connections.” - Hal Selzer, The Aquarian

""Table For One" CD Review"

Joe Colledge’s engaging adult rock collection “Table For One” will keep listeners groovin’ from start to finish! Great vocals define the beauty of “Table For One” – Joe’s cool, smooth tone rings with heavy appeal! “Lost Again” flaunts some great instrumentation, incorporating the graceful sounds of harmonica leads and organ backdrops. Musical hooks seem to be Joe’s specialty – every song is laden with fresh hooks, making these tunes unforgettable. The heart-felt love ballad “Deep Into You” ventures into Joe’s serene acoustic side. “Loosing Faith” demonstrates Joe’s passionate vocals and his comfort with wearing his heart on his sleeve. Moreover, the lyrics of every song on this CD are sincere and skillfully written with poetic fervor, covering life experiences that we all can relate to. Finished with brilliant production defined by great quality, “Table For One” is one CD that music lovers should not do without! Fans of Tom Petty and Counting Crows, quickly find your seat at this “Table For One” – You don’t want to miss out on this audio adventure!
-Xavier P. (for - Xavier P., Radio Indy

"CD Review"

Joe Colledge goes back to school for his sophomore effort and graduates to a higher level of musicianship on his 2007 release, Table For One. The opener "Best You Ever Hard" is one of JC's best tracks yet incorporating some of that horn-filled Jersey shore vibe into the mix coupled with an anthemic and determined vocal delivery. "Burden" is the fourth song and it's message gets a little weighty with its heavy harmonies. "Vacancy Sign" is a welcoming rocker that finds Colledge channeling a Jaggeresque vibe with a memorable and accessible guitar lead and keyboard coda. "Playin' Around" is a song about harmony in the home, or the lack thereof, featuring some honorable harmonica. Table For One is a full-course education on the ups and downs of life seen through the eyes of J.C. Get a yourself degree in indie rock by enrolling in Joe Colledge today - he's got room at the table for you! - Richard Lynch,

"Junior's Cave Review"

Joe Colledge is a AAA/Singer-Songwriter from Morristown, NJ. His music combines a current pop/rock feel with a taste of Americana in the same vein as Tom Petty, Counting Crows, and Train.

I recently received the CD from recording artist Joe Colledge entitled Table For One. As I was eagerly opening the CD and putting the disc into my player, I quickly glanced over the various tracks on the CD. Joe Colledge, who is an AAA/Singer-Songwriter from Morristown, NJ, really has that “It” factor that music critics like Simon from American Idol is always shouting. His style definitely has a mass appeal as he uses a nice blend of pop/rock in his style.

I don’t think that I can really compare him to any others because he commands his own respect when it comes to making music but one can say that we can hear his influences from such great iconic giants like Tom Petty, the Counting Crows, Collective Soul, John Mellencamp, and one of my all time favorites group, Matchbox 20 can be heard in his music.

Now, when it comes to Table For One. It is a smart well written fun Album that really showcases Joe’s musical abilities especially when it comes to his songwriting, vocals, and guitar playing skills. He really knows how to use his voice to really bring us to where he is at with his songs. One almost feels like she or her is going through the journey with Joe. One of my favorite tracks from the CD entitled Deep Into You makes you really feel what Joe is trying to convey with his music. This is a solid album and one that I would recommend to anyone. I give this album a solid A. - Isaac Davis, Jr., Junior's Cave Online Music Magazine

"Joe Colledge Is Old School"

It’s kind of hard to believe but mainstream rock and rollers haven’t been mainstream for quite some time – at least, not in New Jersey. The last few artists to break from the state are closer to eclectic than classic rock, something that represents the change on the radio dial as well. And in a state where cover bands still dominate the landscape, it’s hard for artists like Joe Colledge to play the kind of rock and roll they grew up with, but that’s not stopping him from trying.

Joe Colledge is a Philadelphia native who currently lives in Morristown, New Jersey. He was recently named New Jersey’s “Best Male Vocalist” by readers of the Daily Record. Joe has been steadily playing in some of the best original clubs in the area and hopes to expand throughout the region as he tours in support of his second CD, Table For One.

