Joel Gamble

Joel Gamble


Acoustic/Electric World/Classical/Jazz/Rock Fusion. 7-string electric violin, viola, piano, pipe organs, and other instruments. I often play keyboard and string instruments, sometimes at the same time; I often sequence and loop music to provide the same effect as a full ensemble for the audience.


Joel took piano and violin lessons as a child, explored Classical, Jazz, and Rock music in high school, and took the first two years of a music education in college.
His passion for Funk and Soul dominated his musical choices for most of the 90's, though he played everything from a Beatles tribute to string quartets to Rap and even Country music.
The new millennium brought with it an introduction to Eastern forms of music for Joel. His love of Iranian, Egyptian, Turkish, and Indian music heavily influence his compositions and improvisation. His style of playing, with the precision of Classical training, the improvisational skills of a Jazz musician, and the influence of Eastern modal music, is often labeled Gypsy.
Joel is the organist for his church in Lynnwood, WA, a touring musician on violin and keyboards, a violin and piano teacher, performs at parties, weddings, and funerals, and is currently promoting the release of his debut album.
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