joe fournier

joe fournier


" Merle Haggard meets Creedence Clearwater Revival ...a slice of true grit. Raw amplified guitars, Shel Silverstein drug-era inspired lyrics …not to be missed. 4 Stars!" - Lonestar Times


Joe’s musical education came from stealing songs and stories from the many road-worn acts that, week after week, rolled through the local beer joint his family ran. Every night he'd fall asleep to the sound of country music filtering up through the floorboards and every morning a new Merle Haggard, Charley Pride or Credence Clearwater Revival tune would be stuck in his head. It's bound to have an effect on a kid. An avid collector of country, roots and rock and roll 45’s, a motorcycle enthusiast, amateur photographer and spicy food freak, Joe's been a tentmaker, soundman, writer, Beatle impersonator, record producer, pizza cook, disc jockey, graphic designer and furniture maker. Now he has the songs to prove it!Joe received rave reviews for Raw Sugar Shed, released in the summer of 2002. The next 12 months were spent touring around Canada, England and Sweden to enthusiastic crowds. He showcased on three stages at the 2003 East Coast Music Awards and received MIANS nominations for best songwriter, best male vocalist and best country/roots album. In London he was invited to perform at the famed Borderline with Sarah Harmer, Josh Ritter and Brian Houston as part of their Americana festival. Joe also appeared in May at Canada's National Arts Centre when they hosted the Atlantic Music Scene festival and shared stages throughout the year with the likes of Fred Eaglesmith, Tom Russell, Robbie Fulks, A3 and to name a few. 

His new CD, Whiskey Stars, covers a wide range of americana, roots rock, raw country and swampy blues using baritone, lap steel and acoustic guitars, gut bucket bass, drum loops and plenty of found noises ...even the occasional dog bark! Once again, the disc was recorded at the infamous Eight Track Shack with Joe playing almost everything himself. If you're a fan of what we like to call music with dirt under it's fingernails, then you ought to order your copy today!


almost got it made

Written By: joe fournier

well now I believe in the bible of Creedence Clearwater Revival
I got a brand new cowboy suit that's made out of suede
all my friend say I should be famous but I remain virtually nameless
I should give it up but I almost got it made

well all of my ex-girlfriends would agree I probably shoulda quit in 1983
lucky I'm stubborn as a country mule (you shoulda gone back to school)

well if they gave out awards for excellence in non-recognition
I'd have to get me a hammer and some nails and build an addition
but if I have to play music like some Nashville jerk I'd rather give it up and go back to work
I outta pack it in but I almost got it made

mild side of life

Written By: joe fournier

tonight the devil's come to town in heels 4 inches off the ground
she's wearin' drug store perfume her hair about fills up the room
and now she's standin' next to me it's too late to break free
I should get in my car and drive back to the mild side of life

my dog, my wife, my kids, my home - why do I leave them alone?
why can't I be satisfied with all I have on the mild side of life

country music's gone to hell

Written By: joe fournier

well last night I was hangin' with the missus
I was choppin' wood and she was doin' dishes
after a meal of french fries and fishes the radio was on for a spell
I dialed left and she dialed right - country music station but it didn't sound right
here's what I discovered that night - country music's gone to hell


Raw Sugar Shed - June 2002
Whiskey Stars - June 2004

Set List

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