His record has been getting lots of airplay on Internet radio stations and podcasts across the world. Ironically, the airplay largely started when a guy named Jersey Joe read about Colledge in the Daily Record and suggested he make his music available on the Podsafe Music Network. Colledge did and the next thing he knew he was becoming one of the most heavily played artists on the network. Even Adam Curry (formerly of MTV) who pretty much founded podcasting has played Colledge’s music on his show. In addition, Jim Monaghan of WDHA has played Colledge on his “All Mixed Up Radio” Show. Colledge says that it doesn’t seem too many New Jersey stations will play local artists other than some of the college and NPR based stations. Still, he’s hopeful that his type of music may be returning to the airwaves.

“Classic rock is coming back”, says Joe Colledge. “When I write I don’t try to pigeonhole myself into any one format. It’s just whatever comes out and however I hear it in my head. That’s how I produce and record it.

The end result are songs that have the same timeless feel as those Colledge grew up listening to on rock and roll stations like WNEW, WMMR, and WDHA. The songs are reminiscent of bands like the Counting Crows and Gin Blossoms with loose, fun, summer-inspired rock and roll.

Table For One is Colledge’s second release but his first (Convent Station) was just a recording of demos done on an 8-track with Joe playing all of the instruments. For his latest CD, Colledge brought in top session players, engineers and mixers to create a truly radio-friendly release.

The record was released over the summer on the indie label OMS Records. The CD is currently available on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes, as well as most other digital distributors through Big Fish Media, LLC.

Since Morristown isn’t a location with many original venues, Colledge is largely looking at concentrating his live performances on three main areas – Hoboken, Asbury Park, and the Village. He’s got shows coming up at Maxwell’s and The Whiskey Bar in Hoboken and a date set in December for The Bitter End. He recently performed at M.E.A.N.Y. Fest 2007 in New York City and is hoping to do more festivals in the future as well.

“I love to write and record and hear a finished product of what just started off as an idea in my head”, he said. “Then getting out there and performing for people and seeing the reaction and having people respond to the music. That’s what makes it all worthwhile for me.”
- Gary Wien, Upstage Magazine

"North Jersey Notes"

Once again, I was rummaging through those emails that I never got to read because I was never able to access my Aquarian email account, and I came across a guy named Joe Colledge, who is a singer/songwriter. Well, Joe emailed me to ask me to check out his solo project since he, too, was from North Jersey. Well, Morristown to be exact. So, I scrolled over to and to my surprise, Joe is a really good songwriter and an excellent singer. He has a really poppy voice that you can almost hear on commercials for vacation spots, as crazy as that sounds. Anyway, I got to hear the CD's title track, "Table For One", "King Of Ecstasy", and an excellent cover of "American Girl" from one of Joe's influences, Tom Petty. I was highly impressed with this Joe Colledge guy!

Joe Colledge finalized his solo band's lineup in early 2007, which consists of lead guitarist Jimmy Mac, keyboardist Jon Wohlgemuth, bassist Angus Miller, and drummer Jeff Pizzi. It wasn't until last June when Colledge released his debut CD entitled "Table For One" on indie label OMS Records. He was recently named New Jersey's "Best Male Vocalist" in some Daily Record poll, and his music has been garnering much attention through Radio and Podcast airplay. Joe's songs also seem to be in high demand when it comes to the TV networks as Fox and Warner Brothers, both of whom have knocked on Joe's door for Film and TV placement.

