Joe Kile

Joe Kile

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Joe Kile is a singer/songwriter currently working out of Columbus, Ohio. He composes Folk and Country songs that appeal to fans of Guy Clark, John Prine, Loudon Wainwright III and Townes Van Zandt.


In a country overflowing with Singer/Songwriters, what is it that makes Joe Kile any different? With one listen to his last record, Kings Avenue, I quickly realized that this isn’t just your standard songwriter. His music speaks with an openness very seldom heard these days. With folksongs like the waltzy “Kansas In June” and the somber “Summers Gone”, Kile lets you in on a world of emotions with lyrics that will shake you out of your comfy chair.

Kile was born and raised on the North side of St. Louis, Missouri. Upon graduating from High School, his sound began to take shape. He soon began digesting the music of Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Joe Ely, just to name a few, and made the choice to leave home and head West.

After being picked up in a van by childhood friend Chris Burney (The Sun), with former Jayhawk Marc Olson at the wheel, Kile made his way across the desert and into LA. Once there, he found himself comfortable on the floor of Burney and Tim Easton’s apartment. Taking Easton’s advice, Kile relocated to New York City, then to Austin, Texas. Living in the environment many of his heroes had done in the past, Kile began piecing together the songs that would become Kings Avenue.
In 2004 he began production on “Kings Avenue” with long time collaborator and award winning multi-instrumentalist Kevin Buckley (Grace Basement).

Released on Dren Records in 2005, “Kings Avenue” received great reviews and was in the top 10 best selling list at Miles of

Kile had made New Orleans his home for 2 years, until unfortunate circumstances due to Hurricane Katrina brought about a move to Columbus, Ohio; his new temporary home. In December of 2007, he will be releasing his follow up record to Kings Avenue and then hitting the road in support of the new album.


Kings Avenue (Dren Records 2005)

Set List

Set List (as of 5/07)
50-60 Minutes

The Girl That Slipped Away
Old Foe
Kansas In June
Summer's Gone
The Dark Night
Tie and Suit
Its Alright
The Stranger
Shaking It Off My Back
Stillness Blues