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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Joe Gamz Got Next"

What hits you first when you hear Joe Gamz performing live is the tremendous amount of music coming from only one person.

What hits you next is just how good that music is. You look for group members. You swear there are two, but you only see one.

And the rapper and his microphone are one and the same. You get dizzy as you watch him articulate the lyrics while simultaneously pacing up and down the stage getting the crowd into his every chant. Head down, he rips open a blistering verse, chingy eyes glaring through the dark crowded cafe, then back to the microphone he growls the chorus and the room livens up repeating everything the artist beckons them to.

But Joe Gamz is more than a rapper. Since coming to Atlanta in 2003, Gamz has worked hard to find his music and good production, and in the Southeast has found both. Gamz teamed up with Atlanta based DaGooniez, and has been lacing some of the most thorough tracks to come out of the South.

Influenced by the greats and inspired by the classics, the Joe Gamz sound stands strong and unique on his demo "Verbal Tearz", which showcases Joe Gamz’s versatility and artistry with six rap originals. Garnering brisk attention, local radio play, and a wellspring word-of-mouth following, Gamz is definitely doing all the right things.

“Definitely one of the up and coming rap stars… a full-fledged hip hopper.” -

Joe Gamz - if this is the first time you have heard of him, it won't be the last.
- Creative Loafing

"Joe Gamz - An Unsigned Artist Profile"

Who he is: Gamz is a Liberian native, New Jersey bred lyricist currently working on his debut project "Cold Dayz and Dark Nitez"... which is loosely based on his own life.

Why you might know him: Though he's fairly new to mainstream exposure, the street conscious rapper has been hitting the underground scene and blazing mixtapes for eons. Sharing the stage with the likes of Lil Mo, Fabolous, Juvenile, T.I., Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and countless others.

Why you will know him: In the midst of so many abrasive rap songs about gang banging and bling bling, or tales about money, cars, and a lifestyle most rappers only dream about, Gamz offers something of a throwback: songs that an everyday person can relate to whether it is personal hardship, or the seldom good times we learn to have as a destraction from our harsh realities. With raspy grim vocals, soulfully melodic hooks, and consistantly "hard" tracks, Gamz is at the center of a new wave of hip hoppers that will make you dance and think simultaneously.

Referencing one of his title works, "Lost Ones", Gamz chronicles a very personal and painful event that occurred. His good friend and mother fell victim to a tragic fire about which he describes. Gamz illustrates the event with passion, making such a painfully angst event relatable and okay to discuss. Gamz shows a lot of maturation in his lyrics and possession of tremendous star qualities, making him the next one to look out for.
- Nonfiction Entertainment


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Representing the infamous streets of Trenton, New Jersey, gifted young rapper Joe Gamz is one of hip hop's newest surprises. Along with an arsenal of MC's on the Rebel Clan team, Gamz is helping to solidify "New Jeruz" as one of the true pioneering states of the hip-hop nation that has extended rap beyond its own limitations and trappings.

A West African (Liberian) native, Gamz has experienced what its like to live under harsh and deprived circumstances. As a result, he is not content with simply contributing to the bling bling phenomenon and gang banger tales that hip hop has come to be associated with. Gamz is a young street reporter digging deep into the psyche of his city and its people. With songs like “Born To Rise”, “Focus”, and “Politricks”, Joe Gamz explored themes such as black-on-black crime, inner city violence, racial prejudice, urban politics and social pressures.

Joe Gamz, aka Nonfiction, hip hop influences include: Nas, Mos Def, Red Man, Rakim, and Wise Intelligent. From street battles, to inner city showcases, from New Jersey to ATL, Gamz’s way of weaving social commentary with straight-up rhyme skills received immediate praise from artists and fans alike. After numerous appearances as a featured artist, Gamz linked up with an extraordinary production duo known as Da Gooniez. Under the umbrella of Gamz Music Group, Joe Gamz is preparing to take hip hop music by storm.

Gamz is busy working on his debut album titled Cold Dayz and Dark Nitez. Infusing hard-hitting rhymes and thorough beats, Joe Gamz intends on serving music for the soul. “Move Wit It” will make you dance, while “Hey Ma” will make you groove. Free of definition, Gamz’s music will reverberate in the hearts and minds of all music fans.