Joe Colledge's CD, "Table For One", is available on, CD Baby, and iTunes. Joe and his boys have been busy playing the New York Metro area in support of the CD and will continue to do so through much of 2008. If you want to hear what Joe Colledge sounds like or want to see where he's playing next, then log onto or go to his MySpace page, - Tim Louie, The Aquarian

"The Barfly"

If you've ever heard of Morristown resident singer-songwriter Joe Colledge it may be because he was recently voted Jersey’s “Best Male Vocalist” by Daily Record readers. Maybe it’s that you heard his stuff on WDHA which has been one of Joe’s big supporters or online since he is one of the most played Podsafe Music Network artists in the world. Regardless, you can check him out online at or To see his soulful music live you need only go down to Morristown’s own Dublin Pub next Friday, February 22nd at 9pm. This show will feature Joe with a full band backing him up, something the venue rarely does. Joe is also a Merrill Lynch executive so you know his music comes from a
very real place. He has to get up for work like the rest of us stiffs! Mr. Colledge’s second album “Table For
One” as released in June of 2007 and he’s been busy performing
material from it at places like The Bitter End, Dexter’s, Maxwell’s, and The Saint in Asbury Park over
the last few months. If you like his MySpace stuff and want to show him some love you can buy the new CD at The Dublin Pub is located at 4 Pine Steet - Alan Tecchio, Steppin' Out Magazine

"No Average Joe"

Sometimes inspiration gets fueled by tragedy.

That scenario could apply to Joe Colledge, a local rocker who is working on his third album while juggling a career in the investment industry and the responsibilities of being a husband and father.

The singer-songwriter began playing music at the age of 10 and continued on and off into adulthood.

"In high school, I was in hard-rock, heavy-metal hair bands," he said. "But then when I got to college, I started getting interested in mellower, acoustic-type music and that's when I really started to write some songs. After I got out of college and I started work, I kind of got away from that."

For Colledge, the tragic events of 9/11 rekindled his interest in songwriting.

"If you recall the day, it was a totally, perfectly clear blue sky," he said. "I was driving in on (Route) 24 to work. I had a clear view of the sky and I saw the tower, I guess both towers, up in flames by the time I got in.

"When I got in to work, I watched the whole thing unfolding on TV and it just kind of blew my mind, just knowing all the people I know in the city, and friends and relatives that work in the city," he added. "It turns out I did lose many friends that day."

Reflecting on the events of that dark day when terrorists struck our nation and killed thousands of people, Colledge was inspired to write "American Song," a touching tribute to our ability to bounce back after the tragedy. In 2005, he released that song and several others on a demo album titled, "Convent Station," after the title track, a tale of loss and hope set at the Morris County train station of the same name.

Since then, Colledge's catchy tunes and upbeat instrumentation have been getting him and his band noticed in the Morristown area and beyond. Most of the numbers they play are pop-rock originals penned by Colledge, with some covers thrown in. The hooky melodies and Colledge's smooth, strong vocals create memorable tunes that stick with the listener long after the last chord sounds.

Colledge released his second album and first true LP in June 2007. Dubbed "Table for One," it was produced by Anthony Vitale at The Original Music School studio in Cedar Knolls.

Both of his CDs have garnered awards from the online music magazine, Each year, site users vote for CD of the year, and in 2007 "Table for One" placed fifth out of 150 titles in the competition.

Colledge has already laid down the first track for his third album, scheduled for release in the spring of 2009. It's a remastering of "American Song," which he has renamed "American Dream."

Although Colledge hails from Philadelphia, he moved to Morristown in 1993 to take a position as an investment advisor for Merrill Lynch, and continued to live there until he moved to Denville a few years ago.

He says it's "kind of strange" to be juggling so many jobs at one time, but he is enjoying the ride. "An investment advisor by day, a musician by night," he said. "Not very typical, but it's fun."

Oddly enough, two of Colledge's band mates share the same unique dual careers. Bass player Angus Miller and keyboard player Jon Wohlgemuth both work with Colledge at Merrill Lynch. Drummer Jeff Pizzi and lead guitar player Jimmy Mac were recruited through advertisements on the internet.

Pragmatic about the difficulties of succeeding in the music industry, Colledge is not planning to quit his day job. "But what's good about music today is that independent artists really have a good opportunity to get the word out, whereas in the past the music industry was so controlled by the major labels."

He notes the large number of outlets for musicians today, such as iTunes,, and CD Baby, in addition to personal websites of musicians.

