Joe Dabron

Joe Dabron


Joe mixes virtuosic, imaginative guitar playing with profound, honest and rootsy songs that somehow seem to belong in a Kerouac novel. His voice is alternately dark and mellifluous. He possesses a chamaeleonic range of styles that shimmers from one song to the next. Definitely not one to miss!


Joe Dabron is a guitarist, singer and songwriter whose performances have wowed anyone lucky enough to have seen him play. Since he starting playing at the age of seven, his music has taken an incredible journey through a broad range of musical styles, from ten years of classical piano, psychedelic Floyd-influenced bands, Hendrix and Cream-style power trios, through to small acoustic blues outfits and ten-piece cabaret style acts. His latest solo writing and performing brings together these influences into a unique and flexible style, alternating from introspective works in the mood of Jeff Buckley or Leonard Cohen, through the melodic appeal of a Cat Stevens, to just plain old rocking out like his favourites The Tea Party or Soundgarden. Thanks in part to his warm rich voice, people have compared his sound to Johnny Cash, Nick Cave or The Doors. An evening listening to Joe will leave you a fan and is definitely something not to be missed.



Written By: Joe Dabron


Music and Lyrics Copyright Joe Dabron 2011

You are, you are, all the right things
Just who you want to be
It’s not soon, not soon, not so soon
But now that we both stand
This time to me is drifting through
This heart, oh yeah

Pleasure, pleasure
You got it now in spades
I want to be with you in my right mind
The light brought by the dark
I hold your hand, we slowly come
To see ourselves


The night is full of those who wish us harm
So scared of who we be
But they are there for us to know
They’re there so we can see
With our love, we lift the fright
The night,
So full of stars!


Set List

Hope And Pray We Connect
How We Oughtta
Love Is Your Religion
Not Running From
Pride And The Sun
Say To The Wind
Searching Your Coloured Spine
The Big Draw
The Picture
The Right Time
The Two Are One
The Wishing Well
Water To Wine