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Joe Driscoll

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One man band, live looping - like a funky, hip-hop Keller Williams. Utilizing live beatbox, multiple instruments, and alot of soul. The act is no gimmick though, as Joe's strength is truly the songwriting. Simply one of the most exciting live acts on the circuit. 'As real as it gets'-Revolving Door


Creating waves on both sides of the Atlantic are the transcendental sounds of modern day one man band, Joe Driscoll. His revolutionary take on music is without boundaries. Effortlessly fusing hip-hop, reggae, soul, folk and roots rock to create a completely original and unique sound; an innovator not only for the genre defying music he creates, but for the groundbreaking way in which he performs it. A true renaissance man, Driscoll is a lone figure on stage and in the studio, yet is able to create the complete soundscape of a full band utilizing heavy vocal percussion, an array of instruments, a loop pedal, and a lot of imagination.
On a seemingly never ending world tour, the venues and acts Joe has worked with are as diverse as the sounds he creates. From coffee shops to theatres, bars to festivals, crowds are moved by his poignant lyrics, deep rhythms, personal storytelling and funky grooves. He has shared the stage with acts ranging from Gym Class Heroes to Regina Spektor, Coldcut to The Sugar Hill Gang at hundreds of venues and events in both the US and EUROPE. Recently confirmed for BIG CHILL, BESTIVAL and GLASTONBURY and as the headline LIVE act at LAKE OF STARS FESTIVAL (MALAWI, AFRICA), no matter the locale, from the uninitiated to music royalty, JOE inspires.
With the release of the album ORIGIN MYTHS having gained critical acclaim, Radio One airplay, sell out release shows in NY and London, and receiving an INDY AWARD for BEST SOLO ACT, the appeal of this one man magician/musician is undeniable. The overwhelming response from audiences, critics, and industry insiders makes it clear that the future is now.

' Gangsta got an iron lung!!!!’ Cee Lo (Gnarls Barkley)

‘Joe is the true essence of hip hop music!’ Speech (Arrested Development)

'Rooted in the American folk singer tradition of the travelling song smith a la Bob Dylan, but joining the dots with that most modern of folk forms, hip-hop. He's produced a delicious debut that will guarantee his mythic status for years to come.'
-- DJ Magazine 4.5/5 stars (Album of The Fortnight)

'This is a unique, inspiring take on hip-hop that makes youwant to dig out those old G. Love & Special Sauce albums, or indeed Beck's Mellow Gold... well worth your attention, as this guy is talented.' -- IDJ



Written By: Joe Driscoll

cause i’m a nomad, wandering miles from my home
unknown land, a lone man, i’m travelling alone
i’m singing for my supper, so i try to sing it sweet
cause travelling’s rougher when you got nothing to eat
its empty so far, get my gear out of the car
wait for smokes and folks to start pouring in the bar
rough dudes covered in tatoos and stinking of booze,
lonely bony broads with nothing to lose
and they all wanna test drive me like a car
somewhere in their mind, they think that i’m a star,
but pardon me miss, if i speak a little coldly
but you don’t really know me and i’m feelin real lonely
but hey, you know me, i can’t complain
i’m just out for a laugh and i’m half insane
so come check the lyrical insights i made
and if there’s a miracle, i might get paid

my home is in my heart, my head, and 10,000 houses
i’ve made my bed on 1000’s of couches
i get into my groove and if people don’t approve
i just keep it moving, cause thats just what i do
i change my location, like folks change the station
leave my nation and make some observations,
play music like remedy, get paid in memory,
rock folks steadily with rhythm and melody
they treat me like a king, i sure aint got no throne
they treat me like their kin, but this sure nuff aint my home
i’m on the gypsy tip, from the days of old
and when the stage gets lit, all i’m givin is soul

my life is destinations,
departures and arrivals,
singing my song is my struggle for survival
if you don’t like change,
you might go mad,
but i wouldn’t trade nothing for my life as a nomad

