Joe Craze

Joe Craze

 New York City, New York, USA
SoloHip HopR&B


Joe Craze , 23 year old African/Puerto Rican American native of the world's capital "New York City" , is a talented inspiring artist/percussionist influenced by NYC's musical origin. From banging on pans as an infant to performing on sets as a toddler playing the drums. From playing in Concert bands , Jazz bands and even Marching bands to producing beats for local artist around his bronx neighborhood. Reciting performances over a friend's house by artist such as Big L, Lil Wayne, Andre 300, Big Pun, 50 Cent, Dipset, Ludacris, Jadakiss & Jay-Z for meer entertainment. Starting his first "dorm-made studio" while attending Pace University producing for the "GPF" music group. From freestyling at a colleague's frat house party all night long to drawing big crowds downtown freestyling for hours in the streets. From being blessed enough to be the son of one of the greatest Head of Stage Technicians ever at the World Famous Apollo Theater to actually becoming an inspiring stage technician himself.

Often compared to none, Craze has managed to begin developing his own style/genre of music. A form of art , exhibited by stories told to help please the human mind. Stories spoken by a voice uniquely positioned in the listener's ear drum. With the assistance of the talented Engineer/Producer, Travis "ViKO" Blake , Joe Craze has embodied a new genre of sound soon to become the world's next musical muse.

Every story Craze speaks on is a life experience he chooses to share with his listeners. Some good and some bad. All music. It's not rap, it's art. It's not negative, it's triumphant. Rhythmic train rides letting you in to his abandoned subway station. Get to know Craze !