Joe DeVita and the Main Ingredients
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Joe DeVita and the Main Ingredients

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"Tasteful, elegant, funky as hell and beautifully orchestrated."

This music is both familiar and fresh - it's a soundtrack that's been playing in the background of your life but you somehow never heard it before.
It's tasteful, elegant, funky as hell and beautifully orchestrated in a seemingly effortless way.
While direct comparisons to other artists wouldn't do justice to the originality of Joe's work, parallels are triggered like a familiar scent brings back memories from childhood. - CD Baby

"Joe DeVita's music"

Have a couple minutes? Check out Joe DeVita's music clips. We listened to, and enjoyed, 'Madman', 'Horror Movie Soundtrack', and 'Mixtape Confessions'. - babble and beat magazine


A Study




With the release of his experimental debut, A Study in 2005 as well as a instrumental flip of Radioheads "Idioteque", Joe DeVita introduced the underground world to an important new voice. Previously the multi-instrumentalist/composer had recorded and performed with some of New York's finest musicians like Jaribu Shahid, Paul Joseph, Sonia Rodriguez, Cathy Elliott, Donnie Celenza, Crispy Chicken, and cutting edge experimenters like Kevin Grey. Through word of mouth and constant work, DeVita, found his music reaching the ears of eager listeners all over the world. Though astounded by the overwhelming response and support for fans internationally, Joe's primary mission is still to push his music even further and to continue to challenge his audience.

On A Study, which was self produced, DeVita reveals himself as an artist with a sound all his own. Thus, the title: "I decided to call the album A Study because I was going through a heavy period of self-analysis. I actually never had much of an intention to release the album because I felt it was more for myself. But after a while I said screw it, the world isn't going to knock on my door and ask if I have new music for them. I realized I needed to share this with people " DeVita says.

"The new album "Reflect" is a much more focused continuation of Joe's analysis of his life experiences. "I think I go through a mid-life crisis about a few months and ask myself what the hell am I doing? I'm 27 years old and I've spent many of those years moving from place to place and having to deal with my life as a constant flux. I don't know if this is a universal feeling but it always seemed when I would try to grasp the wheel of life, something would come out of the blue and force me to adjust around it. Music and the arts are the only place that I feel I have total control. For me this album is much more cohesive and universally palatable, even though it is all instrumental. The melodies are real strong, and the grooves are infectious. After a certain point, I usually hate my creations because I wind up getting into something else. I have to say that I am really surprised because I can go back to this album much later and still find it enjoyable."

One way in which DeVita asserted his developing maturity was through his songwriting. Although he wrote and performed all of the songs on A Study, all of the music on the debut was created off the cuff with no specific melodies or song forms. On Reflect the overall sound is much more organized and much more conducive to a pleasurable listening experience.

Joe DeVita is now peforming with his group the Main Ingredients. The Main Ingredients feature Devita as guitarist and music director. The band also features Saki Aihara( tenor sax) Jesse Blum (trumpet) Janet Rogers (bass) Nick Herman (percussion) Adam Coopersmith (drums) along with special guest vocalists.

Venues Performed

Musicians Institute
Griffith Observatory
Coconut Teaser
B.B Kings
The Downtown
New School University
Molloy College
Long Beach Library
Bellmore Library
Wantagh Library
Elmont Library
South Shore Pub
Vegas Sports Cafe
The Cup
Laura's BBQ
Lefty's Candlelight
Kennys Castaways
The Alphabet Lounge
The Underscore
Coconut Cafe
169 Bar
Backstreet Blues
60 Below

Joe's music has been featured in:

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Joe is currently one of the top New York Ambient artists on the myspace music charts.