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The Quiet Game

Written By: Joel Cantu

Alone he sits
An empty room with his thoughts
Talking to the faded paint up on the walls

Never had a chance
To afraid to ask

Alone she sits
With the filling flood gates of her mind
Wondering if this is all just a waste of time

She never had a chance
She was too afraid to ask

This is what the real world calls the quiet game
No one wins but they sure as hell keep on playing
Everything’s at stake is it worth the risks you take

Sorting through the concepts in his head
Contemplating all the things that he might have said
The sparkle in her eyes
They way they hypnotize

Lonely now her pillow wet with tears
Weighing out her feelings verses all her fears
With no one left to blame
She is tired of this game


Or are you better off by letting go
Tell them ‘bout that love that’s grown
Don’t be proud don’t hesitate
Cause the winner never wins in the quiet game

Damn Your Eyes

Written By: Joel Cantu

Eyes never looked at me like that before
Complete seclusions can’t be ignored
More than a notion a bit of a vibe
That absorbing involvement makes me feel alive
Damn those eyes

So don’t just listen cause I want you to hear
When I tell you I’ve been lost for all of these years
This life ain't for me, only the sane
While I’m wondering through this darkness and pain
Emotions fluttering, now I’m part of the hive
Damn those eyes.

Your simplest touch pushes me right over the edge
While your face and your voice are embedded in my head
Convincing myself these feelings are only lies
Now I sit in silence no trust in my heart, I’m hypnotized
Damn those eyes.

Funny thing is you don’t have a clue
I’m second guessing everything that I do
I’m going crazy, second guessing my life
And here you come again
Damn those eyes. Damn your eyes.

So don’t just listen cause I want you to hear.