Joe L Da Vessel and Melodic Band

Joe L Da Vessel and Melodic Band


Joe l da Vessel and Melodic Band is a group of exceptional musicians and lyricists who have been recognized by the music industry as Stellar Performers.


Joe L. Da Vessel and Melodic

Multi Stellar Award Nominated
Independent Music Award Winner

Using the principles found in gospel, knowledge from the streets, and elements of popular music as the medium, Joe L Da Vessel and Melodic leads a movement that inspires a change in the current music industry, as the industry in turn is thriving for a reformation. Joe L Da Vessel and Melodic have performed at The Bobby Jones Gospel Retreat, The People’s Party Inaugural Ball for President Obama, clubs and many other venues. Joe L. Da Vessel and Melodic is a highly talented 6 piece band that play a wide variety of music that ranges from traditional gospel, jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop.

Melodic Praise Lineup


Yea Though I Walk

Written By: daaswuzup

Chorus: Yea, though I walk, through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no – evil. For Thou art with me. (twice)

Verse I.

I use to think I was the man yo’ Instead of God though I ran wit’ a mob like Tony Soprano.
And ladies, I used to book ‘em like Danno not to treat ‘em like they were queens but to play ‘em like they were pianos.
I knew that I was wrong and all and this ain’t – just another sad song for y’all but I just – wanted to make the truth known to y’all
‘cause when I rhyme now it’s a testimony y’all.

Look – I knew that God was real; I was brought up in Church, but then I strayed away you wanna know what it was worth?
Nothin’ but alotta pain and suffering just scrapin’ and strugglin’ risking my life and hustlin’.
I know the Lord’s got more for me, I’m a child of the King and that makes me royalty.
Forget the bling bling salvation is more to me.
And if you’re feeling that somebody sing the chorus with me – it goes…

Chorus: Yea, though I walk, through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no – evil. For Thou art with me. (twice)

Verse II.

I remember when I was just a young buck, on the block hustlin’ trying to come up – and get my money just before the cops show up. Not even thinking ‘bout my life like SO WHAT!
Until the Most High got my attention, He called me from a youth but I just wouldn’t listen.
And I can’t even tell you like who were my friends then; most of them dudes are missing dead or in prison.
But I was spared for a particular purpose. Y’all know how it is when you feel like you’re worthless.
Thinking that this world’s got ya’ back when it hates you. All the devil really wanna do is erase you;
And take you outta here, fill your life with nothing but fear but he’s a liar he ain’t never sincere.
Now let me see you throw ya’ hands way up in the air while we send this one to the Lord’s ears – Yeah!© 2008 Joe L. Da Vessel

Hey love

Written By: daaswuzup

Verse I:
Hey what’s up Ma, how you? I know you tired of carrying all those bags like Erykah Badu. Let me help you with that.
I’ll take you out to dinner, just sit down, kick your feet up baby relax. No what I’m saying now tell me what you’d like to eat, order what you want and for desert I’ll get you somethin’ nice and sweet.
We can chill and have a long talk, after that we’ll go to West Potomac park and take a long walk.
And I’ll bring the boom box – so we can listen to Melodic Praise and Jill Scott til’ the moon drop.
Look out on the horizon at how the stars shine, and how that gleam in your eye says you’re all mine.
I know it’s early in the game, and I don’t playa hate the next man but girl I know your ex-man was lame – from all the things you’ve been tellin’ me.
If lovin’ you is a crime they gon’ charge me wit’ a felony!

Hey love,
Hey love,
Hey love,
Hey love (repeat)

Verse II:
My thick youngin’ with the brown eyes silhouette bangin’ with ya’ round thighs and ya’ back yard hangin’
Can I get a closer look? You got my heart doing break beats and matter fact I’m close to shook. Like you came out of a poster book, now I see exactly how an angel is supposed to look.
Shorty Bang Bang, go ahead do ya’ thang thang I dig the way you like me for me and not for the bling bling.
Plus you got your own ching ching, you love to hear me rhyme so you pay attention when I sling slang.
Respect me and you get the same thing, the main thing isn’t robbery it’s all about a fair exchange.
And we can walk these dogs together, ‘cause I know God will see us through the storms and the foggy weather.
Boo, I could never see you hurtin’ me – if needin’ you is a crime they gon’ charge me in the first degree!

Hey love,
Hey love,
Hey love,
Hey love (repeat)

Verse III:
Your authentic – conversation got me all in it. I’m caught up in your sea of love girl I’m lost in it. My every thought of you is intimate.
Definitely, with you is where I’m destined to be.
Like the sun moon and stars here we are. Here to love God, raise kids and live large.
Big crib with a fence and a big car, big fish in a pond in the big yard!
Long as we got trust, baby we got us. As long as we keep faith, baby we’ll see grace and there will never - be another that could take your place you’re much more than just another pretty face.
Listen, I love the way you glisten, love the way that we could see a play around the way or we could even go fishin
You’re beautiful without a slight blemish – if lovin’ you is a crime they gon’ hand me down a life sentence!

Hey love,
Hey love,
Hey love,
Hey love (repeat)


Stand Up
Yea Though I Walk
Going Home

Set List

30- 45 minute sets. 4-5 songs