Joe James Taylor

Joe James Taylor

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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Get Your Spirits Up

Written By: Joe James Taylor

Now I’ve about worn these treads to the wire
but they always get me where I need to be
the destination found sealed tight, bottled up
it never lets me down
so I raise a glass to you my friend
may this life bring us together again

I got my spirits up, the only way to change my mind
get your spirits up, when you got nothing but time
spirits up, whiskey beer or wine
cause a pat on the back just isn’t enough
that’s why I got my spirits up

oh lighting strike twice tonight, cause I can take it, I’m feelin
bullet proof as my man Jack D himself
now I’m not a man to brag about material things
and I don’t give a damn about wealth
but raise a glass with me, my friend
cause tonight we’re rich as hell!