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Joe Hamgeri

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF
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"Joe Hamgeri Releases Debut EP 'Violet'"

Singer-songwriter, and guitarist Joe Hamgeri brings melodically charged pop-rock to the masses with the his new E.P. "Violet!" to be released on May 24. "Violet" will be available through iTunes, Amazon, and Joe's website.
"I'm very excited about this release. A lot of people have been asking when the EP would be available, so I'm glad to be able to finally release it."

Coinciding with the EP release, Joe will also be releasing a video, "The Making of The Violet! EP" through major video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. "Documenting the process of recording and producing the record was a good idea. People can get a feel for what happened behind the scenes of making The Violet! EP."

"Violet!" commands immediate attention from the very beginning. "Love, Love, Love" ushers in the album with a lively drum beat that sets the backdrop for Hamgeri's fluid, precise guitar riffs. Joe's guitar prowess is a constant focal point throughout the E.P., continuously appearing throughout, in the form of bluesy fills and inspired blues/rock solos. "The Cost of Love" and "Trouble" showcase Hamgeri's acute ability to craft highly original melodies lyrics that one can instantly relate to. From the first electric guitar riff of "Love, Love, Love" to the last acoustic strum of "The Cost of Love," "Violet" is a lush and intimate view into the complex but wonderful world of Joe Hamgeri.

Joe Hamgeri is currently living in Indianapolis. His musical career started to blossom in 2007 after he won the Taylor University Battle of the Bands. Truly a songwriters' songwriter, Hamgeri's lyrical approach grew out of his love for poetry, and has developed into an evocative, highly personalized style all his own. Joe has spent years cultivating his craft, and his captivating lyrics and melodies are sure to capture the hearts and minds of many. - Music Industry News Network

"Joe Hamgeri's New Breed of Songwriting"

The term "singer/songwriter" almost seems as if it's become a pejorative term. The label gets thrown around a lot these days and seemingly applies to any musician with a voice and an instrument. Joe Hamgeri is here to change all of that.

Joe's unique and refreshing approach to songwriting is the byproduct of many different influences and genres that range from rock to jazz and blues. Hamgeri doesn't always look for inspiration in convention musical structures though, many times he thinks outside of the box when writing his lyrics often times visualizing literary works. "I often think of musical situations comparable to scenes that a playwright would think up." Hamgeri's lyrical process usually starts with a solitary idea and then he continues to build off of that until he fleshes out a complete song. Never one to rush the creative process Joe takes his time with his songwriting, "Sometimes the creation of a song will span a few weeks, sometimes a few months".

If his imaginative approach to songwriting wasn't enough, Hamgeri has a firm belief that melody is an integral part of his artistry. He provides the listener with diverse and interesting melodies that seem altogether fresh compared to the tired clichés of the singer/songwriter genre. Joe draws his melodic inventiveness from film composers such as Klaus Badelt and Johann Strauss. He tends to thinks of melodic statements in a linear fashion, preferring angular melodic lines that work compellingly into progressions unconventional to the standard rock/pop cannon.

A self-taught musician, [Joe] started as a poet by trade in middle school but didn't get serious about songwriting until high school when he also picked up the guitar. In college, he joined various music groups include a chorale group and jazz band. These groups had a resounding impact on the young musician, especially the chorale group, which he says "taught me quite a bit about vocal performance and expression". With his newly acquired music experiences Joe was ready to bring his special brand of music to fruition.

Surviving in the music industry today takes supreme dedication and an insatiable will to succeed. Hamgeri proved he had the right amount of both when he entered the Taylor University battle of the bands in 2007. Right before the contest began Hamgeri fell ill and didn't think he was going to be able to perform. Instead of succumbing to sickness he decided to play anyway eventually winning the contest.

Armed with a creatively diverse musical palette Hamgeri seems to be poised to take the music world by storm. The originality and unique personality he brands his music with ensures him as a beacon on the rock/pop scene for years to come. Look for Joe Hamgeri's new E.P. entitled Violet! to be released in the upcoming weeks. For more information Joe can be found via the internet at his website and - Andrew Marles - Music Dish

"Joe Hamgeri Gives Listeners Good Reason To "Love, Love, Love" His New Single"

Singer/Songwriter Joe Hamgeri has released the first single off his upcoming debut E.P. Violet, which is slated for release in May 2011. "Love, Love, Love" is available for download on Bandcamp at "Love, Love, Love" brings Joe's special brand of melodic, guitar driven pop to the masses for the very first time.

