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Seasons Change

Written By: Joel Forman Pinero

Seasonc Change

Seasons Change

Written By: Joel Foreman Pinero

Saturday morning
and the sun is high.
Man and boy
go passing by my window.
Stopping to rest for a while.
Son says: Dad thereÕs
something on your mind.
Tell me now,
you know you never could hide.
You know itÕs true.
Tell me whatÕs been bothering you.
He turns to his son
with love in his eyes.
HeÕs trying to think of a way...
He starts to cry.
The words just wonÕt come.
He says: Son I may not
always be here for you.
Remember in life
no matter what you do.
My love will always be
there to keep you strong
IÕll never do you wrong.

And though the Seasons Change Love still remains.
Even through the pain
youÕve got to hold on.
Love will always come and find you.
And when summer turns cold
and back to spring.
You never know
what life is gonna bring remember: Love will break
the chains that bind you.

Early on a Friday October night.
Man and wife hand in hand.
Walking in front of me.
Just out for a stroll.
Tell me girl, cause I know that look.
SomethingÕs wrong,
I can read you like a book.
You know itÕs true She says:
Baby IÕll be honest with you.
She turns to her man
with love in her heart.
She knows theyÕre young.
TheyÕve only just got started.
What will he think of the news???
She says: Baby you know
IÕm gonna have your CHILD,
so tell me please
what you really feel inside.
ÒYou know that our love
will keep us strong
yeah baby go on!Ó.


December morning itÕs a snowy day.
Father and child.
They wrestle in the snow.
Air filled with laughter and smiles.
As the father shields son
from the cold.
Holding on to each other
soul to soul the boy says:
You know itÕs your love
that keeps me warm
and always makes me strong...