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2 Girls 1 Cup (Red Solo Cup Parody)
Back To Goodell
I Saw Your Face On Facebook
Cover Of the Field & Stream



Musician, songwriter, musical comedian Joe Denim is Rodney Carrington meets Eric Church & Kenny Chesney (only taller). He was co-writer on the song “Pray For You” by Jaron & The Long Road To Love that shot up the charts with a grass roots marketing plan that Joe was a part of. He knows the music industry, understands marketing and can put a song together for any demo. Crowds flock to see him play.

Joe Denim was born somewhere in downtown Indiana during the mid-70’s. He was homeschooled so this makes it almost impossible to cross reference school documents with medical records to determine his true age. What we do know, is that Joe has allergic reactions to Advil, Pine Nuts, and reality TV. The son of a baptist preacher, Joe has picked up some mixed visions on how things should socially be which sometimes expands into the everyday parameters of normal life.

Joe developed a passion for music after his grandmother taught him to whistle Dixie at age 3. After many failed attempts at trying to play the harmonica as a child, Joe’s future of having a career in music looked bleak. But, Joe wasn’t a quitter; he’d pick up anything with strings, sticks or keys and tried to make music with them. When he was 9, he recorded his first song. He performed a version of Jingle Bells using a set of car keys, a broomstick and a can of silly string.

Joe left his parent’s nest as a teenager and went to work for his stepbrother’s mobile home repossession business. He was let go a year later after mistakenly repossessing the mayor’s home. He had simply read the address incorrectly.

Joe hitchhiked to Nashville in 2003, following the loss of a poker game that wiped out his entire life savings. Living in Nashville for a few years, crashing on couches, and parking cars downtown, Joe realized he had a knack for telling stories and writing songs. After jotting down a few uncaring thoughts about an ex-girlfriend on a barroom napkin one night, things started to turn around for the hapless nomad. Joe shared his pent up anger and hurt with a friend during a songwriting session one Sunday morning, which resulted in a smash country song called, “Pray For You”, selling more than 2 million copies for Joe and his co-writer.

Through his travels he was introduced to Rodney Carrington over drinks one night with women named after high-end vehicles and the two became fast friends. In the meantime, Joe found his niche in songs and video creations such as, The Red Solo Cup Parody, “2 Girls 1 Cup,”, “Go Straight To Goodell” and “I Saw Your Face On Facebook”. Then he met Producer Toby Wright who agreed to produce his latest single “Cover of the Field & Stream” but knew there was something missing. Joe sent the song to his friend Rodney Carrington. After much alcohol was consumed the two decided they could conquer world hunger, save the planet, and balance the deficit with the song. An intern, after hearing the song began creating a video for it which caused the single to go viral before they could get it to radio. The official video for “Cover of the Field & Stream” will be available in the spring of 2013. The official release of the single, available for purchasing at, is February 18, 2013. The impact date hits on February 26th, 2013.

Now after the struggle of getting here… Joe and his crew look forward to bad catering, hangovers and cheap hotels in his rigorous touring schedule in the upcoming months.