Joel Del Rosario

Joel Del Rosario

 San Francisco, California, USA

Funky and smooth, JDR's music incorporates various genres of music from latin jazz and r&b. In the vein of Norman Brown and George Benson, get ready for some tasty guitar solos. Great music to calm the soul.


“These songs together with the rest of the tracks on this CD all blend together seamlessly to produce some exceptional smooth jazz music.”
– Susan Lozinak, Jazz Review

“Calm In The Storm is an awesome example for his talent to write attractive songs and call them into being…Joe's music grows at small places in moody hours.”
– HBH,

Classically trained on the viola as a child, Joel Del Rosario grew up listening to the soulful sounds of George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire, and Stan Getz on the family stereo. When Joel’s mother died of cancer, he turned to the guitar for solace. Confused by the loss of his mother, Joel ran away from home at 17. Living out of a suitcase, Joel worked several jobs and put himself through college. The mid-90s would bring an internship at A&R and by the late 90s he was playing guitar in an R&B band that he also helped produce. During this period, he also wrote music for a small record label and studied under the tutelage of Elroy Jones (Stanley Jordan). “Some of the best songs that I’ve written are inspired by situations and people,” said Del Rosario. “Life can be a great sculptor of music and melody.” This interpretation of life and melody intertwined was reflected in a review by Adam Harrington of Whisperin and Hollerin (UK). “From the album title and the soothing textures of his compositions and playing, the goal of Joel Del Rosario is to lift up the listener, bring light into the chaos of a troubled world,” said Harrington.

Joel is currently is active in his community in raising funds for cancer awareness and volunteers with kids doing counseling and plays music for a local church. Smooth jazz and hope collide into a beautiful set of melodies in his latest release, Calm in the
Storm. As the Jazz Review proclaimed, “...Calm in the Storm is sure to sooth the soul, lift the spirit and inspire all who listen.”

“I hope Calm in the Storm will encourage people of all ages to believe in miracles and move forward in the midst of their storms,” said Del Rosario.

Cheryl Hughey


Last Album Produced- "All Him" (Smooth Jazz)
Current Album- "Calm In The Storm" (Smooth Jazz)

Set List

Set list includes 30-40 minutes of original songs and up to one hour with remixed covers of smooth jazz & soul music.