Joe Fournier

Joe Fournier


Swampbucket, garage country soul, ragged rock and blues - with stories that will make you laugh, cry and cringe, sometimes all in the same verse.


Joe’s musical education came from stealing songs and stories from the many road-worn acts that, week after week, rolled through the local beer joint his family ran in northern Ontario. Every night he'd fall asleep to the sound of country music filtering up through the floorboards and every morning a new Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash or Creedence Clearwater Revival tune would be stuck in his head. It's bound to have an effect on a kid.

His first appearance was at his parent's hotel, at age 12, filling in for the hired act who was too drunk to play. The people ate it up - plus it paid 25 bucks and all the soda he could handle. Joe was hooked. He soon found himself making good money playing traditional and then current (late 70's) country in local bands every weekend and the next 20 years were spent off and on the road. Punk, pop, rockabilly, polka, blues, new country, old country, whatever... he played it all. Sometimes it was guitar, sometimes it was bass or drums. He met his first wife while playing the part of Ringo in a Beatles tribute band! All the while Joe was learning about songs. How to write 'em and to record 'em.

 A move in the early part of 2001 to Nova Scotia was, in many ways, the start of Joe Fournier's current career. After having exhausted his creativity and enthusiasm in Ontario, Joe decided that the east coast was where to recharge. Together with his girlfriend, they bought a little shack by the ocean and proceeded to rebuild it into a living/studio space. The idea was to open a cafe and forget about music for a while.

 It was while bangin' and sawin' that he started getting ideas for the kind of songs he'd never written before. Songs that drew on his country roots, personal experiences and crazy characters met while gigging and traveling all those years. Soon there was enough material to fill two albums. By January 2002, at age 41, Joe had recorded his first CD and sent it out into the world. In no time flat he was fielding calls from publishers and managers from Nashville to Europe and beyond.

 Joe received rave reviews for Raw Sugar Shed, released in the summer of 2002. The next 12 months were spent touring around Canada, England and Scandinavia to enthusiastic crowds. He showcased on three stages at the 2003 East Coast Music Awards in Nova Scotia and received MIANS nominations for best songwriter, best male vocalist and best country/roots album. In London he was invited to perform at the famed Borderline with Sarah Harmer and Josh Ritter as part of their Americana festival. Joe also appeared in May at Canada's National Arts Centre where they hosted the Atlantic Scene festival and shared stages throughout the year with the likes of Fred Eaglesmith, Willie P. Bennett, Tom Russell, Robbie Fulks, and Alabama 3 to name a few. 

 Whiskey Stars came out in Europe in 2003 and Canada/US in 2004. More critical success followed and plans for the cafe once again got put on hold. The single, "Almost Got it Made", was covered by many acts including a blues band, a punk outfit and a swing/gospel group. Joe himself went out on the road to promote the disc as a solo act. After appearing as part of a four piece band for a year, suddenly it really came together. There was space to rant, rave and tell stories. His dynamic acoustic style really came to the forefront and audiences were thrilled.

 2005 saw the release of Three Chord MacGyver, a disc that was recorded in Joe's kitchen over three weeks. The idea was to capture the feel of those recent raw solo shows. The CD was released in Europe only and paved the way for another successful tour over there including a spot on Sweden's national TV4. Meanwhile Fournier spent time doing small house concerts and a few outdoor music festivals while working on material for the next recording.

 Now Joe's proud to release his best disc yet, Dirt Road Joyride. He plays everything himself including guitars, drums, keyboards, accordion, mandolin and banjo. It covers all the stops from hopped up bluegrass, full out power pop, twangy cajun waltzes, country soul and Rockpile-style rock n' roll. With titles like I Drive A Wreck, Gooned Up, Juanita Dog Walk and Bigger Than Actual Size, you just know it's gonna live up to what the Halifax Daily News called Joe's music - a junkyard Bakersfield rant!

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Raw Sugar Shed - 2002
Whiskey Stars - 2004
Three Chord MacGyver (Europe only) - 2005
Dirt Road Joyride - 2007

available through Dusty Records (Europe, UK)
CD Baby, ITunes, (North America)

Set List

1 set - festivals, soft seat concerts
2 sets - club dates, folk venues, house concerts