Joel Fadness

Joel Fadness


I play instrumental electroacoustic music solo on drumset, computer, and electronics informed by styles such as Drum 'n' Bass, Chill, Glitch Hop, Reggae, Rock, and Funk.


Joel Fadness worked as a drummer for the San Francisco Mime Troupe 2001-2004, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival 2003, Realistic (electronica/jazz 2000-2003), the Platonics Trio, Cannonball, and others based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Portland Oregon from 1995-1998 he worked with Chata Addy (Afro-reggae highlife from Ghana), Groove Revelation (original Jazz/Funk), and others. In Santa Fe New Mexico he worked with Zimbabwe inspired Jaka from 1998-2000, Native American flutist Robert Mirabal 2001-present, and today plays with Jazz trio Jetpack Rental and others. He started composing on keyboards and computers three years ago after a long pause from the dreaded classical piano lessons he had as a child. He is happy to be in a band that will never break up.


DYNOKALEIDO released November 2006.

Set List

My set list and set length depend on the gig. All my songs are originals.