Joe K

Joe K


Joe Kirkland is a 19 year old from Fort Worth, TX. Now at the University of North Texas, Joe writes, records, and helps produce his own music. On top of that, he plays every instrument on his recordings. His Jack's Mannequin, Rocket Summer mix of a sound has attracted many local fans already.


Joe Kirkland began writing music on the piano at the age of 12. Soon after, he began to teach himself guitar, and eventually the drums. At the age of 16, Joe took a loan from his dad, and recorded an 11 song, very rough CD in two days. In three years time, he took every opportunity to play live, paid his dad off and went back into the studio again, and began to establish a fan base in Fort Worth. Now 19, he is making a name for himself through his music at the University of North Texas, and has just come out of the studio with his very first, full length album, "Stuck in a Beautiful Cycle." His positive music that sounds like a mix between Jack's Mannequin and The Rocket Summer definitely sets him apart from other bands, besides being a one-man band...


Gotta Get Out

Written By: Joe Kirkland

I’ve been in one place for way too long
And I gotta g-g-g-get out, get out
I need a new day so I can do
What I need to do to feel complete
But I don’t know how
And time is running out, time is running out
And now I am restless
Cause nothin’s going my way
So I’ll just wait
Until my time has come
I’ll keep on runnin’
Til the race is run
And no I won’t be
Brought down by this world
I’ll sing it out until I’m supposed to be heard
And when they point their fingers
And try to pull me down
I won’t be weakened by it
Instead I’ll turn around
To face the sky and sing
Until my lungs are out of air
They may be laughing but I don’t care
Cause I’m doing what you want me to do
And that’s never gonna change now
I’m doing what you want me to do
And I will sing it out

Stuck in a Beautiful Cycle

Written By: Joe Kirkland

You sit with me for awhile
We’re still trying to comprehend
We’re looking at each other eye to eye
Then you give me a smile
And I know this is where I’m supposed to be
But it won’t be long before I go
It’s close and we both know
This night can’t end, this night can’t end
Cause when it does
I won’t be with you
And that tears me apart
This night can’t end, This night can’t end
We’re moving too fast
I know this night won’t last
And leavin’ is so hard
Cause it’s long drives and used up time,
But you’re so worth it
And you don’t believe that I don’t mind
Even though you’ve heard it
When it’s me and you crankin’
The Rocket Summer And singin’ so loud
I know you don’t believe me when I tell you
That you make me, you make me so proud
But it’s close and we both know


Stuck in a Beautiful Cycle (First full length)

(Tracks 1, 2, 7, and 11 can be listened to at You can also hear samples at!)

1. Gotta Get Out
2. Stuck in a Beautiful Cycle
3. One Time Too Many
4. Here I Am Again
5. Missing You
6. Did You Know
7. Guilt Trip
8. Something Real
9. Thinking of You
10. The Other Road
11. A Dedication
12. Calling Out My Name

Set List

We play all original songs, but we'll occasionally do a cover from The Rocket Summer, Jimmy Eat World, The Toadies, pretty much anything we are listening to at the time, that we think will get the crowd going.

Set times depend on who we are playing for, or if we're headlining a local show.