Joel Brogon

Joel Brogon

Harlingen, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Harlingen, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Folk Americana





Sweet queer memories of discovery, merged with the encroaching consequences of judgment. Brogon keeps it simple tells it like it is. Don’t we all live this story in one way or another? - Country Queer

"Rainbow Ruckus 6/6 - Rachel Cholst"

Texas singer Joel Brogon‘s new song “Underneath the Trees” hits where it hurts. Brogon’s songwriting is direct and his production is minimal, which only drives his storytelling home. “Underneath the Trees” captures the sweet romance of young love and discovery — and the tragedy that seemed almost inevitable from the start when one has to keep their love hidden. - Rainbow Rodeo

"Rainbow Ruckus: 5/2"

Texas songwriter Joel Brogon takes aim (with pesticide) at suburban conformity on his Earth Day single. With Prine-esque observation and humor, Brogon wonders aloud at what is lost in the name of an overly prescriptive idea of beauty. Brogon’s been writing up a storm these past few months, and he’s only continuing to grow as a songwriter. -Rachel Cholst - Rainbow Rodeo Magazine

"CQ Roundup"

About "Manicured Gentrified Lawn"
The grass is always greener… in every sense.
Joel Brogon gets right to the heart of the matter – we’re disrupting the natural order. A sense of timelessness permeates everything he releases, in this case underscored by the fact that we’re still trying to tailor our natural surroundings to our whims, some 53 years after “Big Yellow Taxi.” Brogon eschews the urge to story-tell about it in favor of just laying it out: we’re fucking things up. Please stop. - Country Queer

"Beyond the 45"

Joel Brogon - Manicured Gentrified Lawn
A blues for all those patches of garden grass that have been weeded, watered, and mowed to within an inch of their lives. He sings "I'd rather build a home for the birds and bees." Joel Brogon is a Folk/Americana artist from South Texas. His "focus as a songwriter is telling stories based on his own life experiences and of those around him, and often uses music to reflect on nature". And that he does most effectively on this rather wonderful protest song against over gardening. TM - Fatea

"Joel Brogon - "My Faded Love""

Brogon wrote in to let us know about the context of this beautifully sung, sorrowful tune, which he says addresses folks whose partnerships didn’t weather the strain of the pandemic. We’re all tired of hearing about the “unprecedented times” but it’s true: the emotional toll of the last few years continues to reveal itself in surprising, sometimes devastating ways. “Where do we go from here, my faded love?” he croons on the chorus. The song is simple, leaving plenty of room for us to project our own memories onto it, which makes the sense of loss that much more palpable. - Country Queer - Christopher Treacy

"Joel Brogon - "Bottle Half Empty""

Brogon’s turned in something mournful here, a plainly stated reflection of an emotional rock bottom. The song speaks for itself. IYKYK. - Country Queer - Christopher Treacy

"Come Home to Joel Brogon's "Reunion""

Texas musician Joel Brogon plays your feelings as effectively as his guitar on his new EP Reunion: Songs of Family and Home. Brogon’s high, lilting voice and surefire melodies make his gentle folk meditations on home, belonging, and grief into lullabies for children of all ages. There’s an inherent sweetness to Brogon’s music that makes these songs feel like timeless common sense.
“Sleep (Grandma’s Lullaby)” is the touchstone of the album, weaving warm memories, nostalgia, the cycle of life, and facing one’s own mortality into a comforting reminder of the reality that awaits us all. By the time we got to “Grandma’s Hands” later in the album, I lost it. Brogon’s music is suffused with emotion, with pain and joy not just two sides of the same coin, but coexisting hand in hand, a reminder that all we can do is to immortalize our ancestors by passing along the wisdom they’ve given to us. - Adobe and Teardrops - Rachel Cholst

"Joel Brogon - "Down at the Old Homeplace""

Refreshingly down to earth with plain-stated lyrics, Brogon’s music is about as organic as it gets. No pretenses, no digital monkeying around, just a guy and his guitar. The lack of production makes it stand out, which isn’t meant as a dig—it takes guts to do what Brogon does. “Down at the Old Homeplace” conjures a familiar feeling of bittersweet, youthful memories. Visiting places from our past can flood our mind with snapshots of time gone by. Brogon effectively puts across the resulting melancholy from this near-universal part of the human experience as he pines for his youth and what ‘home’ meant to him as a child. - Country Queer - Christopher Treacy

"Joel Brogon - "Little Warbler""

Most of the songs on Brogon’s new Unlock the Doors EP feature images of birds, flight, and freedom. “Little Warbler” finds Brogon channeling indie-John-Denver vibes, admiring an avian visitor, envious of the bird’s ability to fly away from our troubled world. A Texas-based organic baker who also dabbles in photography, Brogon’s appreciation for nature is touching enough to make you wonder if you’re caught up in things that just don’t matter. - Country Queer - Christopher Treacy

"'Simple Answers" by Joel Brogon"

This down-to-earth, stripped-down track will have you yearning – and longing for more. Joel’s voice weaves delightfully with the guitar as he sings, “The simple answer is / There are no simple answers” – and we find ourselves nodding along in agreement. - Country Queer - Madeleine Tomasoa



Rhythm of the Road (Acoustic Version) - Single Release August 6, 2021

Simple Answers - Single Release November 5, 2021

Break Away - Single Release February 18, 2022

Unlock the Doors - Debut Album April 22, 2022

Reunion: Songs of Family and Home - EP September 9, 2022

Bottle Half Empty - Single Release November 11, 2022

Where Do We Go From Here - Album January 6, 2023

Manicured Gentrified Lawn - Single Release April 21, 2023

Underneath the Trees - Single Release June 1, 2023

Garden of Memories: Songs of Family and Home Vol. II - EP September 8, 2023

Songs of Family and Home: The Complete Collection (CD ONLY) September 8, 2023

ReImagined (Underneath the Trees) - Collab/Remix with The Darren Holland Project February 1, 2024

Flowers on the Road - Single Release March 15, 2024

Trust the Trees - MiniEP Release May 1, 2024



Joel Brogon is a Folk/Americana Singer/Songwriter from South Texas, near the US/Mexico Border and Rio Grande River. His musical journey is deeply influenced by a rich tapestry of genres, drawing inspiration from classic Singer/Songwriters, folk sounds of the 70s, and traditional 90s Country music.

At the heart of Brogon's artistry lies a profound commitment to narrative storytelling, weaving tales inspired by his own life experiences and those of the community around him. Through his songs, he sheds light on a wide range of topics, from the beauty of nature to social justice issues like LGBTQ+ rights and environmental stewardship.

Brogon's preference for small-scale performances speaks to his desire for intimacy and connection with his audience. Whether performing in a coffeehouse, farmers market, listening room, or front porch gathering, he values the shared experience of music in close quarters, where the audience can truly engage with the stories he shares.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Joel Brogon is deeply entrenched in local activism and serves as a spiritual leader within his community. He shares his life with his husband Christopher and their fur-children, embodying the values of love, inclusivity, and compassion both on and off the stage.

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