Joe LaChance

Joe LaChance


Nick Drake dipped in tasty alt-country sauce.


Joe LaChance is a Modern Bluesman with a lining of experimentation eminating from around his writing. Having just released five songs that were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by LaChance himself, he’s began planning shows and shows no signs of slowing down.

LaChance started piano at the age of five, and expanded to percussion at eleven, guitar at fifteen, and voice at seventeen. He’s attended and won competitions for piano and percussion. Having just graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, LaChance decided to travel back to his his home state of Nebraska where he has continued to write and record. “I never realized how much I enjoyed writing and playing my own creations until I had taken my first songwriting course from Susan Cattaneo,” says LaChance, who graduated with a Professional Music degree with an emphasis in Songwriting. “It’s become to feel more natural, but being in Boston so far from family, it was my only therapy for being away.”

Also studying with Pat Pattison, Jack Perricone and Mark Simos, LaChance began to develop a strong Blues/Roots background through his piano playing and lyric writing. Having been exposed to so much music in Boston, LaChance took a liking to the writing of Gillian Welch, Ryan Adams, Ray Charles, and Leonard Cohen among others.


Tell Me How Things Should Be

Written By: Joe LaChance

Son, you set when you barely begun
I'll never know what you'll become
The next 20 years got rolled into one
Wont you tell me how things should be

I dreamt of the times when you'd sit on my shoulders
In your cowboy hat and your little pistol holders
Dreamt of watching you grow just a little bit older
Wont you tell me how things should be
And I miss you

I’ve always wanted to be a dad
I wouldn’t trade the few days we had

I dreamt of playing catch in the summer
You yelled to me "you're the best dad ever"
And dreamt death had never come and left us together
Wont you tell me how things should be


Firefly EP-2008

Set List

Approx. 2 hours of original work.

Covers include:
Pocahantas (Neil Young)
My First Lover (Gillian Welch)
Pearl on a String (Ryan Adams)
Black Mountain Blues (Trad.)
among others.....