Joe Dooling

Joe Dooling


JD performs solo acoustic with face-melting vocal and guitar loop samples and original versions of cover songs that will make you question the true author. The passion of a solo singer, the energy of DMB and the hair of Johnny Depp, JD is beyond a soloist but much easier to host than a band.


Joe was born just outside of Boston Mass, in a house that always had music playing. He was influenced by the music of his parents and started going to concerts at a young age. Taking time to play drums and piano, writing came later on. He didn’t pick up the guitar until the age of 18 and never thought of it as a career until college. “That’s when I realized that every school I had been to made me wonder if working 9-5 was really the life for me,” he says. After a couple years of playing open mics, small gigs and at parties, he realized that taking it further was next on the list.

“I like to think people like my music because it's honest. I’ve heard it described as smooth and relaxed vocals and emotional lyrics over strong chords. But I think more importantly, I would describe my music as my life. I write music to make people feel the way that I do, to
share what I'm going through. Some songs have always made me feel a certain way, only music can do that. My dream is to write songs that touch people in a way that nothing else can, to write a song that someone listens to every night before they go to sleep.”

“I love playing at shows and seeing people singing my lyrics. I write anything and everything that is on my mind. I try to capture a specific feeling with each song that someone will be able to relate to, the type of feeling you could get from a relationship, a broken heart or even a sunrise.”

“David Gray is one of my favorite artists ever; I think his lyrics are phenomenal. Howie Day has been very influential in terms of my live performance specifically in the way he holds nothing back. Dashboard Confessional has also been huge in influencing my lyrics. Their lyrics cover all sides of make-ups to break-ups better than anyone else.”


So Make Believe

Written By: Joe Dooling

She comes by at eight in the morning
With a little piece of paper just waking me up
She says how’ve you been I haven’t seen you
I’m trying to tell a story so stop making it up
She came by to say that she needs me
But I’m already gone
She came by to say that she loves me
But I’m already gone

So make believe you’re what you wanted to be
You’re so make believe, stop pretending in me
So make believe you’re what you wanted to see

I came by at ten in the morning
with a little piece of paper I can say what I want
He looks up from bed and she rolls over
No need to get excited I just came here to talk

I came by to say that I need you
But you’re already gone
I came by to say that I love you
But you’re already gone

We came by at ten in the evening
Haven’t seen you for a while just to see how you’ve been
I found out that I can’t believe it
You’re out with someone else now I’m missing you again

we came by to say that we need you
But you’re already gone
we came by to say that we miss you
But you’re already gone

Our Time Will Come

Written By: Joe Dooling

don’t roll your eyes dear
When the world deals you a bad hand
You can never let them see you crying
You know, our time will come

I was never good at taking advice
Especially when I know that you’re right
And the rain is gonna pour down tonight
I think it’s gonna be a cold one tonight

And I never found the right way to say
All the things I wanna tell you today
Oh but I wouldn’t have it any other way
So far away

I was never good at giving advice
Especially when I have to tell you twice
Yea you should probably just go do what you like

Waiting for an Earthquake

Written By: Joe Dooling

How are you alive when you’re barely even shaking
Then none of this is real and all of you are faking
I can say it’s true that I know this whole world’s fake
50 billion people just waiting for an earthquake

one thing about life that always kinda bothered me
you could die tomorrow and I could win the lottery
but if I die tomorrow and all my dreams are gone
if my dreams don’t make it I know my words live on

waiting for
a time when I can breathe out on my own
and finally find some place alone
Outside these city lights I roam
To a place that no one knows
Down by the beach outside the town
I’ll watch this wretched rock spin round
Swim out to sea and turnaround
And watch this goddamn city drown

And if there is a god he owes me some explaining
The better ones are dying the rich ones still complaining
One thing about dying that always seemed sad to me
I will not die alone another nameless tragedy

And if there’s just one thing
That’s more real than the skies
That I’ve seen in my life
Then I saw it in your eyes

If I could run I’d run away
If I could quit I’d quit today
If I could cry I’d cry your name
If I could feel I’d feel betrayed
If I could fight I’d fight for good
If I could lead I probably would
If I could fix myself for your sake
I’ll be waiting for an earthquake


Waiting for an Earthquake EP

Set List

Any of the 12 songs on the studio album are in the standard setlist rotation including live loop sampling versions of So Make Believe, Under the Milky Way, Summer Days and The Science.

COVERS include unique versions of songs by Oasis, Guster, John Mayer, DMB, Howie Day, Jason Mraz, Counting Crows, DeathCab for Cutie, Duncan Sheik, Dispatch, Pearl Jam, Seal and many more.

Every show includes unbeliveable audience favorites that range from Ice Ice Baby to Wind Cries Mary to Lisa Loeb, WHAAAAT?!?!