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I'm So Desperate, Mama

Written By: Joe Kille

This old world's got nothing for me
I'm living between towns
with nothing but this old pickup truck
and a couple of hand me downs
up ahead where the sun's pulling in
that'll only ever be a far off place
cause the law's gone and called ahead
now they're gonna know my name before they've even seen my face

but your picture on my dashboard
it keeps me warm at night
make me think about the time when everything was right
and now I'm leaving
to where I just can't say
go a little further
on my way
maybe I'll head on back to carolina
Lord help me now
I'm so desperate mama

Should have known that you were trouble
by the way you had your hair
let it falling down all over your eyes
making a "take me with you" stare
but you let me go
how were we to wed?
For when we slept together
it was on my dying bed
I'd sell this whole damn world off
for another night with you
if that meant knocking off a liquor store I did what I wanted to do


It wasn't my fault
There was heat under the drawer
or that the man was a father
but isn't any more
he drew on me
so I drew on him
and now my pictures up around the town
worth more than I can ever spend
they said that I immediately fled
well that's not really true
I crept back into town that night
did my damndest to find you


Now there's nowhere
I can go to be
Where the law isn't lying in wait
trying to catch me
so I'll sit here
Till I know what to do
But I don't think that there's anyway
I'm getting back to you

CHORUS (one last time)