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Joe Kulbago

Grayson, Georgia, United States

Grayson, Georgia, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Old Testosterone The Final Cut is collection of original songs by Joe Kulbago. The album offer a wide variety of music ranging from 50’s Pop Rock to Soft Rock to Instrumental Rock.

50’s Pop Rock
It’s Not Just You Anymore - Married? Feeling like your doing all the work? This song is about both people in a relationship needing to work together on the new priorities.
Time Waits For No One - Love can last a life time, if only for a little while. This is a very emotional song. Only those with a heart of stone will not tear up.
Waitin’ At A Stop Light With No One Around - We all seem to wait until the time is right to say what we are feeling. In reality, there is no time like the present. Don’t wait! Tell that special someone what is truly in your heart now!

Soft Rock
What Men Want - So much has been said about Guys not having a clue over the past years. This song gives a Guy's perspective of what men what.
My Daughters And Me - My two Daughters have long gown up and have their own children. Looking back in the early years with them, I've had some regrets. This song is dedicated to them and these thoughts.
AA And The DA - Just a fun song about my Grand Kids.
Hard Feelings - The song idea came from sitting in an Airport, waiting for a plane after a week away from home. It's about loosing the comfort you get while away from home and at the same time very happy to be going home. After the song was complete, it grew to be so much more. As we loose people in our lives, this song gives hope that not ALL is lost.
Walkin' on a Cool Summer's Day - Looking back on my life, it seems I've been constantly searching for something as we all are. Some great music for soul searching.

Instrumental Rock
Trouble’s Comin’ - Some people see trouble as something to fear while others see it as an expectation of fun. This song merges both thoughts. A little bit serious and a little bit of fun! I've been told it sounds like ZZ Top and Thin Lizzy.
I Just Wanna Be A Man - Hey guys, are you tied of everyone telling you how to be politically correct, how to be sensitive around women, how to be considerate of others? The mood of this song is I just want to be a man sometimes! Soft Rock Instrumental.
If Things Were Perfect - This song is about being frustrated over daily life problems. Ever think of some crazy solutions to the problems? You know, the ones you don’t dare tell anyone else about! That car up ahead is going too slow for me, snap my fingers and it disappears! Your lady is going on 90 miles an hour about something you did or didn’t do, just flip the off switch!
Above The Clouds - Above The Clouds was written by Tim and I while we were on retreat with our Wifes at a great cabin in north Georgia. The name of the property was, of course, Above the Clouds. With 270 degree, panoramic views, you felt like you were on top of the world.
Jay Rock - What can I say! The cords sounded good, add a great beat and guitar lead and this is what I ended up with!
Climbin' The Walls - Life is going along fairly well. You have some problems, but your dealing with them. Suddenly, it all falls apart and your Climbing The Walls! Santana influenced.



USA Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, I have always been close to music. Growing up with 60s Pop Rock and 70s Hard Rock, My heart has always been with rock guitar sounds. After a brief stint as a Band Manager during my High School years, I gave up playing music out of frustration and lack of patience.

It seems I’ve owned a guitar ever since High School. Music has always been a part of my life. However it’s been within the last few years that I’ve become excited about playing again and recording. Thanks to my good friend and neighbor Tim, I’ve developed the courage to publish my work.

Joe M Kulbago
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