Just Us

Written By: Joe Driscoll

if a tree falls in the woods, and nobodys around
they ask does it make a noise when it hits the ground?
if shots ring out on a desert night, and nobody hears it
does anyone answer for the loss of the spirit?

oh my lord oh my lord

and there aint no one to hear their prayer
there aint no camera filming there
aint no one to hear their
there aint nobody listening

there’s no peace now
because there’s no justice
there’s no peace now
because there’s no justice
there’s just us

tides rising, what you gonna do about it?
get canoe for your crew and forget about it
you are not obliged to turn the cheek
and feel free to change the station when the children weep
i’m gonna be sick man, we’re in such a fix man
i got no hope or rope, and i’m knee deep in quicksand
the richer the rich man, the poorer the poor get
nobody cares until its right on your doorstep
who got the time to wear another mans shoes?
who got the time to hear another mans blues?
but you might wanna help see your brother through,
you might need your brother when they’re coming for you

there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice
there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice
there’s just us

so tell me, how do you recognize your brother?
same mother, same land, or same color?

well, i guess thats the way its got to be
could everbody play on the same team?
is that the way its got to be?
could everybody play on the same team?

united we stand, united how we come
we unite the people to the sound of the drum

there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice
there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice
there’s just us

Origin Myth

Written By: Joe Driscoll

my first memory
is of me two or three
sitting in a corner all alone
my eyes are closed now
my mom cleans the house
my head smaller than my massive headphones
dancing on my own

vinyls been vital, the whole of my life
back in the day, my favorite album was white
we’d be play wrestling til it became a real fight
and everybody sent to their room for the night
funny by me, i went to study emcees
dancin in my room, learning how to be free
this is the origin myth of the kid
it was me john (and the butler twins)
i got three feet high- daily, twice
learned every dance step from vanilla ice
right when he broke, before he was a joke
before i had a toke or got my heart broke
it was all soon to come, to the sound of the drum
all the peeps come and gone, and all i keep is the song
and then i push it along, somewhere i learned how to push it along

just dancing in my room, dancing in my room, dancing in my room
all alone

catholic school white boy, tight black polyesther pants
acting a fool, with a melancholy glance
morning rush, yellow school bus, a couple of us
driver yellin at us, floor covered in mud
the floor was wet, i saw a cassette,
it slid to the back, threw it in the pack
side b said rastaman vibration
i got a better education from that little tape than
all i would recieve from my subsequent education
a ten year old white boy, thinking he’s jamaican
singing ‘chase those crazy baldheads out of town’
i didn’t even know what those words meant back then,
but they stuck with me as i grew to be the man
that i have now become, to the sound of a drum

keep dancing in your room, keep dancing in your room, dancing in your room
all alone

my hands would shake, the walls started to vibrate
a young boy, so incoherent
put him in isolation, four vacant walls staring
turretts, epilepsy, a.d.d.
whatever you say by me,
its just a young soul finding a way to be free
keep your prozac, no dream, get it out my bloodstream
i’m waking up to the vision of one dream
and i don’t really know how my story’s gonna end
but all along the way, yellow red brown black or white,
lets all be friends……

just keep dancing in your room
dancing in your room
dancing in your room
all alone.


Little Beat Big-Live LP Relased 2001-
Life As A Monkey-Live LP Released 2003
Origin Myths- EP- Released 2006- Tracks 'Nomad' and 'Origin Myth' recieved good radioplay in the U.K., and moderate play in France and Ireland.
Local Principles- EP- Released 2007- Single 'Monday, Monday' got rotation on Radio 1 in U.K. and Ireland.

Set List

Typical set is 45-60 minutes, though capable of 3 hours or more in a night. Usually for every 6 originals, 2 or 3 covers- though medleys are frequent, with 2 or 3 covers just being riffed on. Covers are incredibly diverse, with crowd favorites ranging from Ani Difranco to Wu-tang, Hendrix to a Tribe Called Quest.