Jim Monaghan of WDHA-FM has been airing Colledge's music and the artist has lined up some publishers who are actively working to place his tracks in film and TV. "I think I'm relatively close for a couple of different projects," he noted.

Colledge's active life leaves him little time for hobbies, but he does maintain an interest in fitness and staying in shape.

"I don't sleep a lot," he admits. "Usually I'm up by 5:30 working out at home and I go to work, come home, and take care of the (two) kids, get them to bed and hang out with my wife for a little bit. Then I usually go down to my studio and write or record."

Local fans and newcomers will have two opportunities to get a taste of Colledge's music. He and his band will be playing at the Relay for Life Cancer Benefit at the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center at Rutgers University at 10 p.m. on April 11. They will also be returning to the Dublin Pub in Morristown on Friday, May 16, at 9 p.m. - Lori Falco, Morristown Green Magazine


Convent Station (Demo), 2005, Swamp Dog Records
Table For One, 2007, OMS Records
Out of the Blue, 2009, OMS Records



In an area with more cover bands per square foot than perhaps anywhere else in America, Morristown, New Jersey’s Joe Colledge has rapidly become one of the most popular original artists in the New York Metro music scene. The secret to his success is a high-octane show and a winning set list, which features inspiring original material penned by the talented singer-songwriter.

A native of Philadelphia, Colledge began his musical career at a young age, studying guitar and developing his songwriting skills as a teenager. After fronting many bands and experimenting with different genres of music over the years, it was the events of September 11th that truly inspired him to put pen to paper in an attempt to express the tangle of emotions that resulted from having witnessed the horrific scene that day. Colledge began to compile a stack of songs and returned to performing a regular schedule of solo acoustic gigs. He eventually recorded a self-produced demo album of original material called Convent Station, where he tapped into his personal experiences with life, love, loss, and hope. The album was released on Swamp Dog Records in 2005.

The time had now come for Joe Colledge to take his musical aspirations to the next level. Upon meeting producer Anthony Vitale (Glen Phillips, Marshall Crenshaw), he was signed shortly thereafter to Vitale’s new indie label OMS Records where he went to work recording his debut LP, Table For One. Released in June of 2007, the album received critical acclaim in the indie music community and put Colledge on the map as a serious pop-rock singer-songwriter eager to make a name for himself in a very crowded industry.

After the release of Table For One, the momentum continued to grow for Colledge. He was named “Best Male Vocalist” in New Jersey according to a music fan poll and earned several “Best CD of 2007” awards from various indie music reviews. He also has received significant FM/Satellite and Podcast airplay, as well as a series of publishing deals for Film & TV placement of his music. After cementing his band lineup, he hit the road to promote the album performing in such legendary venues as The Bitter End, Maxwell’s, and The Saint, where his melodic tunes have drawn a great response from new and existing fans alike.

Now fast forward to Summer 2009, where Joe Colledge released his eagerly-awaited follow-up album entitled Out of the Blue. With a rootsy sound reminiscent of Tom Petty, Counting Crows, and Gin Blossoms, the album features catchy songs like the rock-driven “Waiting For Love”, the autobiographical tale “Story of My Life”, title track “Out of the Blue”, and a pleasingly rare cover of Three Dog Night’s “Shambala”. The album was produced by Colledge and Vitale with OMS Records and is available on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and most other digital distributors. The singer-songwriter decided to get back to his acoustic roots and promote the CD in a series of shows accompanied solely by keyboardist and backup/harmony singer, Jon Wohlgemuth.

Indeed, as Colledge pleases crowds with his hooky songs and a few covers of rock mainstays, his original sound and direction continue to develop. Says Colledge, “I just want to write and produce great music that will touch as many people as possible – that is what drives me. I’ll just continue to write and perform and see how far I can take things. It’s been a great ride so far.”

Joe Colledge is proud to carry on the Garden State’s great tradition of rock and roll, and who knows – his name might someday appear alongside Springsteen and Bon Jovi in the Jersey Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.