Joe Flood

Joe Flood


I have been a professional musician for more than thirty years. I have played with mariachis in Mexico, tap dancers in New Orleans, Cubans in Key West, and gypsies in Italy. I have also played or written songs with some legendary performers in folk, rock, country, blues, and jazz. A life like that gives you a lot of stories to tell, and when I play my songs I also tell some stories. Sometimes I tell the story of where the song came from and where it has been. And sometimes I just let the son


Playing a variety of stringed instruments, Joe Flood delivers original material in what Karen Schoemer in the New York Times called "a gravelly voice that perfectly straddles the fence between country and the blues." His songs inhabit a place where folk and blues roots meet the craft of Tin Pan Alley and the soul of the street. They have been covered by artists as diverse as the New Orleans style jazz band The Flying Neutruinos and Alt Country Chanteuse Laura Cantrell. His individual style has made him a favored co-writer of Levon Helm of the legendary group The Band as well as producer/guitarist Eric "Roscoe" Ambel.


Hotel Albert, self-released 1998
Cripplin' Crutch, Diesel Only Records, 2001
New Kind of Blue, Club de Musique, 2005
Joe Flood Sings and Translates Georges Brassens, virtual release, 2012
Mumbo Gumbo, re-release of 1992 recording, 2013
All recordings available for streaming at as well as iTunes, Amazon, etc.