Joe Gajan Group

Joe Gajan Group

 Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Instrumental Rock/fusion with great musicianship. We play mostly our own compositions but do a few "classic instrumental covers" as well. All three musicians in band have had extensive pro gigging experience in various bands. We put on an intensive pro show that leave audiences wanting more.


Formed in 2008 when Joe Gajan (Guitar - GEAK Blues Trio, Spider XXX, Jim Best Project, Psycho Trip, Butterjug) & Jimmy Erhardt (Drums - Texas Blues Tigers) started rehearsing studio tracks for a "metal/fusion/prog" instrumental project. Our goal was to use hooky riffs with odd time signatures & non modal motif's, and try to throw a monkey wrench at you in between the lines. Dave Moran (Bass) joined in 2009 to complete live lineup.


Cliff racer (single Joe Gajan Group) Zigswag (single Joe Gajan Group) Gajan, Edwards & Kammien - Box O' Blues, Texas Blues Tigers, Jim Best Oscar, Jim Best 007, Jimmy Best & The Bubble Gum Factory, Psycho Trip self titled

Set List

12 songs
Zigswag, Enter Stratus, Parallel Existince, Odds & Ends, Chikin' Chit, Zug, Cliffracer, Rally Fingers, Tunnel to the Moon, covers Captain Nemo (Michael Schenker Group), YYZ (Rush). Set is typically an hour.