Joe Fournier

Joe Fournier


Raw amplified guitars, Shel Silverstein drug era inspired lyrics, and a rootsy sound that lands itself somewhere in between John Hiatt and Rockpile. A junkyard Bakersfield rant ...not to be missed.


Joe’s musical education came from stealing songs and stories from the many road-worn acts that, week after week, rolled through the local beer joint his family ran in northern Ontario. Every night he'd fall asleep to the sound of country music filtering up through the floorboards and every morning a new Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash or Creedence Clearwater Revival tune would be stuck in his head. It's bound to have an effect on a kid!

  His first appearance was at his parent's hotel, at age 12, filling in for the hired act who was too drunk to play. The people ate it up - plus it paid 25 bucks and all the soda he could handle. Joe was hooked. He soon found himself making good money playing traditional and current (late 70's) country in local bands every weekend and the next 20 years were spent off and on the road. Punk, pop, rockabilly, polka, blues, new country, old country, whatever... Joe played it all. Sometimes it was guitar, sometimes it was bass or drums. He met his first wife while playing the part of Ringo in a Beatles tribute band! All the while Joe was learning about songs. How to write 'em and to record 'em. 

 A move in the early part of 2001 to Nova Scotia was, in many ways, the start of Joe Fournier's current career. After having exhausted his creativity and enthusiasm in Ontario, Joe decided that the east coast was where to recharge. Together with his girlfriend, they bought a little shack by the ocean and proceeded to rebuild it into a living/studio space. The idea was to open a cafe and forget about music for a while. 

 It was while bangin' and sawin' that he started getting ideas for the kind of songs he'd never written before. Songs that drew on his country roots, personal experiences and crazy characters met while gigging and traveling all those years. In no time there was enough material to fill two albums. By January 2002, at age 41, Joe had recorded his first CD and sent it out into the world. In no time flat he was fielding calls from publishers and managers from Sweden to Nashville. 

 Joe received rave reviews for Raw Sugar Shed, released in the summer of 2002, and his follow up Whiskey Stars (2003). He's toured around Canada, England and Sweden to enthusiastic crowds, showcased on three stages at the 2003 East Coast Music Awards and received MIANS nominations for best songwriter, best male vocalist and best country/roots album. Joe has also appeared with the likes of Fred Eaglesmith, Tom Russell, Robbie Fulks and Sarah Harmer ... just to name a few. 

 Joe still plays the first real acoustic his folks bought him in 1972 - a 30+ year old beat up Yamaha with many stories scratched and worn into it's surfaces. You can hear it all over his next CD - Three Chord MacGyver. 


weapons of love destruction

Written By: joe fournier

I took that Norah Jones disc
with a flick of the wrist
I set if off into space
Yeah, she took my new shirt dragged it through the dirt
just to see the look on my face
Then we had a hairy fit, man
and started screaming
things you shouldn't ever say
And the neighbours got mad
and they called the cops
then they hauled our asses away

Those weapons of love destruction
bullets of pain and tears
misguided missiles of accusation
wipin' out the lovin' years
wipin' out the lovin' years

well she's a-sniffin' my laundry
like an old tick hound
tryin' to pick up a scent
yeah I came home last night
just a bit drunk and she's a-wonderin' where I went
Well she ain't exactly
all that innocent
I've got suspicions too
'Cause last wednesday night
in a black dress tight
her prayer meetin' ended at two (that's in the morning)

Country Music's Gone to Hell

Written By: Joe Fournier

Well last night I was hangin' with the missus
I was choppin' wood and she was doin' dishes
After a meal of french fries and fishes
The radio was on for a spell
I dialed left and she dialed right
Country music station but it didn't sound right
Here's what I discovered that night
Country music's gone to hell

Country music's gone to hell in a bucket
Makes ya wanna holler go...
Grab yerself a guitar and sing about it
Sing just as hard as you can yell
Country music's gone to hell

Fashion models singin' 'bout self affirmation
Cloggin' up all country music stations
On radios all across the nation
It goes to show you never can tell
Some of them folks do it for the money
Others like to wear a hat and just look funny
no hurtin' no cheatin' just I love ya honey
And country music's gone to hell

Daddy sang bass, mama sang tenor
Well, what's that synthesizer doin' in there
It's gettin so you can't hear the steel guitars
Country music's gone to hell

mild side of life

Written By: joe fournier

Tonight the devil's come to town
In heels 4 inches off the ground
She's wearin' drug store perfume
Her hair about fills up the room
And now she's standin' next to me
It's too late to break free
I should get in my car and drive
Back to the mild side of life

My dog, my wife, my kids, my home
Why do I leave them alone?
Why can't I be satisfied with all I have
On the mild side of life

We drink tequila and we dance
The band plays Third Rate Romance
Thank God tonight the lights are low
There's some things I don't need to know
Like what her age is or her name
I'm sure she's feelin' the same
Love makin' in this barroom dive
Far from the mild side of life 


Raw Sugar Shed - July 2002
Whiskey Stars - September 2003
Three Chord MacGyver - October 2005

Set List

Sets vary from gig to gig. Typically one concert set for the band and two sets with intermission for house concerts and folk venues.