Joe Condiracci

Joe Condiracci


Soulful, aggressive, spirited, acoustic Pop/Rock from an insightful observer.


Joe Condiracci


Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Joe Condiracci has been performing in the NY/NJ music scene for a few years now. A life-long Jersey boy, Joe is originally from Sayreville, later moving to New Brunswick before arriving at his current home base of Hoboken, NJ.

Joe's songs range in tone from the haunting introspection of "Angel", to the chiming pure pop of "Touch," with a healthy dose of the grey area that falls in between. Dealing primarily with the dangerous terrain of interpersonal relationships, Joe investigates, scours, tests, and illustrates the multifaceted experiences associated with that crazy little thing called love...both the rush, and the seemingly inevitable downside.

Spirit - a spiritual gnosis or knowledge - also rings consistently throughout Joe's work. His powerful voice and superior range bring alive an emotional landscape, where a solid sense of one's Spirit is the only truly reliable compass. Influenced by the likes of Pete Townshend, Jeff Buckley, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cave, Mike Scott, REM, Jay Farrar, Wilco and Van Morrison, many of Joe’s songs fit in with this varied but unified tradition of truth through song.

Love is key… it is salvation, and it is as old or as new as Cole Porter, Nick Cave or Hiledegaard Von Bingen. And songs such as Joe's “There Will Be Love” illustrate that belief clearly.

In the spring of 2002, Joe's work came to the attention of legendary producer Tom Dowd, with whom Joe began a recording project. Sadly, Tom quickly fell too ill to complete it, and passed away a few months later. It was, however, a life-changing experience for Joe, who admits that, "it's not every day you get that kind of validation." Tom’s nod gave Joe a renewed sense of purpose which he carries with him to this day. A heartfelt thank you goes to Tom Dowd with every sounded note.

An articulate observer, an insightful analyst, a slamming singer, a spiritual the end of the day it is Joe's emotional honesty that seals the deal, whichever end of reality's spectrum he happens to be exploring.


There Will Be Love

Written By: Joe Condiracci

When your hope has gone,
Peace denied you for too long,
And everything is going wrong,
Know there will be Love.

Through the trying time,
Feeling frozen and half alive,
You've got something else inside,
Yeah there will be Love.

There will be Love, Love,
There will be Love,
There will be Love, Love ,Love,
Yeah, there will be Love.

When you start to fade,
Weary, feeling the whole world's weight, and its hard to find the faith, Know there will be love.

When your light has died,
Fear hangs heavy like a fog outside,
In the terror's fatal tide,
Yeah there will be Love.

Let Love keep you strong.
In the singing of the song.

Let the kingdom come,
soul through soul, rising like a sun,
In the presence of the One,
Yeah, there will be Love.


You're My Morning

Written By: Joe Condiracci

1. Lover, you are messing with my senses.
I'm covered in everthing your soul is sending...waking up.


Breaks through the
Dark night,
Bringing everything to life,
You're my morning, my
Soul shakes,
From a bad dream awake,
To a certain state of grace,
You're my morning.

2. So lost,
In a mist of listless vision.
I was storm tossed,
'Til your beacon brought this ship in,
Waking up,



Darkest desperate moments shatter when you shine like a sun.

Chorus 2x


"Angel" single released to radio under the band name "2", "Perfect World" EP available at

Set List

You're my Morning, Holding On, Perfect World, Breakdown, Angel, "Til You Send, Until It's Alright, There Will Be Love, The Day Got Away From Me, In The Prescence

Covers: "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone," (Bill Withers) "Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?" (Nick Cave)