As soon as "Love, Love, Love" starts playing one can't help but to think of John Mayer's song "Neon", as both songs share inventive melodies presented with moody and brooding backdrops. Comparisons aside however, Joe Hamgeri is very much his own man and he proves it on "Love, Love, Love".

A funky drum riff starts off the song, and is quickly aided by lush piano chords and a double stop guitar riff that really gets the song going with a strong groove thats held throughout the song. The verses are filled with Joe's contemplative lyrics about his views on love and his current love interest, meanwhile funky, sparse guitar chords battle with the rest of the rhythm section keeping the music lively and interesting.

The chorus seems to give hope to the listener as Joe brightens up the minor landscape with a sprightly more upbeat hook that will surely catch the ears of many. As the song is winding down Joe showcases a little guitar magic by playing a tasteful and very melodic solo that both captivates and fits the atmosphere of the song to perfection. The last chorus kicks in and after only the band remains, gradually giving way to Hamgeri's upbeat and soulful guitar fills that seem to give the listener the idea that Hamgeri has truly found what he has been looking for after all.

Joe Hamgeri is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist currently living in Indianapolis. Joe's musical career really started to come to fruition in 2007, after he won the Taylor University battle of the bands. Truly a songwriters songwriter, Hamgeri's lyrical approach grew out of his love for poetry, and has developed into an evocative, highly personalized style all his own. Joe has spent years cultivating his craft, and his captivating lyrics and melodies are sure to capture the hearts and minds of many. - Music Industry News Network


Single "Love, Love, Love"
(including bonus acoustic track "Flying High")

The Violet EP



As if he was never supposed to do anything else Joe Hamgeri emerges into the music scene, giving the industry a fresh take on what it means to be a rock artist. His clever guitar riffs and catchy lyrical melodies leave his audience wanting more. Even the most uneducated listener can tell that Joe has an incredible gift and appreciate his sincere and exposed performance style. Winner of Taylor University's "Battle of the Bands" contest in 2007, Joe has played a number of shows and attracted hundreds of people to his own events.
The self-taught musician and writer started playing piano at the age of 10, learning alongside of his brother and band keyboard player Manny Hamgeri. Reflecting on their childhood, Manny said, "We were home-schooled for a while and spent a lot of our free time studying the piano for hours, always trying to learn new melodies or styles, mostly be listening to recordings or just things we heard." However, it wasn't until high school when Joe started writing. He picked up the guitar at the age of fifteen and throughout the next couple years honed his skills by playing at church and shows at school.
It was at college that the young artist really started to develop his sound. During this time Joe was involved in many musical groups from jazz band to chorale and spent the rest of his time creating and developing his own music. Performing in such a wide variety of genres helped Joe broaden his perspective of music, which allowed him to expand his writing in new ways. Fellow musician Megan Sauder says, “[Joe’s music] was always such a challenge for me to learn, because it really was original and new. I’ve never experienced music quite like his before, which made it special to be a part of. Whenever I was asked to perform with Joe, I knew it would be a rewarding experience… he always told the musicians to make the music their own, that he wanted us to all feel as though we wrote the song together. He is incredibly humble and brilliant at the same time. Character of his caliber is rare in the music industry.” After writing and performing a number of shows with positive feedback, Joe started to see he had something special.
"My influences come from a variety of music I listen to… from artists like Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Coldplay, The Fray, Alicia Keys, Eric Clapton and many others… but also from melodies I hear in movie soundtracks, says Joe. "You put all that together and you get something quite original."
Armed with this unique sound and equipped with a creative arsenal of original lyrics, Joe Hamgeri has released hist first single entitled "Love, Love, Love," and currently working on his debut EP "Violet!" The project is being recorded at Energy Command Studios in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, which has recorded artists like Andrew Ripp (co writer for Ryan Cabrera's hit single Shine On) and is scheduled to release early 2011.