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Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Xplicit Lyric (March 2010)"

While all-around-entertainer Katt Williams infamous mug shot has been plastered all across the press lately, another artist signed to Katt’s label, KattPack Records, has been making a lot of noise of her own.

Her name is Xplicit Lyric and she hails from Detroit, Michigan. As her name suggests, this unambiguous diva dishes it raw, appealing to the masses with her no-holds-barred charm.

Xplicit Lyric, otherwise known as simply XL, sits down with Dubcnn for an exclusive interview in our special Woman’s Touch series, opening up about her recently tour with Katt Williams, her thoughts on his mounting legal troubles and how she plans to revamp the title of the female emcee.
Dubcnn: You recently completed a 107 City Tour with Katt Williams. Tell us about that experience and how it came about…

The “It's Pimpin Pimpin” tour was a hell of an experience! Working with Katt was an experience all by itself, watching him work and seeing how his brilliant mind works was amazing. The nigga is so funny it's ridiculous! I laughed til my back ached every night! The way it came about was crazy though; I got on KattPack Records in November and by January 1st was on tour for damn near a year. How it happened was I needed to get out of Detroit because I was going through some stuff so I was on the road with Katt already before tour started in Miami, and on opening night, a few hours before the show, he asked me, "What songs do you usually perform in Detroit?" I told him and he asked if I had them with me. We made a show cd and he put me on stage on opening night, thinking I was going to chicken out because I wasn't prepared, not realizing that I'm always prepared to go on stage. [laughs]

I went out and opened up the show and rocked it. It was the first time he himself had seen me live on stage. He'd seen video but hadn't been able to check me out live. After seeing me perform, he decided then, on the spot, that he was adding me to the tour roster and I'd be opening for every show! I got a damn good response from the crowd that night, too! The first show in Miami is actually on YouTube.

Dubcnn: During the tour, what was your favorite city and why?

My favorite city during the tour was Tampa, Florida. The audience was all the way live. During my set I did this thing where I come and say the old school, "Do my ladies run this mutha fucka?" And the ladies would scream. But in every city when said, "Do my dogs run this mutha fucka?" My dogs would always bark louder than the ladies and I'd have to talk to the ladies and tell ‘em don't let the fellas out do them they way that they did, then I'd do it over. The second time around in Tampa, the Ladies went bizzerk. It was crazy; I couldn't even continue for a few minutes because they were still screaming, stomping and clapping. And they would always get a kick out of the fact that I would only do the ladies again and I wouldn't ask the fellas but once. It sparked a all out scream war between the sexes. The energy was great! I would definitely say that was the best city; they showed the most love.

Dubcnn: With that said, what city would’ve served as the exact opposite of your favorite and why?

Nashville, Tennessee would be the absolute worst city that we did. It wasn’t due to the people or environment though, it was solely due to the venue’s sound system. The sound system was so fucked up that the people in the back couldn’t hear so they started shouting during everybody’s set, including Katts. It was terrible; we did two shows there, and because I learned on the first night that the sound was horrid, I cut my set short the second day for the second show. I got on, did one song, and got off. They didn’t really get to see who Xplicit Lyric really is due to that faulty sound system. We’d run into some technical issues on tour but those issues were the worst; so it would definitely be the worst city I did on tour.

Dubcnn: Being out on this tour with Katt Williams, what’s the craziest, most fanatical thing you’ve witnessed a Katt William’s fan do?

Well, I think he's got some of the craziest fans I've ever witnessed but one day after a show we were on the tour bus doing meet and greets and this young lady walks up on the bus and she's tatted up. She's got these little shorts on and when she turns to her side we see a gigantic tattoo on her leg of katts face! And here's the kicker: her father, who was there as well with her, was the tattoo artist who did the ink for her. It was crazy! He took a gang of pictures with her; I even got a few on my myspace page. I appreciate Katt's work and I would even consider myself a fan. I appreciate what he's done for me, but no way in hell could you get me to tattoo his face on my leg -- or any other part of my body for that matter. I was expecting to see that chick show up in every city and be sitting outside his - DUBCNN


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